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‘Weblogs’ became popular in the mid 1990s as personal journals, maintained almost exclusively by individuals, containing daily details and passions that somehow retained their intimacy even as they were made visible to anyone with an Internet connection.

The dynamic nature and friendly style of blogs soon became popular with businesses as well,
and with good reason. Blogs gave a business opportunity to speak to the market directly, in its own voice and on its own terms. More importantly, blogs gave the market a chance to talk back and to share the conversation with like minded friends.

Webmasters soon noticed some unintended consequences. The evolving dialogues supported by business blogs frequently contained, in a rich organic environment, the search terms entered as queries by business prospects. When relevant sites linked back to the blog it further increased the likelihood that new customers would enter initially through the corporate blog.

Business blogging is now a practice that seems remarkably simple if done correctly. Individuals who actively manage and contribute to their own successful business blogs, is meant to help businesses increase blogging effectiveness in 2011. Successful results should be easy to see – the good business blog will reflect a business where everyone is united by their pride and excitement for their products and services. In short, exactly the type of place that people want to do business with.

With the right content and approach toward your readership, businesses can develop strong links that will help them build a solid reputation and foundation online. As content is consistently produced and comments are consistently reviewed and/or responded to, businesses are bound to find new readers who will check the site frequently for updates, get new search traffic, and establish visibility in their industry.

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It was some one's great inspiration which brought me to blogging.Now reading articles from many blogs on different topics gives me more and more ideas about what the writers are looking to have on their blog and what is extremely popular in a particular niche.Year 2010 was absolutely great showing me great ups and downs and how to fight with circumstances when they are not in your favor and win.This post is basically what I have understood from good bloggers history, how they faced challenges and are now numero uno in their niches respectively.

1.Strive to be Numero Uno
In the early 2000's there was little competition and hence who had considerable posts already enjoyed good amount of success.But it is not the same scenario now.There are many bloggers who started about 2-3 years back and now because of their hard work and smart techniques are successful bloggers in their niche.So this has made me even more tough and prepared for the challenges ahead in 2011.One really has to find how to find the weak link in any niche and attack on that point and get noticed.

One great thing that I noticed is that most of the people who recently came to the blogosphere were having one thing in mind and that is money.Seeing good bloggers earning 6 figure salary through their blogs attracted their attention.But what they are achieving right is a real hard work they put on for 5-6 years and now are reaping benefits.Nobody becomes successful in short time.Perseverance, Hard work and patience is required to survive here.I have seen many bloggers quitting just because they were not successful over a short period of time.

3.The best thing has to be on the home page every time
You should always realize that when people visit your blog you have your best up their every time.They should be able to read just the best stuff and should be able to understand what you wanted to convey through your post easily.

4.Thorough reading, communities and more
The more and more you read and comment on other sites, more you can get in return.Remember that your blog alone cannot be more successful.Having joined many communities and social networking sites makes your blog reach wider audiences and to the next level.

A successful bloggers always has the goodwill spread around with his name.You can never read anything negative or uncharacteristic about him.All these are qualities associated with a professional blogger.Hence e should also try and not go off rant in our writing or try and spread wrong information about others.Being able to accept one's shortcomings is what that makes a complete man.

I have already brought these qualities in my everyday life and trying to implement these quality everyday to be more successful.What do you learn after reading from my blog post? Keep your comments flowing in the comments section.

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Simple methods sometimes give you the results that you always wanted to have for yourself.If you are really serious about making money online then the following tips should really help you to get more advertisers to your blog.

Just display Advertise on this blog banner to make people know that you are interested in promoting other sites on your blog.It is damn simple and important point and be sure to have link attached to the banner having access to your email address or the payment methods through which people might want to contact you.

2.Specific ads for your site
Be absolutely concerned about what type of ads if present are being displayed on your blog.This way you can create a good impression on the advertisers and can reap maximum benefits.

3.Try free promotions
Sometimes when your blog is not doing that well and you want more advertisers to purchase ads on your blog then it may be a bit of gamble to promote free ad campaign on your site for sometime.You can attract and encourage similar ads or competitor ads to purchase ads on your site.Things change in some amount of time so patience is the key.

4.Display statistics
Displaying statistics is another way to show off the popularity of our blog.Showing off unique monthly visitors and page rank/Alexa webrank might just do the trick.Another important thing is showing your twitter followers.A twitter ID with significant followers can really attract many advertisers.

5.Your blog design is crucial
Having a professional look ,superior content and good widget arrangement on your blog might just help more people recognize your seriousness and commitment towards your blog.Always post your majority posts in your Blog's niche to make advertisers believe you are the real deal.

I hope you would have understood these points and would try to inculcate these points in your blogging to improve yourself even more.

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Its been a long time till I neglected the advantages of having RSS readers on my blog and hence didn't had a badge for RSS subscription also until just previous week.I have gone through many good sites and just found out these 10 good ways to attract new RSS readers to your blog this new year. Of course I am also looking forward to increase my RSS readers and implementation of the methods here imply to me more than anyone else.

1.Commenting is needed
For any blog to survive, comments on his blog post are extremely crucial in elevating the blog to the next level.The comments on others blog and that too legitimate and genuine related to the post is required to enable the author of those respective blogs to come and visit your blog and comment. More comments are always compelling and attract many more readers to subscribe to your blog post.

2.Post everyday
You should always try and post almost everyday so that readers are aware that you are really serious about blogging and hence they always look out for the new post and keep the subscription to your RSS feed running.

3.Put the RSS button on top
Its natural that the things that are on top are going to attract people more and grab their attention.So always try to put it on top of the blog in the sidebar to get more people subscribing your RSS feeds.

4.Allow your readers to subscribe by email
Usage of emails today is enormous and this is another unique way to have more people subscribe to your blog.There is very small amount of people paying attention to the RSS feed on the Internet daily so you have to try and innovate the things to keep your nose ahead.

5.Stay on your niche
Try following your niche regularly because people who follow you expect to get the posts in the category for which they come to your blog regularly or subscribe your feed.

6.Go for full RSS subscription
I get a touch disappointed when I see good bloggers providing partial feeds to the people.Readers want the entire content and not the excerpt.Otherwise they could have read it from other bloggers and not you.

7.Write post to promote RSS subscription
Like I am writing this post many good bloggers should also try and rewrite or mention the importance of RSS subscription.There might be some new bloggers who still do not know the importance and complete information about RSS subscription.

Sometimes some readers do email you after subscription and hence it is important to reply and solve their queries and keep them interested and attached to your blog.

9.Use RSS directories
Submitting your RSS feed to the RSS feed directories can surely help your RSS subscriber count to, and others are a great help to your blog RSS feed exposure.

While the above mentioned ways can help you to attract readers to your blg you can create a sense of discontent and can make your readers to completely abandon your blog.Do not try to force your opinion and methods on others as people generally don't like it.

Over a period of time you will eventually see people subscribing to your blog and commenting on your posts as well.Be patient and let the content flow regularly on your blog.It will do wonders for you believe me.

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How to Make Money Every Day


This is one of my favorite (and one of the easiest) ways to make money on the Internet. Using this technique, I make money almost every day and you can too!

Many people want to make millions on the Internet. Although it is possible, most people make much, much less. However, there are millions of people who have much more realistic goals. They just want to make a little extra spending money each month. If that’s what you would like to do, you have come to the right place.

If you can write a 250 to 500-word article, you can make money every day, like I do. Using this technique, I make between $20 and $50 each month. I’ll admit, you won’t get rich using this method, but the extra money each and every month is very nice. I do this by submitting short
250 to 500 word articles to a number of revenue sharing sites.

A revenue sharing site is similar to a traditional article directory site with one major difference. Traditional article directories post advertisements along with the articles that people submit. Every time a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the site makes money. Revenue sharing sites also post ads along with the articles that people submit, but they share the income that they make from their advertising.

If you are going to submit articles anyway, why not submit to sites that are willing to give you some of the money that they earn. I submit articles to both traditional directories and revenue sharing directories.

You can submit the same article to many different directories. The way to maximize the amount of money that you make with revenue sharing sites is to submit articles frequently. The more articles you have on a revenue sharing site, the more money you will make. I try to submit at least one article every day.

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The holiday season is on and I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a great upcoming 2011.May your life be filled with greatness and all your wishes come to true this new year.

Our blogging community is growing by the new so I wish many new bloggers become successful this new year and their life is full of riches.Enjoy!

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Growing a readership is something that takes hard work and a little luck. Sure, sites like Digg and Reddit can greatly expand your readership overnight, but it’s really the way you craft your posts that will help the most with growing your blog. A bangin’ post is worth 10 mediocre ones any day. But unfortunately for most of us, in order to write a great post you have to be a… decent writer.

Becoming a better writer should be every blogger’s goal. Better writers can craft posts in a way that a) get their point across quicker and b) connect with the audience more effectively. No matter what your content, your audience will always benefit from better writing. And if your audience is happy, you’ll be happy too.

The darnedest thing about blog content is that you can have the most amazing post in the world, but if you can’t create mildly decent sentences with proper spelling and grammar, nobody’s going to listen to you

If you’re not a great writer yet, don’t stress. Improving your writing skills comes mostly from practice and reading other great writers. But I've found that the most effective way to improving my blogging has been to just let my posts sit. If I sleep on a post, odds are it will be much better than had I just hit “Publish”. You see, most of the blogging enjoyment comes after the writing is done.

Once you've stopped typing you've only just begun the writing process. Read it through, at least a couple times. Odds are each time you read it through, you’ll pick up on stuff that could be worded better, or explained more, or even taken out completely. Don’t be afraid to let something sit overnight, or even longer. Think of your post as like a cheese that just gets better with age.

You don’t want to let your posts sit too long though. At this point your fine cheese has turned a little too green. I wouldn't recommend letting your posts “percolate” more than a week. Some people can pull it off, but for me I lose interest in the original topic too quickly, and most of my original ideas are gone.

So when you start to craft your next post, let it sit for a bit and see what happens. I guarantee your quality of writing will increase. And if your blog’s quality increases, so will your readership.

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I was attending the corporate presentation for a big IT company having the induction presentation for its employees.Being such a reputed company my expectations were certainly high.But it is indeed interesting to know that our corporate lives also teach us so many good things for other professions and hobbies like blogging.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of the induction ceremony but the real fun started when the man started to give presentation about the company details, history, work culture ethics and other particulars.It was always my dream to be a part of the big organisation with such good ethos about its employees.But I was a bit disappointed after the presentation was over.The details were not clearly visible on the PowerPoint slides,too many unnecessary data present and skipping of slides.The speaker himself was not well prepared as it was evident the way he speaking in front of the large crowd with some nervousness.All in all things could have been much better if they really wanted to create a good impression in the minds of people joining the company on their first day.But this experience has certainly become a lesson as to how one should present himself to any reader or audience through his blog.

1.Good organisation
Even if the matter that you write is high class but you do not have the correct presentation then you might suffer badly even after having an extremely good content.Thus good organization is the first stepping stone to success.In case of my above example, I mentioned the disorganisation of content on the slides just took the interest out of the whole presentation.

2.Do not feed too much of information
Referring to my example, there were lots of data present on the slides that the readers were not able to digest easily.too much of facts and figures for a small topic is not needed really if you ask for my opinion.It just creates a bit of confusion in the readers regarding the inter relations of the facts.

3.Try explaining the background accurately and effectively
Even though you may feel that the same content is present on almost very site present in the same niche but still you should try and present a small descriptive background before you reach to the actual matter of the blog.This creates a good impression on the readers that you have in depth knowledge about what your writing and readers will keep coming to your blog.

We have so many things happening around us that can be taken as a lesson,motivation and encouragement to do things better for yourself and for others.Please do not write indigestible stuffs for the audience or just fill up lines only for the sake of writing content.If your post has what those fast scanning eyes of the readers want then you have a fair share of readers to your blog.It is all these small things that make you a class apart from others.



As a reader people always like to read things which are new to them and of course things which they can easily understand and interpret.The blogosphere is having thousands of writers joining it everyday and hence being able to produce a unique content is very difficult nowadays. Things are not the same now and similar content in each category and niche is being produced in huge numbers everyday.

People subscribe to one blog because they liked the unique content and expression on that blog.But if that uniqueness does not remain and the reader is getting same content from 10 different places then he has choose the best and leave 10 others.

Above explained scenario is the most prominent reason why more and more people nowadays are unsubscribing from even professional blogger sites as they are getting bombarded with almost the same content from everywhere. There has to be a way to to control this or most good bloggers will also loose their popularity soon.

One also has to think that how much difficult a writer's job has become.He has to produce an excellent quality content almost every time to keep readers on his blog intact.If you have any comments as to how one would solve this issue then please feel free to discuss in the comments section.



When it comes to blogging it is all about timing, creativity, productivity of content on your blog and proper organization to be successful.

Blogging world is already having new writers everyday and hence having same content in the same niche just rewritten is not a coincidence now.There is a hell lot of competition over the blogosphere and that makes the job that much more difficult for any writer to have an appealing article on his blog.

The subscribers that you have for your blog also tend to go away as they almost receive the same thing from different people and the net result is that you are on the losing side.In this wide spread spectrum of niche and articles,only that person who is smart and ready to do things with innovation can survive.The main thing to understand is that how you relate all the post to your blog's central idea.When the readers reads the same content in a different way altogether with better understanding makes the readers attract to the blog more and more as the reader knows that the writer has some great potential to serve the content in a manner in which he can make anyone understand very easily.

Doing research on any topic before writing it down always helps any writer.Deep understanding about the topic makes the content more meaningful and presentable to the readers.Clear expression of thought makes that post stands out from the rest.Do not try and make readers search for the words or sentence explanation and scratch their heads for things that they cannot understand.This requires proper presentation and not creating just an abstract of a content.Helping readers understand each things clearly will make them come again and again to your blog.

Thus by serving your content fresh and hot with some different spice always helps to change the taste of the readers. They might even appreciate your writing style and you will in turn benefit with time.

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This is the final installment in the series on how to attract readers to your blog this new year.You can always refer to Part 1, Part 2 and part3 for more details.

19. Guest Bloggers
Try inviting others to write for your blog and thus improve the content over your blog.As more people come to know that you have other good writers writing for your blog then you can always have more people coming to your blog for quality content.

20. Get Links from Other Blogs
Getting mentioned on other sites and blogs in the same niche, I think, has been the best way to get a readership who keeps returning to a blog. Make contact with other bloggers in yoru niche via comments, email, AIM, skype, homing pigeons – whatever.

21. Newsletters
The Zookoda newsletter provides nice spikes and people tend to forward the newsletter to their friends.

22. Social Networks
Submit your story to Digg and reddit and, regardless of whether it makes the front page or not, you get 50-100 free hits. The easiest way to generate quick exposure. Failing that, comment frequently on blogs that you like. With any luck, the blog author will want to find out more about you, follow the link to your blog, and perhaps write a post referencing one of your posts.

23. Pitch Your Posts
I view other bloggers as a PR pros view journalists working in traditional media. I reach out to bloggers using tactics successfully employed in the world of professional media relations. For instance, I “pitch” specific posts that they might find adds value to topics they are writing about. I also send email introducing them to my blog, but only if there’s a good fit between my blog and theirs. The key is to be very selective in approaching the “media gatekeeper”–just as successful and smart media relations people do.

I hope you would have liked and learned important tricks to attract visitors to your site in 2011.Happy new year and merry Christmas.

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Pokemon Silver/Gold Walkthrough


This walkthrough is for GBC pokemon silver/ gold game.The walkthrough is as follows:

A.New Bark town
The story unfolds with you playing as the little boy.Collect the pokegear and head outside for Prof Elm lab.Choose from the 3 options Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile.I suggest you choose Cyndaquil if you want some real competition in the game at the start up.Cyndaquil fairs quite well for initial leveling up thing in front of bug as well as bird Pokemons but it will only be vulnerable against the first gym leader but then its the most excellent type to raise for the rest of the game against the remaining 7 gym leaders and the elite 4 and champion.Anyways you can choose anyone and it is how you raise them to win the game.Collect the potion from Prof's aide and lookout for Mr. Pokemon.

B.Cherrygrove City.
Proceed through west from New Bark town and move through West of Route 29 to reach Cherrygrove city.Be sure to heal your Pokemon if your Hp is low in the Pokemon centre.Check out the old man for Map Card for your Poke gear.Now head north on route 30 for Mr. Pokemon's house by taking right path from split.Do take the berries that you get on the way to help yourself.Now head north to reach Mr. Pokemon's house to collect the pokedex from Prof Oak.Now return back to new bark town with some levelling up of your sole Pokemon.When you visit Elm's lab you will find out that a Red haired guy stole the Pokemon from Elm's lab.Anyways collect 5 pokeballs and continue your journey to route 30.Remember to purchase some pokeballs from Cherrygrove town and try catching a Geodude to help yourself for battle against the gym battle where you have to fight with the leader with all Bird type pokemon.Instead you can stop by to trade Bellsprout for Onix in Violet town.

C. Violet Town
Here head south towards the building and trade Bellsprout for onix if you do not have Geodude yet. I suggest you head north now to sprout tower and level up your pokemons( but not geodude or onix) particularly if you have Cyndaquil.Defeat Li to get Hm05 flash.Now head over to violet city for Gym batlle.I would suggest that you have at least 2 pokemons at level 12-14 atleast to beat the gym leader Falkner fairly easily.After defeating the Leader you get Zephyr Badge and Tm31 Mud slap.Now Elm calls you up to to his lab.Go there and collect the Egg from his Aide.Now move to Route 32 and through Union cave.Be sure to have miracle seed to boost grass type move.Union cave has rock type pokemons so defeat them easily with your grass type pokemons and go to route 33 to Battle Anthony.Defeating him will give access to his number and notification on Dunsparce swarms.Now head west to Azalea town.

D.Azalea town
First meet Kurt and go to defeat the team rocket inside the well.You will see them selling slowpoke tails.Defeat them and come back to heal at the pokemon centre and head to the Azalea gym.This is All bug type gym so if you have fire type and bird type pokemons with you, this is a walk in the park.Defeat the gym leader Bugsy to collect Hive badge to enable your pokemons use Hm01 cut( you get this at Ilex forest) outside the battle and also you get Tm 49 fury cutter.Proceed to Ilex forest.

E.Ilex forest
Here collect Hm01 Cut from trainer after his farfetched is returned back to him.From here now proceed to north west inside the building to recieve Tm 12 sweet scent from the lady.Leave from the north exit towards route 34.Here battle through the trainers to level up and you might want to catch Ditto or Drowsy.ignore the day care unless you really want them to raise one for you and move towards the Goldenrod city through north.

F. Goldenrod city
head north and visit bike shop to visist the free bike.Now head to the radio tower abd speak to the women at the counter to get a free Radio card.Now purchase the Tms and other things that you want and head over to the Goldenrod gym, specialised in normal type pokemons.Use fighting type pokemons to have the edge.If you have Geodude or onix or machop with you fairly lvelled up then you can have easy go at this gym gain.Defeat Whitney, the leader to get the Plain badge and Tm 45 attract.Head north and pass through gate house.Continue on route 35 and reach national park.Here collect quick claw and Tm28 dig.Now head east through route 35 and route 36 to reach Ecruteak city.

G.Ecruteak city
First battle the kimono girls and defeat them to get the Hm05 surf.After that refill health of your pokemon at the poke centre and head to burned tower to battle your rival.After defeating him (you should as it is still easy) head over to the hole to encounter raikou, Entei nad Suicune.They run away and you encounter them randomly in the grass pateches in Johto.After this haed over to the gym to defeat Marty who has all ghost type pokemon.Use either rock type or psychic type to win easily here.After defeating Marty you will get Fog badge to enable use of surf(hm05) outside battle.Now head to Olivine city through route 38 and 39.

H.Olivine city
You rival is here again.this guy doesn't battle but informs that Gym leader is in lighthouse.move up the lighthouse through various tough battlers to reach find out that her pokemon is not well and you have to go to Cianwood island to get the medicine for him.Head over to cianwood Island.

I.Cianwood island
Here you have a gym battle with Chuck, master of fighting type pokemons.Use bird type pokemons or the Psychic ones to easily win this gym leader battle.Get the Storm badge and her wife outside gives you Hm02 fly that you can use to fly to any place you would have visited earlier.Now purchase the medicine from the shop in the south and head over again to Olivine City.

J.Olivine city
Move in the lighthouse and give the medicine to jasmine's pokemon and it gets better and she is ready to battle you.She uses steel type pokemons.So use ground type moves like earthquake to win over easily.Use water type moves against steelix to counter it easily.Then you get the mineral badge along with Tm23 Iron tail.Now flyback to Ecruteak city to reach Mahogany town.

K.Mahogany town
here reluctantly you have to visit the lake of rage to defeat Red gyrados.After you do you get red scale and then speak to Lance, the champion that you are going to face later in the game to learn about Team rocket's menace again.Follow Lance to Mahogany town and defeat Team rocket HQ to get Hm06 whirlpool from Lance.Now move to the gym and you find that the Gym leader is master of Ice type pokemon.Use fire type and electric type pokemons to have the edge.After defeating him you get Glacier badge with Tm16 Icy wind.Now Elm calls you up and tells you about the problems in the radio tower of Goldenrod town.Fly to reach there and go towards the Radio tower and defeat the impostor to get the key.Now move to the underground entrance and defeat the team rocket their to release the chief.Now after the mess head to the Ice path from route 44 through Mahogany town's east.

L.Ice Path
Here collect the Hm07 waterfall and move over to the town of Blackthorn.

M.Blackthorn city
you can make some of your pokemon forget the HM moves that you do not want them to have in the south of the town.Now head over to the gym which is specialised in Dragon type pokemons.Gym leader Clair is the lone competition and fairly tough to defeat.if you do not have proper lvelled up pokemons here then you are in real trouble as she is no walkover like others.Defeat her to learn about dragon fang that she wants you to get before she gives you the final badge.Bring back dragon fang from the Dragons den to receive rising badge and all pokemons obey you now and also get Tm24 dragonbreath. Fly back now to New bark town to get the Master ball from Elm. This will catch anyone without fail.Also try using it for extremely rare pokemon before you go to victory road for the final battle.

N.Victory Road
Head east from New bark town and use surf to get to the victory are the battles that will test you if you are not well prepared you can squeak a bit here.Also levelling up here will help you on the final 5 tough battles that await you.Cross the victory road to reach indigo plateau.
O.Indigo plateau.Here your rival will battle with his 5 tough pokemons but you should be able to defeat him fairly easily if you have all type pokemons with you.Defeat him and heal your pokemons and purchase some items before going in as the battlers you are going to face now will surely test your knowledge about type battles and test your abilities to the fore.You have to defeat all four to get to the champion( a bit harsh) and you cannot heal yourself at the poke centre.Anyways you can use the healing potions as I advised you and move towards the chamion lance, The dragon Master.His pokmons are L44 gyrados,two Lv47 dragonite,Lv 46 charizard(my favorite and not available in thsi game for anyone to raise), Lv 46 Aerodactyl and a Lv 50 Dragonite.Use all your skills that you have learned through out the game to win this fight as it is very intense.My advice is to have 2-3 rock type pokemons to tackle these dragons and win over eventually.

P. Game over----No
After defeating the champion if you think game is over then can move ahead and fill your pokedex and collect more 8 badges from the new Cities that you encounter once you restart the game after saving.So enjoy the adventures and fill your pokedex to become the ultimate trainer.

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This is the third installment in the series.I hope you would have taken advantage of the ideas expressed in the Part 1 and Part 2 of this series already.

13. Offline Promotion
Talk to friends, family and coworkers about them… you’d be surprised how much the traditional way of “networking” really does work.

14. Search Engine Optimization
Properly optimizing my blog has been a big boost to my readership. Once I figured out how to play around with SEO I started getting a regular 25-35% of my hits from Google.

15. Quality Content
This is already stressed by me many a times and is the word of almost all the bloggers.Posting only quality content.. obviously! Better posts are discussed more, increasing both the number of comments and references in other blogs.

16. Blog Carnivals
submitting posts to Blog Carnivals also generates traffic.Strange Isn't it?

17. Memes
Yeah, a meme. Bloggers want to know about bloggers, not just the business aspect of it but the *person* writing the blog. Reading a quick list of “getting to know me” type tidbits gives me instant inside information on whether or not I will become a regular visitor. Some participants have used it solely to gain business, but frankly I think that turns people away. People are interested in people first, and what they do second. It works.

18. Frequent Posting
I also try to post frequently. I find that the more I post, the more readers I have. The less comments, but the more readers.

I hope you would have got the central idea about what is important to attract readers.In my next post I will rap up the series and give final 5 tips to have readers coming to your blog so wait and enjoy.

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This is the second part in series to attract new readers to your blog.You can refer to the part 1 for more details.

7. Give Away Free Stuff
I’ve had some success with giving away free stuff, like free templates for WordPress. It doesn’t give me lot of new readers, because my blog is written in Norwegian, but the templates give lots and lots of new links to the blog, giving it a much better pagerank in Google, which in turn should mean more readers from search-engines.

8. Be Opinionated
Be opinionated, but encourage opposing viewpoints in the comments. Opinionated makes you interesting – encouraging other perspectives makes you essential.

9. Ask Questions of Other Bloggers
Ask questions of other moderately successful bloggers and try to network. If you shoot too high, you’ll often get blown off because these people have so much stuff to read and deal with.

10.Use Trackbacks
Sending highly creative and penetrating trackbacks about a blogger’s original post.

Buy advertising space on related websites.

12. Educate Readers about RSS
With the most recent blog I launched I created a page in WordPress called Feeds which not only has the RSS icon on it but a description of what a “feed” is and what are some of the most common ways to subscribe and use feeds, mostly pulled from a CC article.

Refer to the next part so as to find out more new ways to attract new readers this 2011.

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Some good comments on blog posts sometimes helps even the other readers to learn a lot of things to improve themselves.I ran into chain of comments reacting to the topic of how to attract more blog readers.This post certainly describes their point of views in having done everything to keep new readers to come to their blog.

1. Comment on Related Blogs
Commenting on related blogs is probably the most effective strategy early on in the process and responding to comments when people leave them on your blog (this encourages them to keep coming back).I visit other blogs in my niche, add them to my feed and participate in the discussion on their blogs via the comments. Writing interesting comments often gets people to click through to see your site.

2. Join Forums
I’ve found that one very quick way to infuse readers to a new blog is to be active in discussion forums related to your blog topic. Locate posts that ask for help with something you are familiar with and share your experience.

3.Write Effective Post Titles
Simple and to the point. The title should create an instant urge to read the entire post… But of course it should be related to the topic of your blog.

4. Interviews
One example being to interview fellow bloggers who are in the same niche as me. This has gone down well, and has been great for both myself and the interviewee as traffic flows between us.

5. Persist
Persistence is key. After starting up a new blog last month and letting go of another this month, I notice that traffic (quality traffic) doesn't happen over night. On my last site, I think it took 6 months before found me.

6.Connect with Local Bloggers
The other thing I have been doing just recently is connecting up with other bloggers in my city and the neighboring towns. We've got something of a link exchange going and a nice side-effect to this is that I/we have discovered that there are quite a few more bloggers and/or website authors in the area than ever expected.

In my nest post I will reveal the other new methods that would be useful in 2011 for you all to attract new readers to your blog.

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If you really want more readers and subscribers to your blog everyday then Digg and Stumbleupon are the way to go.Following are the important tips that most professional bloggers follow to have their content on the front page of Digg and stumbleupon.

1.Your Flair is important
Everyday many new topics rise up the pyramid to be on the front page of Digg and StumbleUpon.The competition you can say is quite fierce to have your content on the top.Mostly the articles having informative content like"how to be a" blah blah blah or any important new related to business blogging or Internet catches the attention of the readers.So use your writing style and flair wisely to come up with the appropriate topic and content.

2.Choose your category
Since the recent change in these sites, the categories and topics have broadened over here and hence there is a wide range of topics to choose from for your published article.The liking for any specific category changes over a period of time but still Technology ,Internet , Business Blogging are the hot topics over the entire year.

3.Start Digging yourself first
A strong tip to be successful in these sites is to first satrt republishing and likng others content.Follow other writers and share theri content for sometime and build your friends and foloowers over the site.After this you will automatically see more and more republishing of your own content.Try to give more and expect less,then only you can move further.

4.Install widgets and Buttons for easy sharing
One thing that sometimes bloggers ignore is that they often do not include the Digg and Stumbleupon buttons for automatic sharing of your content on the site.This maybe due loading of the page takes a bit longer due to these buttons but still its worthwhile having them.

5.Quality content is desired
You should always try and publish articles which you think are the best and readers will appreciate your work.Try writing one or two of them at least once a week and then publish them over Digg and StumbleUpon and you will find out that more and more people are liking your blog and pots.Its always better to have good content advertised rather losing readers because of mediocre content.This is what the professional bloggers practice and hence are successful than others.

I have some strong gut feeling that I will have my articles in the front page of these site soon.What do you think?

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A large survey of good sites and reading their content is sometimes so much essential when you do not have much to write for your own.Buzzing through the topics and closely observing key points mentioned in the posts you can derive several ideas which can be converted into a series of posts.The organised fashion of writing and maintaining the blog is what separates the best from the other rookies.

The following four C's are so crucial that if you have all of them then your blogging success is almost certain i n the near future.These 4 C's are:


Success always depends on some crucial factors and for any blogger to succeed in the blogosphere, the content is the most important element.You can refer to my post on how to create good content for more details.What people write from their heart is most liked by people all round the world and not scraps being written only for money.Content with good expression and presentation still rules.I was not a good writer right since my school days but slowly over the past 15 months I have improved a lot in my writing skills and grammar but their is still a lot of improvement to be done so that my posts are just great for anyone to read.I guess that a successful writer is always capable of holding people through his way of writing style and use of words.Now you would surely understand how important good content is for any blog.

By consistency I want to say that you have to consistent in your posting.A good blog blooms better over a period of time only when a writer has put in the hard work to update his blog every day.Its not a compulsion that you have to churn out many posts every day and this will never happen also.You have to decide what re you comfortable with and accordingly pace yourself to be consistent.Remember that Search engines also like to index those blogs which are updated every day.


Social networking is the order of the year for 2010 and will be the same for 2011 unless something new appears to be more appealing to the readers and b;loggers.Try raising your voice and your blog through these community sites and I ma sure that even those sites which were not able to generate readers for 10-12 even after having good amount of content on their blog have started generating good traffic through by the use of Technorati, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon and many other such sites.

Also important thing to consider is that link building should also be performed by bloggers to earn good page rank and Search Engine Optimization for their sites.Many bloggers initially miss the trick by going only for content on their blog and later on suffer for lack of back links to their sites and hence their page rank is lower although they have good enough alexa web rank.


Its always give and then take relationship in blogging.Even if you have to give out more than what you take ,it should not matter for you as long as you enjoy it.I have seen good bloggers always going to the site not known much and still reading their ideas and commenting on their posts to improve their writing style.So it has to be understood that you should once again start commenting on any blog that you like and not just not on the popular ones.I think keeping these strong commenting habits will surely help to give you long term profit.

I guess these were by far the broad factors on which success of any blog depends.There might be more that one would like to say so do not hesitate and try to shell out some precious words of yours.

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The blogging sphere is growing day by day and there are millions of new bloggers joining every week.The new dynamic way of making money online has made people give focus to this medium of money making.But all good things come with some drawbacks.

The blogging habit can sometimes be hazardous to health.Surprised? maybe not.This post is mainly to discuss the effects of blogging on our health.So read through and learn how to live happier and healthier while blogging.

Some may think that it is actually not.If somebody is blogging only for half an hour or an hour then maybe the case is not so serious but who does this professionally for long hours and till late night hours has adverse effects on the health. Following are the few effects on the health due to long hours devoted to blogging.

1.Eye strain
Long hours spent in front of the computer can cause irritation and sore eyes consistently and also can make you wear spectacles and lenses.The eyesight depletion has been a major issue for professional bloggers.

2.Muscular pain
Prolonged muscular pain in the neck, shoulder and back strain has been common problems for people who sit in front of the computer for long hours.

3.Disturbed life cycle
Working for long hours till late night and not able to sleep for long hours in the night causes extreme disaster for your body.Frequent headaches are a common issue for people.

If you feel that you are also affected by these symptoms then maybe you can follow below mentioned ways to stay healthier.

1.Do not concentrate too much!
It is always advised that you should not concentrate too much on the computer screen for too long and should take some time in looking at other places and not on computer continuously.You should also blink faster while looking on the screen.

2.Stretch yourself
In between stand up and stretch yourself.While working for long hours always try this to avoid neck and shoulder pain.Also it gives your fingers the required amount of rest after working continuously for long hours.

3.Avoid too much of caffeine
When you work for long hours you do take tea or coffee multiple times to stay awake and have good concentration at work.But excess sugar will not do good for and may result in sugar imbalance of your body.

4.Sleeping is essential
You should try to make yourself healthier by sleeping at least 7 hours in the night and going to bed by 11-12'0 clock in the night and not much later.This will enable you to have a better body cycle and good health.

As a young guy I always prefer to sleep by 11'0 clock in the night and have a good 8 hour sleep.Above things are very much the things that everyone should follow to be healthy.Happy blogging.

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I visited a good site which mentioned how the writer indexed his site again in the google search engine after his site was previously banned due to spamming and his copied content and later he fought through all the troubles and he got his site listed in the search engines.This post is just an excerpt of what he has done and is surely a good method of getting your site listed even if you do not have your site listed yet.

If your site has some copied content or some republished article from other sites,then try and writing few good legitimate posts(atleast 10-15 in a row and not copying content) and then try to submit the site into google and other search engines.

I have observed carefully that if the botz of search engines find out that your site is regularly updated plus the most recent content is legitimate, the gets automatically indexed.This method sure works and has worked even for me so it will for you as well.

I guess you would realise that this thing is really simple but is actually not.It takes some months time and hence some patience is really required in this process to go over the line.

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As an online merchant, your efforts should not stop after building your product, then writing a sales letter to sell it and implementing a marketing campaign to direct traffic to your website. You should also pay attention to the conversion rate of your sales page in real time, so you would know how good your product sells. Creating a good product is not all. You need to constantly tweak your product's sales page and how it does its real job to catch the attention of the visitor and sell your product. By measuring a conversion rate of your sales page, you are able to get a lot of valuable information. It can provide you with a lot of benefits including the following:

1.Identifying inefficiencies in layout, web design, copywriting, and other website components
Often people judge a website by how it looks before actually looking for what it offers. A site that is difficult to navigate or is full of crappy content will most likely turn off any potential customers. A sales page conversion rate analysis can give you details on what pages the links directed the customers to.

2.Maximize marketing expenditures
By using information provided in the sales page conversion rate analysis you can optimize the value of your resources. You can focus your resources on aspects of your marketing campaign that need beefing up while improving parts that are already working for you. This way, you can prevent wasting money on strategies that do not work and keywords that do not perform.

3.Increase customer sales and acquisition
Since the conversion rate analysis of your sales page can clue you in on what works and what doesn't, you can expect increase in sales and revenues once the inefficiencies have been addressed and the marketing strategies, refocused.

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This is the final part in the series effective business blog redesign.You can refer back to part 1 and part2 of the series for more details. Remember this is a republished article originally written by Cameron Chapman.

5. Make Provisions for Other Content
While most business blogs still focus primarily on text it’s important to make provisions for rich multimedia content. You never know when you might want to expand your blog to include podcasts, slide shows or video content. Even something as simple as including images in a post is sometimes overlooked in the initial blog design. Think about the types of content that are commonly incorporated into blog posts and then think about how you can best serve those kinds of content within the design. Even things like making sure your main content column is wide enough to properly display images or video shouldn't be overlooked.

6. Make the blog a Reflection of Your Company’s Values and Personality
The design of your blog should reflect your company values and corporate culture. A company with a traditional take on things should reflect that in their blog design. A company that’s hip and modern should have a hip and modern blog design.

Besides these important points some other key factors to be kept in mind while thinking of blog redesign are:
  • Paginate comments if you regularly get more than 10-20 comments on your posts.
  • Separate your comments from your trackbacks (incoming links to blog posts from other website).
  • Include a gravatar image for your commenters.
Blog designers, however talented, cannot change your corporate DNA. Work with them towards a presentation that is inviting, open and flexible while accurately representing the values and style of your business.

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This is the second post post in the series "effective blog designs".In the previous post I have discussed the merits of Typography and readability.Here in this post I am going to discuss about nest two important facts:

3. Establish a Hierarchy of Site Elements
There’s a definite hierarchy of design and content elements in any blog design. You just need to make sure that the hierarchy your design establishes is the one you intended. In other words, make sure that the most important parts of your design and content are most prominently displayed.In most business blogs the two most important elements are going to be the main content and the header, which should include branding for the company. Make sure that when you look at the design of you blog that those are the two elements that stand out among all the others. Make sure, too, that hierarchy within elements makes sense. Your blog post titles, for example, should stand out over any subheadings contained within the posts. Elements within your sidebar should be arranged in a manner that makes sense in terms of usability (for example, the navigation of your blog should appear above any blogroll links you choose to incorporate).

4. Don’t Forget Comment Design!
Almost every business blog wants to foster communication and discussion with their visitors. After all, an engaged readership is more likely to come back on a regular basis and more likely to be loyal to your company.The comment form on your blog should be easy to use and make it apparent which fields are required (most often a name, email address, and the comment itself). The comments should be arranged and formatted in a way that clearly separates each comment. Make sure that the typography—the size and contrast in particular—make it easy to read the comments. You’ll also want to decide whether you want your comments to appear in chronological order or in a threaded manner (where replies appear under the comment being replied to). If you want to foster conversation among commenters, then the latter option will almost certainly work better. If you mostly want your commenters to converse with your authors, then the former might work better. Differentiate your author comments, too, to make it easier for readers to see an author’s responses to other commenters. Of course, if your authors rarely or never comment (which isn't a good thing), this becomes irrelevant.

The final part in this series is due next when another two important facts about successful business blog redesign will be discussed.

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This is a republished post originally written by Cameron Chapman

The design of your business blog has a huge impact on how it is perceived by your visitors. A great design instills trust, makes you more credible and invites your readers to participate. A poor design can make your blog and your company look unprofessional.

Just as with regular website design, there are certain best practices you should keep in mind when working on the design of your blog. The best practices of regular website design still apply, of course, but there are also important blog specific considerations:

1. Don’t Insist on Your Blog Design Matching Your Website Design Perfectly
So many business blogs try to shoehorn a blog into their existing website design. That’s fine if your website has a text-centric design that’s similar to a blog design to begin with. But many great business websites don’t resemble blogs at all. In those cases, it’s important for your blog design to echo your website design, but it doesn't need to match it perfectly. Your blog design should instead repeat elements like the graphics or color scheme, and should incorporate similar typography.

2.Focus on Typography and Readability
Since blogs mostly revolve around text content, it’s important that your design makes that content easily readable. This means using a font that’s suitable for reading onscreen, as well as having proper contrast and a font that’s large enough.As a general rule, dark text on a light background is more readable than light text on a dark background. Just look at white text on a black screen for a few minutes and then look at a light surface. You’ll see black bands super-imposed on your vision for up to a few minutes. The same effect doesn't happen with a light
background and dark text. You also want to limit the number of fonts used on your blog. Ideally, use one or at most two fonts in your design. Instead of using more than two fonts use multiple weights and styles in the fonts you choose to add diversity to your typography.

Next part will reveal the next 2 important details to watch out for a successful blog redesign.

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Blogs have existed for more than 10 years and have become respectable news outlets, vehicles of change within organizations and communications tools for product announcements and updates. They also provide an opportunity to humanize a company to its market.

Every year the powerful blog search engine Technorati publishes a “State of the Blogosphere” that surveys bloggers of all backgrounds for information and trends about the state of the blogging affairs. The latest report has compelling data on the growing impact of business blogging. In fact, Technorati has tracked more than 133 million blogs, an indication by itself that blogging’s impact is not about to diminish anytime soon.

In the State of the Blogosphere, Technorati found that:
  • 71% of bloggers are blogging to speak their minds
  • 72% of bloggers want to share their expertise
  • 61% of bloggers do so to make money or for business purposes
  • 53% of professional bloggers aim to attract new clients

Almost all bloggers have found that blogs have made them better known in their industry as a result of maintaining and updating their blogs.The argument for blogging is all around us. We may know a blogger or two. We may know a dozen or a hundred bloggers. And among those we know, we find that many are doing so for business purposes. Whether it is the hobbyist who just wants to make a few cents off Google AdSense or the enterprise social media company that has elected to launch a blog to showcase its expertise in expansive applications, blogging is an affordable way for individuals and companies alike to become a respected voice in an increasingly competitive online environment.

What do blogs do for your business? Like all other means of social media promotion, blogs can:
  • Establish thought leadership, which is especially evident by the findings of the Technorati State of the Blogosphere report.
  • Increase traffic to websites, since bloggers can optimize for keywords using search engine optimization techniques that will help customers find the business or product that they need.
  • Help build links to corporate web sites, which will help people find your business in online searches.
  • Build brand awareness, which gets your business known globally or wherever you are looking to be found.
Blogs have done something else too. In the last few years, we’ve seen companies take blogs to make businesses human again. Giving blogs a human face – which should almost be a prerequisite for blogs (an avatar and personal stories are highly encouraged!) – allows readers know that they’re doing business with someone they trust: people like them.

With the right content and approach toward your readership, businesses can develop strong links that will help them build a solid reputation and foundation online. As content is consistently produced and comments are consistently reviewed and/or responded to, businesses are bound to find new readers who will check the site frequently for updates, get new search traffic, and establish visibility in their industry.

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Updating information frequently to a website can have a significant increase in the quantity of visitors it receives. Renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN prefer sites that are habitually added with more content.

The benefits of regularly updating your website are as under:

1.Long tail Search Traffic
When a website has regular content it helps in receiving more precise "long tail" keyword searches from search engines that cannot be attracted through regular SEO.

2. Faster indexing
Most search engines catalog news and blog sites faster than normal websites there fore regular updates on websites will determine more frequent traffic and indexed faster by search engine spiders.

3.Generates discussion
Blogs, articles and news often receive comments from interested customers which in turn often creates discussion and user contribution on the website. Comments also become worthy as free content and are often indexed and ranked by search engines.

4. Solicits enquiries
Informative, articulate articles about business, products or services will promote readers to find out about services. This has been a tried and tested method of sales marketing.

5. Promotes community
Comments, inquires on any website encourages interaction between visitors and is often responsible for communities on websites. Visitors will keep coming back for discussion via the website.

6. Repeat visits
When a website has fresh, regular and remarkable content it encourages users to keep coming back. When a website is left inactive there will be no regular traffic.

7. Subscribers
Informative, appealing content on a website can promote subscription to updates via RSS. This makes sure that any new information will mean that potential people are immediately informed.

8. Internal link strength
Regular content will contain links to specific pages which in turn is beneficial to websites internal link strength.

This was the original post posted by Dinesh LG