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I was attending the corporate presentation for a big IT company having the induction presentation for its employees.Being such a reputed company my expectations were certainly high.But it is indeed interesting to know that our corporate lives also teach us so many good things for other professions and hobbies like blogging.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of the induction ceremony but the real fun started when the man started to give presentation about the company details, history, work culture ethics and other particulars.It was always my dream to be a part of the big organisation with such good ethos about its employees.But I was a bit disappointed after the presentation was over.The details were not clearly visible on the PowerPoint slides,too many unnecessary data present and skipping of slides.The speaker himself was not well prepared as it was evident the way he speaking in front of the large crowd with some nervousness.All in all things could have been much better if they really wanted to create a good impression in the minds of people joining the company on their first day.But this experience has certainly become a lesson as to how one should present himself to any reader or audience through his blog.

1.Good organisation
Even if the matter that you write is high class but you do not have the correct presentation then you might suffer badly even after having an extremely good content.Thus good organization is the first stepping stone to success.In case of my above example, I mentioned the disorganisation of content on the slides just took the interest out of the whole presentation.

2.Do not feed too much of information
Referring to my example, there were lots of data present on the slides that the readers were not able to digest easily.too much of facts and figures for a small topic is not needed really if you ask for my opinion.It just creates a bit of confusion in the readers regarding the inter relations of the facts.

3.Try explaining the background accurately and effectively
Even though you may feel that the same content is present on almost very site present in the same niche but still you should try and present a small descriptive background before you reach to the actual matter of the blog.This creates a good impression on the readers that you have in depth knowledge about what your writing and readers will keep coming to your blog.

We have so many things happening around us that can be taken as a lesson,motivation and encouragement to do things better for yourself and for others.Please do not write indigestible stuffs for the audience or just fill up lines only for the sake of writing content.If your post has what those fast scanning eyes of the readers want then you have a fair share of readers to your blog.It is all these small things that make you a class apart from others.