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Top 15 Playstion 1 RPG games.


Hi there Conventional gamers and RPG freaks.I know many still crave for Final fantasy series and Legend of dragoon.I have been making a list of top 15 RPG games after some due research and personal gaming experience and her are the worthy top 15 RPG list for PS1:

#15:- Grandia
#14:-Tales of destiny II
#13:-Lunar 2
#12:-Parasite Evil
#11:-Breath of Fire 3
#10:-Star OCEAN
#9:-Legend of dragoon
#8:-Final Fantasy 8
#7:-Persona 2
#6:-Vagrant story
#5:-Final Fantasy Tactics
#4:-Wild Arms
#2:-Chrono cross
#1:-Final Fantasy 7

You can find all these games download on Emuparadise.

Hope this post helps you find and play the best one.


3 Blog Tips For Generating Traffic


Generating traffic to your blog can come from a variety of platforms. Social media, online marketing, paying for traffic, grass roots branding, and even traditional forms of media including radio, television, and newspaper. Regardless of which one you choose, here are 3 of my favorite tips for driving traffic immediately:

1. Write a book or training manual
That doesn't mean you need to write a 1,000 page novel. Writing a book or training manual can be very simple. Once published, watch your blog traffic go through the roof, along with book sales driven from your blog! They work hand in hand.

2. Hand out BlogBiz Cards
Very few people capitalize on such a great opportunity to drive blog traffic. Don't be a salesperson when you hand it out, rather be a helper- isn't that would you do anyway when you blog? Start now by handing out cool, catchy cards that say "I help people find answers for their problems, online!" Or something along those lines that shows you are a helper and not a hard seller. Biz cards are very inexpensive and can go a long, long way.

3. Write a news-worthy blog post

Brainstorm with a marketing guru on how you can create buzz and then write about it in a blog post. Once you get all the tweaks out, start calling local newspapers and tell them all about it. Just think: even if you get a few 'no's' you are making yet another contact! Be sure to gain their permission to add them to your RSS feed or email sign up.

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Six simple strategies to transform your blog into audience blog


It has been a long way and my thoughts always say that there has to be some creativity that has to be put into getting new posts that audiences have been looking on numerous blog.Some simple strategies that I am going to discuss with you now will ensure that you transform your blog according to what your readers want and make it a blog almost run by your audience.

Strategy 1: Take your blog comments seriously
You might see some bloggers suggesting you the idea of changing something on your blog.It might be like changing of blog theme,blog style or expansion of posts.It may be information or loading of your blog or something that is just not correct for your readers.Its your responsibility to change accordingly and improve according to time and your readers.

Strategy 2: Email Usage
When you find some good bloggers regularly visiting your blog,try using email to get into more personal conversation.You can have their experience and change yourself accordingly.Not only good but if some new bloggers also comment on your blog,do follow them up with emails.Through this way your network gets really strong and will help you in the long way.

Strategy 3: Ask your readers to share more
One thing that can help you is encouraging your readers into commenting on your blog posts very freely because their opinion matters a great deal.More comments on your blog in turn will make you improve all the way.

Strategy 4: Convert suggestions into posts
Helping out your readers by composing posts according to their suggestions and requests will make your blog shoot to success.More readers will definitely want to have their counted and if they get what they want from one place then believe me you are not only helping them but your blog a great deal.This way the process of transforming your blog into your Audience's blog will be fulfilled.

Strategy 5: Share your new creativity
If there is something new that you have found out that is not only going to help you out but others also then don't just try and put it on sale but instead put it live to your readers.In a competitive blogger sphere if you can help readers to find out how break out of jinx of not having enough content for your niche through some new creativity and way of serving the post then its really helpful.

Strategy 6: Look what worked for you
If you do some archive search of posts on your blog and find out which were really famous on your blog then its a good idea to build up new ideas on them.Its a gamble for you but there might be readers looking for fresh,new and creative posts for the same topics so that they are also helped in some way.So building on this strategy is like pulling a Rabbit out of the Hat.

So remember to share something when you go to anyone's blog whether constructive or not.Everyone finds inspiration and encouragement from small things and appreciation.Please do comment and share if you are looking for some improvement in my blogging style or particular type of posts that you want me to present for you or anything that you like or dislike.

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How to write excellent posts,even after a long gap........


Its been a long time since my previous post in Feb 2011.But this has not made my passion go away.Instead I tried to find out time and content for my blog.Getting to the point then this post is all about how we can keep churning out good quality post even after taking a long break.Following are some interesting tips that i have learned after searching numerous content on the internet on how to make your posts more appealing to the readers,regardless of content,time and topic.

1.Thumb rule for any post that you write anytime on your blog

Try and avoid sentences and topics in a particular paragraph that do not have :
a) Ideas that makes readers read your blog more.
b) Ideas that readers want to read on your blog.

Your introductory paragraph should be as such that it describes the theme of your post.Readers should get exact idea what are they going to have while reading the introductory summary.Its said that Well beginning is half done.Apply this from the next time you write down.

2.Your post should be comprehensive of your Ideas

What you abstract about your post content in your introductory paragraph,make sure you have entire coverage of those in the main body of your post.Actually your readers should get slightly more than what you expect.This will make you have readers coming to your blog more often and it shows the quality that you have on your blog.

3.Long posts should be carefully handled

When writing long posts we should have them styled with bold sub headings and interesting punches.Often while reading long posts reader searches for required content through headings and sub headings.So making a well organized post is your topmost responsibility as a blogger.

4.Something different

Who likes reading a dull content with no images or artwork to support it.We haven't liked in our schools and nor do we on the internet.So try adding images to support your ideas,clearly formatted paragraphs,bold sentences to highlight the main ideas.

5.Personal touch

Until its a description of your own experience,who would like to read the mechanical stuff.The "I" factor in a post and the description from your experience is that amuses other readers to read the stuff.

Hey guys it was a long time ago when I wrote my last post but still I have decided to get posts on every weekend.Its a big effort to keep your blog regularly updated but if you are passionate ,you would do all the needful.