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A real better way to improve your writing and your blog is by listening to your critics.

I ,hence all my readers to please leave their comment and their web url so that even I can go to their website and comment on what i like and what I don't.I thank everyone in advance and believe that this would help us all improve our blogs even further........


NZB Movies


Do you like watching movies on internet or downloading them to your PC? Ever wondered how to download movies from your favorite sites like Youtube easily.

Is there any movie software that can help solve your problems and you can watch your favorite movies live and without any interruptions. There are free or trial versions of movie download software(Bintube is one of them) which you can use effectively to capture and download your favorite videos to your PC.

Watch movies on PC right from the comfort of your home. Share your videos with others by using easy upload options provided by the software. Watch the downloaded movies on PC or transfer them to your mobile to share it with your friends and colleagues.


Algebra Cheat


Is mathematics your weakness? Do you often get embarrassed because you cannot solve the problems easily like other do? Do you take more time to complete your homework as compared to others? do you find difficulty in understanding steps for solving algebraic expressions. Ever wondered how to solve difficult algebra problems easily. Do you homework effectively and fast using Algebrator. Algebrator from algebra cheat will help you overcome the fear of Algebra.

Algebrator can solve problems in following areas:

1. simplification of algebraic expressions

2. factoring and expanding expressions

3. LCM and GCF

4. Trigonometry.

5. Ratio and proportions and much more.

No need to hire a tutor this software gives you step by step solutions to Algebraic problems and is one of the best ones around. This will help your child grasp and understand difficult topics pretty easily. Solving linear equations and formulas was never so much fun, your child will really enjoy this gift from you and would thank you for the rest of his life.

Netbook India: Best Indian netbook website


Netbook India is a website about netbooks and mini laptops that are being sold in India.

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I thank all you guys for your extended support and over whelming drops on my blog again and again.These are the guys who have dropped on my blog the most no. of times in the last 30 days.

Dropper # of drops
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Cat On My Head




Private number plates now have become a fashion in U.K.Most of the people are looking for a unique number plate that suits their style.To get Private Number Plates i.e. to have one's own desired alphabets and numbers on the number plate,people have to pay some amount to the private firms which provide them with these number plates.

So if you are also looking for such a personalized number plates then why not visit which provide wide range of options to you for
having your own private number plate.The offers are the most economical and much better when you compare those with the amount that you will pay to DVLA(Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) in U.K. which approves the private registration plates subject to no words used that create offensive
meanings.Plus you have them physically made and delivered to you to reduce any hassles.

Following are some important points to note about

1.The store open on all 365 days of the year.
2.The number plates are delivered to you at your doorstep to avoid any hassles.
3.Payment is also easier with secured online payment form.
4.You can select your number right away as you visit the site with easy to select options available.
5.Site has a search box to enable you search your desired combination and on the spot suggestions for your desired number plate.

On the whole you are bound to get more than you want from the in respect to Private Number Plates.So what are you waiting for just grab one from the Northumbrianumbers.

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I have been a member of many Paid to Review (PTR) sites and its worthwhile mentioning that link from blog is a really good site for any blogger to have membership on.This site is also the latest Marketing Buzz.I have just started blogging and the site has given me approval very fast and also the money from the site have started to rain in now for me so quickly that I would have never thought of.

The site is quite user friendly and you not only get paid to write paid reviews but also you can get paid for online surveys available on the site.Bloggers can thus complete these short surveys and get paid instantly.Also there are many more things to enjoy on this site.

So what are you waiting for? Just go to link from blog and sign up immediately to start earning earlier than others.

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Yesterday I have visited the site and found some useful information.Site basically has mixed bag of blog topics and is different with every post.Also the writing style and usage of vocabulary is quite good.The blog topics range from general awareness to very details in computer programming.Everything on this site is worthwhile reading.I would personally rate this site as 3.75/5.

Also worthwhile mentioning the site which has come up recently with a post which can directly help you find and filter irrelevant adsense ads on your site.Just visit this site and you can find good tips on other tips on blogging.Plus you can also put your ads here on this site as it has good Alexa ranking .

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I have briefly discussed the advantages of getting found online your website for more exposure.Here are some super SEO tips.

1.Appropriate keyword for your posts

I believe that we all should first type the keywords in the search engine and find out the traffic for that keyword.Now the estimation that whether your site will be able to get in the first page of that keyword is depending on your site's rank plus how much traffic you have been receiving currently.So its always suggested that you choose appropriate keywords for your site and get noticed worldwide.

2.Development of your site for SEO

Try inserting invisible tags in your site ,more usage of meta tags and alternative text images.Also try surfing your site at least once with Alexa toolbar installed in your browser.


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Readers are searching for quality content online.Is your blog or website getting found.Since its inception the internet straight away became the first source of information for most of the people.So get your website promoted for the most visited site on the internet.

The essential tips are already listed in my previous posts.

So also you can visit onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense.

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In this post we are going to discuss the two main forms of marketing viz; the Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing and their comparison.

A.Inbound Marketing

This strategy basically implies the concept of attracting the attention of the customers.This basically involves search engine marketing ,advertising through blogging and social media.The advertising is basically on the customers wish and permission.Here the emphasis on customer demands is more than the actual customer thinking and all the productivity is driven on this.This technique is mostly used in today's date and is very important form of Internet marketing.

B.Outbound Marketing

It is the traditional method of marketing in which the firm aims at finding out the customers by far length advertising which involves Internet spamming,telemarketing ,direct messaging and many more.Here a customer is tried to lure in by the perspective of finished products.

C.Inbound Marketing v/s .Outbound Marketing

The outbound marketing has been on the low for quite a few years now since the usage of spam filters by people in their email account,the do not call directory inception has also reduced blind calling and telemarketing.So the method is not used widely now.
On the other hand Inbound marketing involves usage of the Internet media to get customers to their sites or to call them.For this the customers are lured by free gifts,contests,bonuses and ultimately the product advertising is achieved by the company but a more price.Since the inbound marketing involves new age methods it has really found its feet in the today's age of marketing and has gripped the world.Also more number of people who actually need the product or want some info are getting to the site through the Internet surfing.By this the companies get more good quality visitors.




Link from blog is another site which pays you for writing reviews for third party affiliates.The process is quite simple,just sign up and and follow the steps to start earning instantly.

The site does have good amount of review in their reserve, bloggers are mostly offered with a job within the first 7 days of sign up.

Link from blog is somewhat different from other pay to review sites as the order confirmations are instantaneous and there are bonuses for helping to spot an error and helping them improve their site.

Advertise with my Blog




Blogger (Blogspot) - largsbayantiques
Blogger (Blogspot) - want2laugh
A List for Everything

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I have been a regular follower of Vinay ,blogger of the site onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense fame.going through the archives I found out an interseting article on blog design and layout to support yourstyle of blogging.As you already know that most readers want a site to get loaded fast so that they can easily read more articles,so this is another unique way to to attract readers.The blog might be a blog to create some arguments and some might even not agree but still it is worthwhile reading out.These tips if followed and implemented in the righjt manner can enable even a reader from mobile to visit your blog.The discussion includes how to really choose a template and which one will be the fastest one to load. Have a look at it.

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Many new bloggers give up blogging due to lack of blog readers and commenters.Why comments are useful?While most comments are containing the links,some people really do review your blog article through what they read.This helps to get the gist whether or not you are going on the right track.

Also it is a bloggers most wanted wish that his blog becomes famous as soon as possible so that he can really start some residual income or if possible substantial income.For all thsi first and the important thing is the more blog readers coming to his blog and commenting good ideas.For this you can follow these ways.

1.Choose a proper domain name to suit your forte.

Its damn important thing to do even before you start blogging.Firstly you should decide the area of interest in which you can start writing.This has been the case with me.I firstly decided to have a free download portal for all.But now I wanted to change the theme of blog articles and alas I can't change the domain
name.I might have started writing my new pots with a new blogger account but didn't wanted to go for it.So the matter of fact is that select the blof url very

2.One day one blog.

Once you have started blogging and got 10 posts on air then its time to follow this golden rule"one day one blog".This is extremely essential as more number
of pages you have indexed in search engines more you have the traffic.Also if you have even started to blog and have 1-3 blogs then also follow the rule.Now if you do not have fresh ideas then you can try reading out my blog on tips to write blogs even when you have no ideas.

3.Start commenting on other blogs.

This is a key method and the most tried and tested one to get the comments and readers to your blog.Plus if somebody can allow to have a backlink then all is
gold.Also try following all the blogs that visit.This also helps to a great extent.You can also try social bookmarking sites for this purpose.

4.Blog posts in a month should have atleast one PUNCH article.

A PUNCH style blog post is something that helps various readers to improve their blog.These type of blogs derive major traffic and also for prolonged time.

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As I have already discussed in my previous posts that a blogger should avoid burnout or else his ideas are soon saturated and the posts are no longer having the quality.To help my fellow bloggers I am giving these miscellaneous tips for enabling them to decide their posts frequecies.

Tip 1.
Always be ahead of time and have few blogs ready beforehand.Its always a good idea to have 10-15 blogs written beforehand and publish them in amount of 1-2 posts per day.This really helps.This keeps your blog having good number of posts plus you can have some ideas foe 3 - 5 days gathered in your mind before you again create 4-5 posts on certain topic.

Tip 2.
What to do if you do not have enough posts ready beforehand.why not initially decide the posts frequency as per your convenience and try achieving it.For me initially this month when I transformed the forte of my blog from the free download site to free blogging ideas to help everyone,I decided to have 1-2 posts every 5 days atleast.So also I achieved the same as it was according to my convenience.

I hope this will again help you a great deal.Any more suggestions are thoroughly welcome.


How to Improve Your Alexa Rank.


After researching the web to find out how to improve my Alexa Rank for free, I have found some useful tips which I want to share with everyone. This has helped me improve my alexa rank from 10 million to less than 1 million in just three months.

Here are few tips on how I managed to Improve my Alexa Rank.

1. Download the alexa toolbar.Use the toolbar to visit your site at least once a day. Do not use proxy servers as Alexa can easily detect proxy servers. You can download the Alexa toolbar here:

2. Encourage your users to download Alexa toolbar and install them on their machines. Thus every single visit to your site will be counted by Alexa appropriately.

3. Write a review about Alexa giving your tips and insights. Invite webmasters to have a look at the post, if they find it interesting they will link to it. Most forums users have Alexa toolbar installed on their machines, any forum visitor will contribute towards improving your alexa rank.

4. Install alexa ranking widget on your blog. After installing widget on their blog, bloggers have reported an improvement of up to 25% in their Alexa rankings in a period of 7 days.

5. Submit your site to all the free web directories . Free web directories are a good source of getting untapped unregulated traffic to your blog. This will help improve your Alexa Rankings considerably.

6. Use social bookmarking sites to get traffic and improve your alexa rank. StumbleUpon and Technorati send instant traffic to your blog, thereby improving your rank considerably in shortest span of time possible.

7. Most important tip, keep updating your site regularly to make your readers visit your site on a regular basis.

If you follow these steps you will notice a considerable improvement in your Alexa Ranking and hopefully would get better advertisement offers to monetize your site.

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These tips are being emailed to me by my friend vinay from site onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense to make your blog being read more by the visitors.

1.It should be your own content

Over the blogosphere there are 90%bloggers atleast that do read and leave by comments if they really like the blog.This is because a blog is a persons own way of thinking being expressed in the form of words and not being just written by a machine.Some of the blogs do have some emotions expressed which touch many a hearts and hence its very important that whatever you write let it be very small but it should be your own and something fresh.This gets any one more visitors than others.

2.Cross link with other sites

The major advantage of providing links to other sites having content supportive to your blog's content is that your page rank improves considerably if you have a link with a high page rank site.Moreover the cross links also help to get visitors falling back to your blog for some related help.

3.Keep font style of your blog same throughout

This thing is particularly important as google bots fail to crawl on the pages which are not formatted properly in the theme of your writing style.Suppose if you have the Arial font for all of your posts then try maintaining the same throughout.Also if people are habituated to one style then try maintaining that.

4.Proper formatting of your text

Try writing posts with short paragraphs and highlighted content before the paragraph having the essence of what is in the paragraph.Also try and avoid writing much bigger posts as it becomes very difficult for the readers to read the post if its a long one.
I feel that I am sharing the tips which are best to my knowledge.I am still a newbie to blogging and hence I appreciate any new tips which can help me improve.

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I was going through many sites and reading various articles and posts and the conclusions that I sketched out is that there are multiple ways to get good traffic to your sites in no time.

1.Why not try out many social blogging community and forums such as the Technorati ,Blogcatalog,Digital point forums,Twitter, Redgage and much others to name.Try posting the link of your newly posted content to these sites and also reading and FAV some of the blogs to get more traffic.

2.Place the feedburner widgets and try observing the number of readers you are having to your site.Unfortunately my readers have reduced quite considerably but that is not what is in my hands.I try posting good quality content but time is showing negative trend for me currently.Anyways try and subscribe blog posts of sites which are really good.The reciprocation and back links makes the job much more easier for anyone to get more visitors.

3.Use of appropriate back links

When you comment on some one's blog its important to have a back link left very smartly to get the back links.Try doing this particularly on the famous and good traffic driving sites.This will also help you derive traffic and also improve your site's page rank.

I hope you benefit from these tips as these tips do take some time to show effect.Anymore tips are wholeheartedly welcomed.

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They say that the more you post the better it is for your blog to the traffic.the frequency of post is something that is still the argument of the hour but let me tell you that its not easy for anyone to post 10 blogs a day.

Posting 3-5 blogs a day is also not a joke particularly if you want to publish new content and each one should of good quality.The ideas and mind both should be fresh so that good content comes out as result.But these things are very rarely possible with strenuous life cycle of all of us.

So particularly if you want that your blog posts are coming at least once in a day or say once in a 3- day period(this is a must for a new blogger),try not to get burned out with too many posts in a short span and then nothing left really to publish.Particularly if you have posted 5-7 blogs in a period of 1- week then try doing some reviews or some back links to your blogger friends and let the theme of your posts continue for a longer duration to get traffic for a longer time.

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I have been through many blogs and gone through keywords activity of many a blog to check out how do they earn more unique page view and thus more full on readers and more RSS subscribers.The most important thing that I realized is the title of your posts.Why the title of posts is as important as your entire post,let us analyze.

Since the boom in the google search engine users and so do yahoo,Nowadays users mostly search for content through keywords and see or are interested in reading only what they actually need.A good and unique headline with relevant keywords lands to the top page of most search engines.With most readers coming to your blog through the search engines and finding the content they want then its quite likely they mostly bookmark your site or get your sites RSS feed.So we need Good headline with superb content to get more crashing visitor number to our site.

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If you have carefully gone through my previous post you would have got at least some basic idea how to think towards getting attention of new visitors to your blog.Here I discuss with you some more tips to still get better of them and keep them coming to your site again for a longer time.


Firstly devise the idea that how you going to start a blog.The uniqueness and relevance to your title often is not met by the way how you start your blog.This often gets new readers in a fix and they often get bored and leave your site much earlier without going through the important things that you wanted to convey to them.This causes a loss of majority of readers to your blog even though your blog is very informative and nicely designed.


Once you have a nice start then try to emphasize the main content right from the next para or the very next point.Its always important that you provide readers the content for which they are on your blog,that is the relevance of your content according to the title of your blog.This is a sure shot method being followed by many good writers to have visitors glued to their blog for a long time.


If you have come across good articles before publishing your own you can also try and provide links to their site.These links may also include your own previous posts relevant to the content of your new blog or are a bit helpful to convey the message better.

So I believe that so far I have disclosed few golden rules to get more new visitors to your site and have them glued to you site right away.

In my net post I would come up with some new techniques to get more new visitors and have them locked for more future visits.Any good suggestions are welcome and can be published in my future posts.

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Whether anyone believes it or not,more the number of posts you have and exclusive keywords,more the indexed pages of your site in google and yahoo search engines and more is the number of your site displaying in the first page of google search through keywords.

But of course reading and understanding the current scenario over the blogosphere is also essential.The blog that we post might be having the similar titles that most blogger post but the content should always be upto date and be more relevant to the current scenario.

A very unique way to grab attention of first time visitors is the blog layout and the time how much your site takes to load.I myself is searching through the net for a layout that is most simple and still attractive to the first time visitors.

Secondly comes your very own unique content.The more better and fresh you write the better is the site of yours and the better the traffic and more followers of your site.Firstly I would like to confess that I myself facing this problem but now by research I am trying to get out of this hole.

In my next post I would convey to you few more ways to grab attention of the new visitors to your blog.

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I have been many of blogs over the blogosphere and discovered through the google search engine another important point that I am going to discuss with you all.

I really don't know whether you actually would like this classification but the research over the internet surely makes this classification relevant.Any blog can be classified as short term beneficiary or an all time blog.


These blogs you can say are the ones to give the traffic for a long time.The content of these blogs are such that people every now and then fall back to get help improve their own.I have discovered the blog written by VINAY RAI on Adsense and Facebook, giving his site traffic for over 10 months now.This is the truth based on keyword analysis done by Alexa and careful look upon by me for several other blog sites also.


I would say these posts are the ones which are capable for giving you traffic for the short term and are generally written on very current topic.For example my review on Redgage which generated for about the week of its publishing and later the traffic went away.Most bloggers have this problem.


I would the blog should Include 70 % of short term beneficiary posts and 30% of All time posts.This will ensure smooth and high quality traffic to his site.Not only this,This blend will also ensure that his Alexa ranking will also improve and the page rank of the site would also improve simultaneously improve.

I am myself now working on this strategy to help myself and improve traffic quality to my site .I hope all of you would also agree on this issue.I believe that this post will bring out the best of all of us.

I would like to receive any special suggestions if you have on your mind reading this topic.Feel free to discuss it with me.

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TAKING A U TURN-Think again!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the past 8 months of blogging ,I have been through many ups and down and the no results and absolutely no traffic to my blog made me go deep in the blogging depression.Time and again a thought used to creep in my head that whether I should take a U-TURN to my blogging.The thinking was not wrong considering I was not able to generate anything after 3-4 hours of hard work.So all my friends who are thinking of a U-turn just think again once.

As a rule in this world everything you want to achieve comes after some investment of hard work and lots of precious time.Nothing is achieved instantaneously.If you are in that mode then you are free to step back.All the hard work does pay off slowly but when results start showing the feeling is inexpressible.Nothing tastes like success.

Take my example.I am a final year student of engineering which involves tremendous hard work and time availability is very less.But still I used to spend about an hour or two on blogging as it was my hobby and still now it is.I used to get thoughts of leaving it as I was not getting the predetermined results and spend that time in studies or take some rest.But eventually my blog got something that I wanted be it 8 months from the start.I am finally in the top 1000k of alexa that was the initial thought of mine.

So never to get frustrated as it is quite natural for many of us.The blogging is also related with some revenue once your blog is even a bit famous.So if you are thinking to let blogging go then think once again.Maybe it can change your life someday.

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Sometimes the blogging hobby becomes a boring job particularly if you have written many posts and don't actually know what to do now.Things very much creep into our mind and we start thinking as if the whole activities have gone so slow that its better to take a break for some days from blogging.

Let me first tell you that it is a well thought out things for some to take a break and come back with a fresh mind and also some new ideas to get on the fast lane.But for some it becomes even worse and they tend to get more rusty as time goes on and as a result content gets poor and things go from bad to worse for them.So its this new idea that I come across as of my own to share with you all to get on the fast lane in blogging.

1.Do not be idle for more than a week

This is an important thing particularly for new bloggers that they should try and come up with something at least once every week.Things are different though for experienced bloggers with good amount of posts already present say about 150- 200 at least.

2.Go to Pay per post sites
Its important that you must have already applied to some Sites that pay you for some review that you write for the third party sites.This also helps to increase your blog posts per week or say per 2 weeks.Plus you earn revenue for your hard work.

3.If nothing comes to mind then.........

Things are difficult sometimes and we surely have no ideas for new that case why not try postings links of sites that you come across and also for those who are following you.Giving them a back link will not hurt you but surely will attract new visitors to your blog.This is a tried and tested technique by myself.

Hope you are getting what I am trying to convey through my posts.All the tips above will help you to have blogging on the fast lane.

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President Obama's Healthcare For All Plan


On 12th september 2009,American president Barrack Obama spoke about and introduced the new Healthcare plan for all the American citizens which guarantees health insurance for all the Americans.

The Master plan

1.For the people

President Obama and Joe Biden devised this well thought out plan to lower down the price of medical expenses spent by an average American.The plan basically is based on the concept of allotting every person a doctor of his choice for the terms covering under the medical policy.The people who are already having the insurance and are ready to carry on with that,no new terms will be added except the costs of the policy will be as low as 2500$ per annum per member of the family.For those citizens who are not insured will be provided a policy from the wide range of alternatives and as they wish to have.By this way,the Healthcare plan is made very affordable and easily accessible to all the Americans.
Proper checking of services provided throughout America by the government and ensuring full utilisation of resources and introducing new health reforms.

2. Well thought out plan for the businesses and insurance companies

Joe Biden is thinking of investing the amount of $10 billion for the new standardised Electronic Health record systems over the next 5 years.The privacy of each patient will be protected by use of special IT systems throughout the country. A scientific survey suggested that by employing such data base in every hospitals and healthcare units,an astonishing amount of around $77 billion would be saved throughout the country every year and ensure proper utilisation of available resources.

3.The costs cutting by appropriate actions against the profit making Insurance and Drug companies.

The number of profit making insurance companies have increased and cost of insurance increased manifold.The government is hence looking to have a check on these companies and stop the monopoly activities of these companies to prevent the shoot up of insurance prices.Also certain guidelines are devised for the import of of good quality drugs for better treatment and health care of citizens.New drug manufacturing units will also be introduced and to insure drug prices in the market does not get shoot up.
The plan has also decide to reduce the costs of catastrophic illness for the company workers and their employees which accounts for a huge amount(about 49%)of total expenditure on healthcare.this will make the insurance more affordable to the companies and their co workers.

Positives out of these plan

1.About quarter of overall expenditure on healthcare till now was spent on maintaining the records on paper and flawed storage systems,which unnecessarily increased the costs.By this plan the old system is abolished and a centralised Electronic storage system with efficient technology is to be introduced which would effectively reduce the costs.

2.About 100000 people in America died every year just because of less efficient medical systems and errors.This will be reduced drastically by this new reform by ensuring proper utilisation of resources and availability of quality healthcare to all the citizens.

3.The new plan provides flexibility in selection of health insurance.Also the existing Health plans will be having costs reduced by $2500 per member of a family per year.

4.The people are now free to select any job without altering their health plan.

5.The hospitals and new and old companies taking part in this huge health reform will store the records and medical data of each patient that would make the whole process efficient and ensures high standards of treatment.

6.The healthcare plan for children is now compulsory and would cover them upto 25 years of age.

7.The number of families not falling in the scheme of new plan due to financial problem will enjoy the benefit of new Small business and tax credit with upto 50% tax return on the premium.

Benefiters from the plan.

1.As the plan is for the people,Maximum benefit is going to with the citizens.Good health conditions will prevail.

2.The small drug industries which were dumped by the monopolists of drug markets will have new existence in the newly devised plan.

3.The business firms are also enjoying the new low costs insurance cover for their firm and co-employees.

4.The new plan ensures proper care for the children and will good new generation for the future of America.

Sectors hurt by the new plan.

1.The monopolists in the insurance sector and drug manufacturing are most hurted as their activities will be closely followed by the government.Also the costs of premium has reduced considerably that will render reduced profit to these highly profitable sectors.

2.The medical units and hospitals charging more are now also affected by this plan.Plus they have to be careful to maintain electronic database and render high standard treatment.

3.The people who are not fit into this new scheme and people are not able to have the medical health care plan would still have to wait for introduction of health care tax credit systems to be implemented.

Why the plan is better

According to the points mentioned i the plan,The plan looks far more superior to those implemented in the most of European countries and also as compared to Canada.The centralisation and storage of electronic database makes it look far more better.Also with the number of cost cutting methods and estimated amount of reduced expenditure makes it best as compared to any other country.

To conclude,the plan is still well devised and would ensure proper health care for most sections of the society.




Its a problem with 99.99% bloggers that once every blogger has reached the saturation level,the new posts topics are nowhere to be thought of.We and most of us produce copied content from other sites.Yes its a grave problem existing since the number of bloggers is increasing day by day and so the topics flowing and the same thing being repeated almost on all make money online blog.This post is to check out ways how to reproduce an already produced content.

The google and yahoo search engines are very grave and do get the sites out of their index once they recognise that your site contains copied content.So its better to follow following steps and get escaped without affecting your ranking in the google and yahoo search engine.

1.Once you see a very good content which is not much seen on the net and is still very new and the most important of all you want it to have on your blog,then carefully read that content first.

2.Try to have that content in front of you and then carefully play with the words.Its essential to have a good vocabulary and word power so that you can very easily reproduce the same matter in a different mannner.

3.Start with a similar sort of title but the title should be very unique.So also try starting the blog with a different introduction as comapred to original one.

4.Then coming up with differnt word strokes ,rewrite original blog.

5.Be careful that you also conclude the blog in your own unique mannner so that your touch and writing skill is prevelant throughout the blogg post.

Hope that you guys will benefit from this post and whenever you are short of new ideas try rewriting some famous posts in your own unique way.

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Many do it for fun or out of passion or they name it their hobby.But the prime reason why so much boom in the blogging community is the money that a blogger can earn.The principle states that there is no restriction on the amount of money you can earn through your blog provided its a famous one.Whatever the things may be,its always better to get some important points clear before anyone can start earning even a single cent through their blog.

Firstly set your aims for the near future,say in about 6 months from now if you have started blogging only recently and your site rank on alexa is well below even 1000k and say page rank is also but obviously zero.then firstly get your site rank in the top 1000k atleast in the time that you set for yourself.Things are much difficult but these can be easily acheived through installing alexa toolbar on your web browser and surfing your site without logging in to your blogger or any host domain that you have.You must surf all the blogs that you have written till date.If number of posts are less then try surfing it 2-3 times a day.

Secondly you must also have to get enough backlinks generated for your site.The method to get good number of backlinks will be in my next post.

Once you have sufficient ranking and getting your page rank up to 1 or 2 whichever possible,then try out having membership in paid per post sites as discussed earlier.This will help immensely to get the money that we want.

I will investigate and come out with some good working ways for ourselves to have good number of backlinks for our sites in my next blog.

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Its a concern for every blogger that is it really possible to earn good amount of money through our blog or not.Is it possible to have a genuine legitimate income with your blog.

Firstly it should be clear that no matter how much time you spend on PTC or PTR sites and get your self burned out,the results of such actions will be very less,in fact I have seen many people get frustrated and stop blogging.this is so as earnings does not even reach ro about 4-5 $ a month and this is disheartening for most of us.

The first major source or the easiest way to earn some good money is to have advertisement on your blog.Google adsense is the leading giant all over the world while the others who are also good enough are Bidvertiser,Speedy ads,Adbrite, Kontera ads,Chitika and many more.You can try to get your account in atleast the names mentioned above and try out which one suits you better.

Secondly,we can look out for the advertising comapnies or pay for review sites to have majority of our income from blogging.Famous bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse(problogger) have earned money more through these methods.You can try some big sites like Pay per post ,Review Me,BuyBlogReviews,Smorty,Blogsvertise.I recommend Review Me and Blogsvertise to get atleast about 5-8 reviews a month for average amount of around 8$ per site review that you publish.Important things to note here is that the reviews that you write must be published on your blog.

In addition to the above two suggested methods which are the mostly tried and tested methods,you can also try out some affiliate programs and some links with Ebay to have good amount of income coming to you per month.

Above suggested methods can work only if you have your blog a bit famous and more unique visitors.The important thing is your content and then comes the page rank and the Alexa ranking for your blog.Somehow if you manage to get your blog in the top 100k of Alexa ranking,You will suddenly then can convert your blog or writing ability into cash that flow and will increase continuously.So for this try out the tips as I have suggested in my previous blogs.

Hope these things are of good use to all of you and I Will continue to post good content for all of my blogging friends.

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One simple reason why most people who have their followers on the decline as I have realized of my own experience is that we do have to realize that the people that we get as followers should be immediately reciprocated so that the relationship continues for a long time.Its not a joke but really damn serious issues with most blogger like me.

Although most bloggers at the start of their blogging time succeed and get more followers but its a proven thing with a self experience of mine that you lose them double time faster than the time they join and follow you.Its a give and take relationship for all the bloggers.

The most important thing to have with us is that we should have some sort of quality content on every post that we publish as we see our blog getting popular or else again the numbers starts to decline.Its a thing that is observed by me over a time of over 1 can see the post of famous bloggers like the problogger Darren Rowse Its nothing now rather than simple 4-5 liners of no help really.

The other thing to note really is that the as your content quality improves the visitors get through from search engine as well as you get your blog approved from good pay per post sites so that you can earn by writing sponsored reviews.

So in my next post I will again look at some special aspects which would give better results for everyone of us.

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I have as described in my previous post,revealed some secrets to get good quality traffic which is not possible from any traffic exchange.Here I am continuing the discussion further to discuss some more effective sites for everyone to see and benefit.Some more sites to look upon are as under.

This is the foremost sites to have membership for any blogger to get wide exposure to his blog.Secondly best is its functionality to get the quality traffic to your site initially to have a better page rank at the start of blogging career.I have discovered this after 8 months of blogging which is very late.So time is still not lost you can still help yourself.

Just another great site to have membership on.If you have a very famous profile on this site,I bet you that you will get 200 visitors atleast for a single broadcast that you make on Digg,its been proved by the recent survey also.

Almost same the site as the Digg.It also provides you the same results as discussed above.

A nice site to get unique visitors.Plus the advantage is that You dont have to surf too much for credits to have hits to your sites.A great site through which you can get more comments to your websites.

Above mentioned were 4 major sources in addition to previous mentioned sites.If you have membership to all of these sites then what can you else want.

Thus I would again get with something wild ASAP on blogging.

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Its been a question with many new bloggers that how to get more unique visitors from around the globe and how to get more page views per unique visitor.It has been the problem with me also till now as I found the secret to get more unique visitors and more page views problem is lastly solved.Here I am disclosing my secret experience .

The best way to get more page views + unique visitors is the famous profile on any Social networking site. I can briefly describe this with my own blog story.

I have been getting around 50-70 unique visitors to my blog everyday till the month of july,When my friend suggested me to join the Blog Catalog.Due to this Visits in creased to 80-90 visits per day.Also I joined the Mybloglog site and got my profile famous which has enabled me to have around 120-150 unique visits per day from around the globe.MOreover I have just joined the Twitter and this I tell you that has helped me to around 180-200 unique visits per day,without using the rotator sites,traffic exchanges.I should also mention that I have joined twitter around 2 weeks back and I already have accumulated 2500+ followers on my profile.You can verify that by clicking here.

So the trick as I have explained is to develop a famous profile on the social networking sites and get more exposure for your site and hence more better the page views and better is the page rank.Hope you will benefit from this blog.

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I have been through many criticisms and bad comments and have realized later on that rejection is indeed you appreciation.I explain it to you that how is this possible.

1.Once if you have your own blog and have sufficient number of post,then you could refer to my previous post to get more unique traffic and more number of page views per visitor.

2.Now the users visiting your blog will read your fresh content mostly.Many of them actually give you a comment on your blog.

3.Now as I have seen it many a times even the famous bloggers delete the negative comments posted on their blog.This thing is actually not right if you consider from the learning perspective
4.From all the negative comments some of the comment actually help you to make desirable changes to your blog content and your template design.

5.Next time when you start writing a blog you will take of all the tips and suggestions given to you by the visitors to your blog and eventually the quality of your blog will drastically improve.

So from the above discussed points we conclude that Negative is always your positive and the rejection is your first step towards the success.

In my next blog I would try and discuss a new topic on blogging and blogging tips.



Oh gosh.
I have been through so many traffic exchanges,link exchange and some other site which promise to give traffic to your sites but very few are the ones who actually fulfill their promise.Here I discuss few tips to get our site some great traffic in very less time.Tips are as follows:

Look for traffic exchanges

Check out for the best traffic exchange available on the internet.I suggest you better join trex system of traffic exchange sites to get real hits.

Go out for special Link exchange

Check out the good page rank sites and try to get links with that site.Once done you can get good amount of hits plus the page rank of your site improves by a great extent.Also I suggest you to get linked with ENtrecard and start your account there to get the desired traffic.

Get your membership on social networking sites
Having a popular account on social networking sites is also a major source of unique hits to your site. Imagine one tweet bringing 1000 instant hits to your site, Yes it is possible. Social networking sites like StumbleUpon and Facebook are used by internet marketers to boost their sales.

Good News


Good News for all my friends out there.I am now gonna start writing few random useful tips in addition to the downloads that you are going to get as usual.Happy times are going to begin and everyone will benefit from this.I hope this change will be refreshing for all of us.

For now the few sites that I liked and followed in the past week are as follows:

get paid for your uploads and mentions

Genuine Legitimate Income


My friend cyber captain

Good one Aries Register is the best choice in Europe.


Cultivating Our Vision:.

AM Property

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