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As I have already discussed in my previous posts that a blogger should avoid burnout or else his ideas are soon saturated and the posts are no longer having the quality.To help my fellow bloggers I am giving these miscellaneous tips for enabling them to decide their posts frequecies.

Tip 1.
Always be ahead of time and have few blogs ready beforehand.Its always a good idea to have 10-15 blogs written beforehand and publish them in amount of 1-2 posts per day.This really helps.This keeps your blog having good number of posts plus you can have some ideas foe 3 - 5 days gathered in your mind before you again create 4-5 posts on certain topic.

Tip 2.
What to do if you do not have enough posts ready beforehand.why not initially decide the posts frequency as per your convenience and try achieving it.For me initially this month when I transformed the forte of my blog from the free download site to free blogging ideas to help everyone,I decided to have 1-2 posts every 5 days atleast.So also I achieved the same as it was according to my convenience.

I hope this will again help you a great deal.Any more suggestions are thoroughly welcome.