In the race to acquire better site ranking and so also the visitors the bloggers just grab every opportunity to put their link on other blogs.So spam other bloggers comment section,some do link exchange.So what if the site has a bad reputation nobody cares is the reality.So think before you link with others or try link exchange through the following checklist:

1.Is the blog already has too many links exchanged with others.

2.Does the content of the blog suites yours to go forward with link exchange.

3.Whether the blog has a bad reputation over the blogosphere and linking with that blog might just not even my readers away.

4.Whether providing that blogs link might help my readers understand the point better.

If you get all the negative response after these points into consideration then better no to go ahead in link building .Else you are free to get into link sharing.

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There is no doubt in my mind that your blogs status is only as good as the weakest content it has.To understand this better we should look at the example below.

Consider a pickpocket who now wants to live a peaceful and a good life now.He works in a hotel as a waiter to earn his living and is trying to be as honest as possible.But suddenly one day a cop comes to that hotel and calls that guy to his table starts questioning him as if he is there to rob the hotel off its money.The hotel manager immediately removes the person on the request of the cop.So what did you learn?

No matter how much you try to improve yourself, your previous deed or the things which are your weak points are easily exploited by others.Similarly, your blog is easily neglected if people already have an idea about the content your blog has.

Even though you have improved on your quality and also the content and you are trying to be as versatile as ever but still you have to suffer from the earlier posts and content that you have published on your blog.

So how to get rid of these issues? Maybe the following few important points may help you to refresh your blogs status.

1.New blog design

Sometimes people do not like the way you publish your posts and the placement of the widgets and ads on your blog.So do try and figure out what is the best layout for your blog which at first look seems to be more refreshing to you first.Try testing out different colours and placements on your blog so that the readers get what they want first and the the subsidiary content is down or at the corner.

2.Try submitting your site to the networking sites.

Some of you might be pissed off that your blog id denied again and again by the networking sites.This has happened with me but slowly as my content went on increasing along with the quality the sites have now accepted my blog and its a no commercial site now.

3.Site promotion,pagerank and SEO.

The promotional aspect is up to you whether you like to promote your site for free or spend money to advertise your blog on the other websites.But hey the PageRank is very important for your blog.if your PageRank is good then probably you can get more paid posts to write along with more adverts.So try to have more links with the other blogs and try using effective SEO techniques.


Its worthwhile tracking your blogs performance at least once a week.You should not only keep on writing and filling your blog but also take care to have a look around and see how many visitors are travelling across your blog, incoming and outgoing click streams,Alexa ranking etc.

Try doing this and you will eventually understand the shortcomings of your blog by yourself.