27 New Lessons To Get 1000 Unique VisItors To Your Blog Everyday - Part 2


We have discussed 6 methods to get visitors to your blog in my last post. Lets continue our discussion and look at more ways to get visitors to your website.

7. Make Blogging Friends
Sometimes it is important to know few good bloggers in your niche. When you write a blog post email them and ask them to take a look at your blog post. You will be surprised to know how many of them get back and visit your blog. Also, if your content is appreciable then most of them will link to the post and mention about it on their blogs.

8. Write Great Headlines
As it has been said that you can come to know the content of the book only by looking at its cover, same applies to your blog post. Having a great headline will make people to stay and go through your blog post. It is also important as in case of social networks you can post only a snippet of your blog post. In this case having great headline will lure people to head over to your website and read more.

9. Begin Well
Well begun is half the job done. Having a great headline and useful first paragraph will make people to stay on your blog. This will increase the time people spend on your blog, it will increase the chances of getting them to visit other sections of you website. Most visitors leave a blog in the first 30 seconds, if you cannot get them to stay on your blog for more than 30 seconds then quality of rest of your blog is irrelevant.

10. Encourage your friends to visit your site
Ask your friends and relatives to visit your website and vote for it wherever possible. For beginners you need all the encouragement to keep yourself motivated and to go all out for your goals. Everyone needs some support during the beginning just like a baby needs support of his parents in order to take the first few steps in his life. There is nothing wrong in asking a favor from the people you know.

11. Write for people instead of social networks.
Remember your blog will be read by people although it is good to have a good search engine ranking for your posts. Majority of the posts written by established bloggers rarely make the cut and hit first page of any social bookmarking website. These websites are good to get an instant increase in your blog traffic but will not help you in the long run. There is appreciable difference in the quality of posts which they wrote earlier and they write now.

12. Take feedback and improve your blog
Do not overlook any piece of advice or feedback for your blog. But as a blogger you should know that you would be getting positive as well as negative feedback, and your blog will only grow and sustain when you know how to handle the negative feedback effectively. Remember you cannot satisfy everyone equally.

I will discuss some more important methods to get traffic to your blog in my next post