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Many do it for fun or out of passion or they name it their hobby.But the prime reason why so much boom in the blogging community is the money that a blogger can earn.The principle states that there is no restriction on the amount of money you can earn through your blog provided its a famous one.Whatever the things may be,its always better to get some important points clear before anyone can start earning even a single cent through their blog.

Firstly set your aims for the near future,say in about 6 months from now if you have started blogging only recently and your site rank on alexa is well below even 1000k and say page rank is also but obviously zero.then firstly get your site rank in the top 1000k atleast in the time that you set for yourself.Things are much difficult but these can be easily acheived through installing alexa toolbar on your web browser and surfing your site without logging in to your blogger or any host domain that you have.You must surf all the blogs that you have written till date.If number of posts are less then try surfing it 2-3 times a day.

Secondly you must also have to get enough backlinks generated for your site.The method to get good number of backlinks will be in my next post.

Once you have sufficient ranking and getting your page rank up to 1 or 2 whichever possible,then try out having membership in paid per post sites as discussed earlier.This will help immensely to get the money that we want.

I will investigate and come out with some good working ways for ourselves to have good number of backlinks for our sites in my next blog.

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Its a concern for every blogger that is it really possible to earn good amount of money through our blog or not.Is it possible to have a genuine legitimate income with your blog.

Firstly it should be clear that no matter how much time you spend on PTC or PTR sites and get your self burned out,the results of such actions will be very less,in fact I have seen many people get frustrated and stop blogging.this is so as earnings does not even reach ro about 4-5 $ a month and this is disheartening for most of us.

The first major source or the easiest way to earn some good money is to have advertisement on your blog.Google adsense is the leading giant all over the world while the others who are also good enough are Bidvertiser,Speedy ads,Adbrite, Kontera ads,Chitika and many more.You can try to get your account in atleast the names mentioned above and try out which one suits you better.

Secondly,we can look out for the advertising comapnies or pay for review sites to have majority of our income from blogging.Famous bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse(problogger) have earned money more through these methods.You can try some big sites like Pay per post ,Review Me,BuyBlogReviews,Smorty,Blogsvertise.I recommend Review Me and Blogsvertise to get atleast about 5-8 reviews a month for average amount of around 8$ per site review that you publish.Important things to note here is that the reviews that you write must be published on your blog.

In addition to the above two suggested methods which are the mostly tried and tested methods,you can also try out some affiliate programs and some links with Ebay to have good amount of income coming to you per month.

Above suggested methods can work only if you have your blog a bit famous and more unique visitors.The important thing is your content and then comes the page rank and the Alexa ranking for your blog.Somehow if you manage to get your blog in the top 100k of Alexa ranking,You will suddenly then can convert your blog or writing ability into cash that flow and will increase continuously.So for this try out the tips as I have suggested in my previous blogs.

Hope these things are of good use to all of you and I Will continue to post good content for all of my blogging friends.

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One simple reason why most people who have their followers on the decline as I have realized of my own experience is that we do have to realize that the people that we get as followers should be immediately reciprocated so that the relationship continues for a long time.Its not a joke but really damn serious issues with most blogger like me.

Although most bloggers at the start of their blogging time succeed and get more followers but its a proven thing with a self experience of mine that you lose them double time faster than the time they join and follow you.Its a give and take relationship for all the bloggers.

The most important thing to have with us is that we should have some sort of quality content on every post that we publish as we see our blog getting popular or else again the numbers starts to decline.Its a thing that is observed by me over a time of over 1 can see the post of famous bloggers like the problogger Darren Rowse Its nothing now rather than simple 4-5 liners of no help really.

The other thing to note really is that the as your content quality improves the visitors get through from search engine as well as you get your blog approved from good pay per post sites so that you can earn by writing sponsored reviews.

So in my next post I will again look at some special aspects which would give better results for everyone of us.

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I have as described in my previous post,revealed some secrets to get good quality traffic which is not possible from any traffic exchange.Here I am continuing the discussion further to discuss some more effective sites for everyone to see and benefit.Some more sites to look upon are as under.

This is the foremost sites to have membership for any blogger to get wide exposure to his blog.Secondly best is its functionality to get the quality traffic to your site initially to have a better page rank at the start of blogging career.I have discovered this after 8 months of blogging which is very late.So time is still not lost you can still help yourself.

Just another great site to have membership on.If you have a very famous profile on this site,I bet you that you will get 200 visitors atleast for a single broadcast that you make on Digg,its been proved by the recent survey also.

Almost same the site as the Digg.It also provides you the same results as discussed above.

A nice site to get unique visitors.Plus the advantage is that You dont have to surf too much for credits to have hits to your sites.A great site through which you can get more comments to your websites.

Above mentioned were 4 major sources in addition to previous mentioned sites.If you have membership to all of these sites then what can you else want.

Thus I would again get with something wild ASAP on blogging.

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Its been a question with many new bloggers that how to get more unique visitors from around the globe and how to get more page views per unique visitor.It has been the problem with me also till now as I found the secret to get more unique visitors and more page views problem is lastly solved.Here I am disclosing my secret experience .

The best way to get more page views + unique visitors is the famous profile on any Social networking site. I can briefly describe this with my own blog story.

I have been getting around 50-70 unique visitors to my blog everyday till the month of july,When my friend suggested me to join the Blog Catalog.Due to this Visits in creased to 80-90 visits per day.Also I joined the Mybloglog site and got my profile famous which has enabled me to have around 120-150 unique visits per day from around the globe.MOreover I have just joined the Twitter and this I tell you that has helped me to around 180-200 unique visits per day,without using the rotator sites,traffic exchanges.I should also mention that I have joined twitter around 2 weeks back and I already have accumulated 2500+ followers on my profile.You can verify that by clicking here.

So the trick as I have explained is to develop a famous profile on the social networking sites and get more exposure for your site and hence more better the page views and better is the page rank.Hope you will benefit from this blog.

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I have been through many criticisms and bad comments and have realized later on that rejection is indeed you appreciation.I explain it to you that how is this possible.

1.Once if you have your own blog and have sufficient number of post,then you could refer to my previous post to get more unique traffic and more number of page views per visitor.

2.Now the users visiting your blog will read your fresh content mostly.Many of them actually give you a comment on your blog.

3.Now as I have seen it many a times even the famous bloggers delete the negative comments posted on their blog.This thing is actually not right if you consider from the learning perspective
4.From all the negative comments some of the comment actually help you to make desirable changes to your blog content and your template design.

5.Next time when you start writing a blog you will take of all the tips and suggestions given to you by the visitors to your blog and eventually the quality of your blog will drastically improve.

So from the above discussed points we conclude that Negative is always your positive and the rejection is your first step towards the success.

In my next blog I would try and discuss a new topic on blogging and blogging tips.