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Although my brother started this thing on his own blog and has become successful through his blog,I wanted to try and bring out the true story in front of everyone about blogging and never wanted to just keep on posting for the sake of money and never will do it.

I would like to discuss through this post some key points that the new bloggers should have in mind to have a good launch to their blogging.So just read on the following key points to help yourself.

1.Read and study a lot on blogging.
The blogging world is so vast as of now that you see thousands of new bloggers almost everyday.So what if others are there you are there to stand out in the crowd of millions.Before starting your blog read and understand what style of blogging do you wanna start with.Whether it is about personal or the make money online theme or technology blog or the pet blog or something else that is there in your mind try to read out blogs of the theme that you want to move forward to and study them carefully.That will give you a very good idea of how to start your blog afresh from them.

2.Start simple
Initially when you start just be as simple as you can and try to touch simpler topics to launch your blog.Getting advanced in one day will not do.Try to settle yourself down and then move into the more complex matter and topics.

3.Regular posting
Once you start the blog try to be as regular in your posting as possible to keep the interest going and so also the number of posts that increase day by day.A good amount of posts on a blog ensure that you have most topics covered and visitors also invariably land on your blog through search engines and other places if you use the keywords and tags properly.

4.Low on confidence?
If you do not feel comfortable about some topic that is there in your mind then its better to rather think about it for some more time rather that producing a sub standard post and publishing it on the main page.

5.Write your posts in the points and list form
A good organised post in point form will always please the eye.

6.Join Social networking communities and promote your blog better
A number of places have come up over the years to help new bloggers to promote their blog and posts over a wide range of readers.Joining twitter, facebook (networked blogs) , entrecard, digg , stumble upon, blogfrog like places to name a few will surely be of much help to you.

7.Your post should be of some quality
I have stressed this point earlier as well that when you want to post about any topic then you should definitely try and think over it before you write down the post.Please keep in mind that the language used should be simple, should not abuse anyone through your blog nor praise too much and should not be negatively centred on the topic.

8.Keep your article safe
Always try and maintain your article in some form as if some problems occur then you should have the post ready again for publishing.I always write my posts in text document and then publish it online .

Another good thing to understand is that when you end do have a good message attached to the post or some discussion type or questions asked to the readers to attract more comments and other activities.Hope you would have understood these points carefully.

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Its a great thing to have good amount of readers coming to your blog regularly after some time.But there is no point in attracting large crowd for sometime and then becoming reader less again.Have you ever thought about this many new bloggers attempt this gimmick and then end up getting to the darker side of the tunnel.

I want to highlight the issue of many bloggers starting the series like"101 ways to......" kind of stuff to get readers to their blog immediately.this may help them short term but they will ultimately lose out the battle once readers become irritated and do not get what they want and simply some say that the writer has completely lost it.Also the writer tries to write and cover so much that when he wants to start fresh on new topics he feels that he has nothing left as new to write .This is when the decline of a blog starts and then finally the blogger almost loses it completely.

So control yourself and please do not try to copy what others do to attract immediate attention and lose it in the long run.Be smart and keep the posts rolling in regularly.

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Blogging can be quiet a fun when it comes to describing your personal experiences and memories in form of words with no one to hear in front of you.The confidence level is generally much more while writing than narrating the same incident and usually you can make up for the shortcomings in your language and expressions that might not be possible in person. OK all this crap is aside and we are here to discuss another good issue on blogging whats called the Random vs planned blogging.

Random vs Planned ?
Hey its always good if you can get good enough ideas on the spot and can amuse people with your stuff or can create awesome content on the spot for writing the blog post.Such random thing is what excites me and if you have read my posts you will find that I do it all randomly so that readers also do not get bored.But what about readers who came to read specific content from your previous posts which you were posting and suddenly you stopped that and started to write on something other.That just irritates your readers and they do not feel like coming to your blog because you didn't had the content they wanted from you at that moment of time.think about it.Randomness is always OK to create freshness for your blog but then you cannot figure out planned things.

I would rather put it this way that once you started to think about something that is really hot in the Internet and you wanted to have a piece of that on your blog as well then try to write entirely on that topic covering all good points and the not so good points in depth and in flow so that the readers who are waiting to read the required content will not feel disappointed.This is what a planned blogging is.

While if you see the other way round then maybe if your blog is not so much popular and you do not have many readers to your blog and want them to have a look at your blog then may be try and publish the articles on your site which are really damn good and the hot topic over the week.Keep changing the topics after a week so that the freshness is maintained and you have different type of readers attracted to your blog.

So what type of blogging style do you prefer? Do you think out of the box and try have good amount of posts ready well in advance or are you the instant writing person? Keep those comments flowing in so that all can benefit.

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Wham! I have seen many writers wanting to earn money through paid blog post apply for every topic that is available even if they do not have any sort of idea for that topic.The following few crucial note points might just help you out to be a better paid post writer and in a way bring more opportunities for your blog.

1.Be active
Try and be quick to grab opportunities available which are of your interest or on which you have written much previously since there are many writers available on the Internet and you might just miss out a good one.But do not rush into something that you do not know very well or else you might end up writing a low grade content your future opportunities from that site might take a backseat.

2.Be disciplined and follow instructions
Try and understand the need of the advertiser who wants to write a site or product review or a promotional post on your blog.Try to use good, catchy and simple language without grammatical errors to avoid any rejection from the advertiser as nobody likes to get his hard work rejected from someone.Also try to put the specified links in a manner that it is in the highlighted portion of your post and easily seen.I guess this the best way to get a post accepted quickly from the advertiser.

3.Sell yourself better
I have seen many people apply for the paid post sites with not so good content at their homepage and the archive link that they give.Please understand that you are selling your talent to the others and hence if you really want to have a better rate of having your site accepted and having a good inflow of paid reviews then the quality of your post as well as the language has to spot on and extremely good.

4.Be to the point
Most advertisers want you to have a post written in about 200 words.I have seen many writers start of in weird fashion writing stuff that they should not in the starting paragraph.once you do this it kills the interest and advertiser most probably rejects your post.Please formulate a pattern and then start writing the post so that the flow is there and you end up having a good quality content for the advertiser and it will in turn help you get more opportunities in the future from the same advertiser.

5.Be different
Its your ability that would make you stand out from the rest of others who are also there in the race.By following above points you will improve but it is also the job of a person to elevate himself and his blog above the level so that he stands out from the rest in the crowd and demands instant attention.