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Blogging can be quiet a fun when it comes to describing your personal experiences and memories in form of words with no one to hear in front of you.The confidence level is generally much more while writing than narrating the same incident and usually you can make up for the shortcomings in your language and expressions that might not be possible in person. OK all this crap is aside and we are here to discuss another good issue on blogging whats called the Random vs planned blogging.

Random vs Planned ?
Hey its always good if you can get good enough ideas on the spot and can amuse people with your stuff or can create awesome content on the spot for writing the blog post.Such random thing is what excites me and if you have read my posts you will find that I do it all randomly so that readers also do not get bored.But what about readers who came to read specific content from your previous posts which you were posting and suddenly you stopped that and started to write on something other.That just irritates your readers and they do not feel like coming to your blog because you didn't had the content they wanted from you at that moment of time.think about it.Randomness is always OK to create freshness for your blog but then you cannot figure out planned things.

I would rather put it this way that once you started to think about something that is really hot in the Internet and you wanted to have a piece of that on your blog as well then try to write entirely on that topic covering all good points and the not so good points in depth and in flow so that the readers who are waiting to read the required content will not feel disappointed.This is what a planned blogging is.

While if you see the other way round then maybe if your blog is not so much popular and you do not have many readers to your blog and want them to have a look at your blog then may be try and publish the articles on your site which are really damn good and the hot topic over the week.Keep changing the topics after a week so that the freshness is maintained and you have different type of readers attracted to your blog.

So what type of blogging style do you prefer? Do you think out of the box and try have good amount of posts ready well in advance or are you the instant writing person? Keep those comments flowing in so that all can benefit.