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Although my brother started this thing on his own blog and has become successful through his blog,I wanted to try and bring out the true story in front of everyone about blogging and never wanted to just keep on posting for the sake of money and never will do it.

I would like to discuss through this post some key points that the new bloggers should have in mind to have a good launch to their blogging.So just read on the following key points to help yourself.

1.Read and study a lot on blogging.
The blogging world is so vast as of now that you see thousands of new bloggers almost everyday.So what if others are there you are there to stand out in the crowd of millions.Before starting your blog read and understand what style of blogging do you wanna start with.Whether it is about personal or the make money online theme or technology blog or the pet blog or something else that is there in your mind try to read out blogs of the theme that you want to move forward to and study them carefully.That will give you a very good idea of how to start your blog afresh from them.

2.Start simple
Initially when you start just be as simple as you can and try to touch simpler topics to launch your blog.Getting advanced in one day will not do.Try to settle yourself down and then move into the more complex matter and topics.

3.Regular posting
Once you start the blog try to be as regular in your posting as possible to keep the interest going and so also the number of posts that increase day by day.A good amount of posts on a blog ensure that you have most topics covered and visitors also invariably land on your blog through search engines and other places if you use the keywords and tags properly.

4.Low on confidence?
If you do not feel comfortable about some topic that is there in your mind then its better to rather think about it for some more time rather that producing a sub standard post and publishing it on the main page.

5.Write your posts in the points and list form
A good organised post in point form will always please the eye.

6.Join Social networking communities and promote your blog better
A number of places have come up over the years to help new bloggers to promote their blog and posts over a wide range of readers.Joining twitter, facebook (networked blogs) , entrecard, digg , stumble upon, blogfrog like places to name a few will surely be of much help to you.

7.Your post should be of some quality
I have stressed this point earlier as well that when you want to post about any topic then you should definitely try and think over it before you write down the post.Please keep in mind that the language used should be simple, should not abuse anyone through your blog nor praise too much and should not be negatively centred on the topic.

8.Keep your article safe
Always try and maintain your article in some form as if some problems occur then you should have the post ready again for publishing.I always write my posts in text document and then publish it online .

Another good thing to understand is that when you end do have a good message attached to the post or some discussion type or questions asked to the readers to attract more comments and other activities.Hope you would have understood these points carefully.