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Just a few days back I came across the site onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense which stated that the famous pro blogger has sent virus and brought down his site from entrecard.The proofs were to a point you can say valid as well but still the approach taken by the blogger who criticized Darren was not correct.So also the reaction shown by Darren was also shocking as he kept visiting that blog for about 20 times a day for the whole 5 days when the matter got resolved.The approach by Darren was also not the correct one as he should not have kept visiting that blog so many times a day.I meant to say that what on earth you don't have anything else to do!So here is the post to let you understand and get prepared to get things resolved in future if you face one.

1.Respond calmly when you are attacked.
As I stated earlier that Darren also panicked when that blogger Vinay attacked him.The other reason that made Darren worried is that the blogger himself had a good following and alexa ranking was also very goo which implied that many people would read his post and might develop a bias against Darren.So he was commenting like mad on his post and also kept updating his point of view on twitter every 2 hours on the issue.I say you learn from this incident and do not panic.Try sending emails or commenting on the attackers post in a polite manner to discuss the issue and get it resolved before the things get public.

2.Reputation matters
I believe that if you have a good website with good number of followers and readers then you must try to save your reputation by quickly getting the things done in a polite manner so that you can save your face in time.

3.Check whether its just a publicity stunt?
I have seen many bloggers do this through videos and mind wobbling posts against famous names to attract more visitors.It is many a times a shortcut to immediate heavy traffic but one cannot sustain it for more than a week and then again it dries down.So if you feel that matter is not that important and the issue is stretched out of proportion then just ignore it.This also helps sometimes.

4.You can also join in some criticism and make your point
A good solution to a grave problem is always a thorough discussion of the matter.So if one can chip in to a problem with his neutral point of view then he can make the scene come to an end faster.So bloggers keep participating to keep our community alive.

I believe the post does make sense to you and you may respond to a problem faced by you in future appropriately.Any further suggestions are absolutely welcomed.


  1. I think you are discussing a very important topic relevant for all spheres of life not just blogging and you make some valid points. I thought I leave my own two cents.

    People are always inviting feedback. But I think you can distinguish at least two kinds of people from what feedback they want. Some people just want a pad on the head, saying how good they are. Other people are critical with themselves and want to self improve. I think it is important to distinguish what kind of feedback the person tolerates, or rather how strong a criticism before making a comment. Because of this it is not easy to leave a comment if you never had contact with the other person.

    On the other side, when responding to criticism it is important to evaluate what motives the commenter had when making the comment and adapt adequately the tone of the response. Some people feel good when they make others seem inferior to themselves. These people are often overly aggressive and have a self-confidence that is does not correspond to a realistic assessment. Other people are just interested in the topic, or happy to chip in with some peace of knowledge.

  1. Trish said...:

    Approach constructive criticism in a measured, thoughtful way. However, if someone is just obnoxious and rude then replying or clicking on links that contain the slams only stregthens it by drawing more attention to it.

    Taking the high-road online is the best way to separate yourself from angry and irrational people, especially if they are doing it just for the publicity it might generate.


  1. Loy Williams said...:

    A very important and necessary post. I run an otaku blog and there have been many immature posts that have tried to get posted (name calling etc.)

    Fortunately I have askimet for WordPress and those types of comments don't even see the light of day.

    I don't know if blogger has anything like that.