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I believe that initially when i started my blog ,I was not intent to do anything else other than only posting content on WWE as I was and still an ardent fan of WWE.But over the period of last 4 months or so just tried to change the things and mind you the change of my style has been a boon for my blog as I had more number of people coming by and reading my blog posts.Now thats what you call a Rambling isn't it?

I have been through many blogs who except for few paid posts and promotional ones have always tried to stick to just one style.This is only gonna fetch one type of readers to your blog.So it is not bad enough to try something out of your style and to get other type of readers so that you improve your ranking as well because that is also very important.I have come across few successful bloggers who advocate to just follow one style and get success but I don't have the same opinion.A successful blogger is one who has every type and style of written content on his blog so that the readers to his blog should never die out and so also the comments just keep coming.

The great advantage of Rambling is that you might also have been bored writing the same stuff and not getting enough ideas to get in more interesting facts.So the change of style and category might just refresh your mind as well as your blog.So also new readers are always what the bloggers sought out for.Not only this Rambling also is the way you write your posts.The posts might be long or the short ones but as long as the quality of posts is maintained,the size of posts does not matter to me at all.

So try doing things the other way round also as the blogger community wants everyone to have something special on their blog so that the readers just keep dropping by on other blogs as well and help each other mutually.Get and start doing something as refreshing as a cup of tea for yourself in blogging.Cheers!!