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Achieve less stress by staying focussed


The hectic schedules today lets you go energy less just after few hours of work.More than the physical the mental stress is the thing that is the cause so many breakdowns that our body faces.We have only 24 hours a day to do the daily routine work,interact with the family and then finding out some leisure time off the schedule to relax.Hope we had more time in a day.Anyways not gonna start giving all the reasons for the stress only .Just gonna say and discuss with you all some ways to cut back some time for your self to destress form the pressures of life.

The best way to tackle stress and still stay focused on the job is to satay organised.The more you are the better you can handle the ever growing demands.Thinking up ways to get your life organized is the easy part. Identify the stressful aspects and activities in your life, and take some time (if you have any left!) to figure out a plan that will work for you. What makes you the most stressed: losing your car keys in the morning, looking for important documents at work, or having to stop on the way home from work for take-out because you did not have the time to plan dinner?

Here are a few methods to make your work a bit easier:

1.Make a To Do list.
People normally have the forgetting things.Especially when you are in rush to reach the office early you might just miss out on important things.So try to look at the list and see if you have all the important things there with you before leaving home.You can note down your daily tasks and appointments in that list to simplify your job further.

2.Use one stationary
people not down different thing sin different diaries which makes the situation all the more complex and very difficult to remain organized.So try to make all the notes and reminders in one place so as to avoid any conflicts or misusing some important meetings or the functions.

3.Little things that matter much

If you are losing the car keys or the room keys that you have kept at a place one day and not getting them on the other then try to maintain a separate storing area such as a small drawer or so in the are where you visit the most in your home.If you are getting tired after work and does not get the energy and enough motivation for cooking the food then you should try and cook food which takes very less time like you can make a salad with Bacon's and beans and make it a habit to cook it everyday on weekdays to reduce stress levels and relax more.

4.Its all about doing things in the simpler way
Make it a habit that when you start to do a task finish it off first and then move to another one.Mixing things make the matter even more complicated and you again have to invest you energy for completing the left out work which just adds the stress to you.

So Make sure that you bring these hings in to practice for your day to day life so as to become a better person overall.You will find out that luckily most things that are done in an organized fashion gets over in a way more quick time than you can do it in the normal way.So stay organized and stay safe.


How to make effective search online.


In todays world atleast 75% of population in the cities uses the internet.Whenever we start a internet session on an average we always two searches online as per the recent survey.But its been a complaint from many users round the world that they mostly do not get the things easily as per their requirements on the internet.

Even though the best search engines like Google,yahoo or the Bing is available,people still do not get what they originally intended for.This sometimes sets the irritation inside the internet users.But this is not all.You should know by now that data available online through the internet appearing through the search engines are through the bots and the crawlers that the search engine companies use.Hence a proper accurate search can never be made and we can aslo say that accurate ionformation is also not available on the internet.

Hence if you guys are thinking to get rid of this problem then there are set of guidelines and the rules to be followed each time you want to search a content on the internet.These are as under:

1.Exact wordings
This is the most important of all set of seps to be followed for the proper internet search for content.If you are looking for a person or a specific item on the internet then you must follow this rule.In addition you may also use quotes in these kind of searches for example"Ravikumar Rai" is you are searching for me if you type ravi rai or ravirai then it is totally wrong and the search results are affected.So do keep this thing in mind.

2.Try alternate wordings for a search
This method is especially important if you are searching for a person on the internet for exdample consider Shawn to be searched as "Shawn or Shaun or Sean".This trick really helps and makes your search results come faster.People leave out early if they do not get the desired results in the first attempt.Hence follow this rule to get better results.

3.Use Synonyms
Another great idea to use if you are not getting the desired results.For example if you are searching for "moon" try using "lunar" or "Space" also and you may end up getting more accurate results.

The conclusion of all the above methods is to be specific about how you do a search online.The more you make a habit of doing searches online like this the nore you will get more accurate results and later on you may become master at this art.


How far have you come after starting your blog


See its always better that you have a good tracking ability for yourself so that at the end of the weekend you realise how much you aimed for and how much have you achieved for yourself.Its always good to keep out negatives as you initially have to face a lot when you start your have to go through a lot of research and have to do a lot to promote your blog and get your readers.It s a damn tough job.Even the big fish bloggers have to keep experimenting to find new ways to get readers and get their blog going and shaping up nicely.

Now what I really wanted to discuss here is that how far have we come after starting our blog. have we really achieved something that we thought before starting to write a blog or we are just trudging along and waiting for something to happen.Is it that you have lost the flavour and zing to create something new.All these are a part of the blogging for everyone.

The important thing to Ask ourselves is that have we learned something new that we can do in a different manner than others.This can be about blog writing style, presentation,leaving comments,increasing readers to your blog or something else that even I don't know of or it can also be that you should now quit after wasting so much of your time and also if you feel that way.

Anyways I want all of you to just help me and others out by leaving some interesting comments and suggestions so that i and the other readers of this post can benefit.Waiting for you response and looking forward to good quality comments and solutions and new ideas.Cheers!

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How to have a landing page for your website


Although I am an engineering student ,I had the blogging habit from the start of my school days but of course used to do it in my personal diary.All the days events used to come in a concise form.But now its easier for the people to share their experiences to others through blogging.Let me tell two things that are really important for any blog to be successful-----

1. Brilliant writing style so that people enjoy what you have written.We all share experiences and everything is from the heart but still it is highly important that we should focus on our writing skills and grammar.The way we present ourselves to the other readers is what matters and let me tell you that not all are really good at this.You can write several lines of scrap in your blog which if some read and get annoyed then might not return to your blog even if you have improved later on.I am the present example of that .the readership is out now and I have to build my readership once again.but I am sure that I will gain it once again.This is all about the writing skills.

2.Lets concentrate more on this one as this one is also really crucial.This is with reference to your blog or website design,layout and the landing page of your site.I would like to say this at the start that this things are very important but this might still not give you immediate results you are looking for as it requires some patience and some experimentation from your side so that end up giving a nice and fresh look to what you call is your website.I f you do not have any specific liking about any colour then try to keep the background as white as possible as it creates a sense of eye catching and promotes the surrounding elements in the blog as well as your posts very well to your readers.Another thing to understand is that it does not necessarily mean that you cannot have a different background.You can have something in light as background like green or blue but never anything else other than this.Or else this creates a irritation in the minds of readers.

All these things are made to you public by me after a lot of research and I myself have gone through all these troubles and want to suggest that others don't make the same mistakes that I have done.Improve yourself and be a better blogger.

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Getting Advice Online And Everyone Is An Expert


In today's day and age, technology rules the roost. Gone are the days of heading to the barbershop or to the corner store for a bit of business or personal advice. With the Internet, a myriad of advice is available. The key to it all is sifting through the useless advice to get to the really helpful stuff.

The first thing to realize is that everybody is an expert online. With so much information available in a variety of sources, most people consider themselves to be rather well read if they've had the chance to peruse a website or an online encyclopedia. The information available online is often not tested or scrutinized by the proper authorities, however, leading to a concept known in some circles as truth by popularity.

Truth by popularity refers to the idea that some thing's esteem influences its factuality. This is often the main policy behind many online reference sources. Many people seek advice or information from online references, but there is nothing keeping the information in these open-source publications accurate.

To combat the experts online, do independent research and use trustworthy sources. Anyone can give or get advice online, but the reliability of that advice depends on the source. Instead of simply throwing caution to the wind and trusting a public-run reference, use real references from people who know what they're talking about.

Part of what makes the online community a great place to seek advice is that everybody has a story to tell. This can lead to some lovely experiences with people, but it can also lead to biases and generalizations. Sifting through the personal stories to find something of use can be a challenge, especially when most people are convinced that their stereotypes are correct.

Along with the stories come the prejudices and biases within. Some individuals will temper their "advice" with large amounts of intolerance or generality. It is not unusual to experience bigotry, homophobia, and other damaging prejudices online when seeking advice or information.

Sorting through the prejudices of individuals when seeking advice online can be scary. It takes a great deal of patience to get to the heart of the matter. Some advice and information should be immediately discarded, especially if it contains racist or prejudicial annotations.

Avoiding the awful advice is probably the biggest part of getting advice online. But finding the good advice needs to follow. Seeking the experts online can be tricky. Like any good book, though, the experts should have references and qualifications. Seeking medical advice from "badmothertrucker69" might not be fitting, but heading to an online health magazine should provide more complete advice.

Finding the experts isn't too hard, but finding veracity in their accounts can be tricky. For this reason, it's probably a good idea to seek out two or more sources. If the sources concur on the counsel, the advice is probably sound. If there are varying accounts, however, it may be time to raise some eyebrows.

Advice experts tend to write for highly regarded publications online. A simple search engine can help shed some light on the more upright websites. From there, appropriate advice can be sought. Finding advice online needn't be too intricate, but with the amount of information and the assortment of so-called experts, finding correct advice can be a rough task.

Like anything in life, part of finding something meaningful involves the exploration. If the search is flawed, the advice will be flawed. By checking sources, using proper references, and putting aside the bad advice, the search for good advice on the Internet need not be the search for the Holy Grail.