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It difficult to get this thing out of my mind."I want traffic badly!". But can you think out of box and try to find out new ways to have more visitors to your blog.Its 2011 now and people have to think out different ways to outsmart others to get the visitors to their blog.This post aims at discussing 5 critical points which can help you in this regard.

1.Use search engine potential to the fullest
A long time myth that is repeated on every blog that search engine traffic is what that matters more to every blogger.Getting his pages indexed on the first page of search engines is what that makes any blogger happy.One should try to utilise the search engine's potential to the fullest to have quality traffic to your blog.It is possible by having four things that is content, correct keywords,links and code.By having these things in proper place,one can achieve great results that others cannot.

2.Keep your eyes wide open
You have to be constantly aware of what is the hot topic in the blogging world and should not hesitate to join in the conversation and also include that in your blog.Sometimes people feel that the content is on every one's blog and hence they might not get the traffic through this content and neglect.but this is not the thing to be done and keep yourself at it.You can in fact generate some interlinks from that same topic.

3.Create some immediate buzz
Using social networking potential like twitter, facebook,delicious,digg and reditt you can have good people coming instantly to your blog.If your post is something that is not there on others site then you can receive immediate jump in visitors to you site.However this maybe short term but is important to decrease your alexa ranking.

4.Try linking
Including links in your post referring to other sites who have the similar content shows off the link love and your willingness to share for no return.That makes others to also return the favour automatically.It is a long term process and requires some patience but is sure to work.

5.Keep posting
Be regular and keep posting on your blog.Having more pages indexed with different topics and keywords are sure to land up your blog to the top on search engine results.

Views expressed here are mine and I do not hesitate in saying that above mentioned techniques may also backfire for some.But one who dares to achieve the results is the ultimate winner.

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‘Weblogs’ became popular in the mid 1990s as personal journals, maintained almost exclusively by individuals, containing daily details and passions that somehow retained their intimacy even as they were made visible to anyone with an Internet connection.

The dynamic nature and friendly style of blogs soon became popular with businesses as well,
and with good reason. Blogs gave a business opportunity to speak to the market directly, in its own voice and on its own terms. More importantly, blogs gave the market a chance to talk back and to share the conversation with like minded friends.

Webmasters soon noticed some unintended consequences. The evolving dialogues supported by business blogs frequently contained, in a rich organic environment, the search terms entered as queries by business prospects. When relevant sites linked back to the blog it further increased the likelihood that new customers would enter initially through the corporate blog.

Business blogging is now a practice that seems remarkably simple if done correctly. Individuals who actively manage and contribute to their own successful business blogs, is meant to help businesses increase blogging effectiveness in 2011. Successful results should be easy to see – the good business blog will reflect a business where everyone is united by their pride and excitement for their products and services. In short, exactly the type of place that people want to do business with.

With the right content and approach toward your readership, businesses can develop strong links that will help them build a solid reputation and foundation online. As content is consistently produced and comments are consistently reviewed and/or responded to, businesses are bound to find new readers who will check the site frequently for updates, get new search traffic, and establish visibility in their industry.

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It was some one's great inspiration which brought me to blogging.Now reading articles from many blogs on different topics gives me more and more ideas about what the writers are looking to have on their blog and what is extremely popular in a particular niche.Year 2010 was absolutely great showing me great ups and downs and how to fight with circumstances when they are not in your favor and win.This post is basically what I have understood from good bloggers history, how they faced challenges and are now numero uno in their niches respectively.

1.Strive to be Numero Uno
In the early 2000's there was little competition and hence who had considerable posts already enjoyed good amount of success.But it is not the same scenario now.There are many bloggers who started about 2-3 years back and now because of their hard work and smart techniques are successful bloggers in their niche.So this has made me even more tough and prepared for the challenges ahead in 2011.One really has to find how to find the weak link in any niche and attack on that point and get noticed.

One great thing that I noticed is that most of the people who recently came to the blogosphere were having one thing in mind and that is money.Seeing good bloggers earning 6 figure salary through their blogs attracted their attention.But what they are achieving right is a real hard work they put on for 5-6 years and now are reaping benefits.Nobody becomes successful in short time.Perseverance, Hard work and patience is required to survive here.I have seen many bloggers quitting just because they were not successful over a short period of time.

3.The best thing has to be on the home page every time
You should always realize that when people visit your blog you have your best up their every time.They should be able to read just the best stuff and should be able to understand what you wanted to convey through your post easily.

4.Thorough reading, communities and more
The more and more you read and comment on other sites, more you can get in return.Remember that your blog alone cannot be more successful.Having joined many communities and social networking sites makes your blog reach wider audiences and to the next level.

A successful bloggers always has the goodwill spread around with his name.You can never read anything negative or uncharacteristic about him.All these are qualities associated with a professional blogger.Hence e should also try and not go off rant in our writing or try and spread wrong information about others.Being able to accept one's shortcomings is what that makes a complete man.

I have already brought these qualities in my everyday life and trying to implement these quality everyday to be more successful.What do you learn after reading from my blog post? Keep your comments flowing in the comments section.

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Simple methods sometimes give you the results that you always wanted to have for yourself.If you are really serious about making money online then the following tips should really help you to get more advertisers to your blog.

Just display Advertise on this blog banner to make people know that you are interested in promoting other sites on your blog.It is damn simple and important point and be sure to have link attached to the banner having access to your email address or the payment methods through which people might want to contact you.

2.Specific ads for your site
Be absolutely concerned about what type of ads if present are being displayed on your blog.This way you can create a good impression on the advertisers and can reap maximum benefits.

3.Try free promotions
Sometimes when your blog is not doing that well and you want more advertisers to purchase ads on your blog then it may be a bit of gamble to promote free ad campaign on your site for sometime.You can attract and encourage similar ads or competitor ads to purchase ads on your site.Things change in some amount of time so patience is the key.

4.Display statistics
Displaying statistics is another way to show off the popularity of our blog.Showing off unique monthly visitors and page rank/Alexa webrank might just do the trick.Another important thing is showing your twitter followers.A twitter ID with significant followers can really attract many advertisers.

5.Your blog design is crucial
Having a professional look ,superior content and good widget arrangement on your blog might just help more people recognize your seriousness and commitment towards your blog.Always post your majority posts in your Blog's niche to make advertisers believe you are the real deal.

I hope you would have understood these points and would try to inculcate these points in your blogging to improve yourself even more.

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Its been a long time till I neglected the advantages of having RSS readers on my blog and hence didn't had a badge for RSS subscription also until just previous week.I have gone through many good sites and just found out these 10 good ways to attract new RSS readers to your blog this new year. Of course I am also looking forward to increase my RSS readers and implementation of the methods here imply to me more than anyone else.

1.Commenting is needed
For any blog to survive, comments on his blog post are extremely crucial in elevating the blog to the next level.The comments on others blog and that too legitimate and genuine related to the post is required to enable the author of those respective blogs to come and visit your blog and comment. More comments are always compelling and attract many more readers to subscribe to your blog post.

2.Post everyday
You should always try and post almost everyday so that readers are aware that you are really serious about blogging and hence they always look out for the new post and keep the subscription to your RSS feed running.

3.Put the RSS button on top
Its natural that the things that are on top are going to attract people more and grab their attention.So always try to put it on top of the blog in the sidebar to get more people subscribing your RSS feeds.

4.Allow your readers to subscribe by email
Usage of emails today is enormous and this is another unique way to have more people subscribe to your blog.There is very small amount of people paying attention to the RSS feed on the Internet daily so you have to try and innovate the things to keep your nose ahead.

5.Stay on your niche
Try following your niche regularly because people who follow you expect to get the posts in the category for which they come to your blog regularly or subscribe your feed.

6.Go for full RSS subscription
I get a touch disappointed when I see good bloggers providing partial feeds to the people.Readers want the entire content and not the excerpt.Otherwise they could have read it from other bloggers and not you.

7.Write post to promote RSS subscription
Like I am writing this post many good bloggers should also try and rewrite or mention the importance of RSS subscription.There might be some new bloggers who still do not know the importance and complete information about RSS subscription.

Sometimes some readers do email you after subscription and hence it is important to reply and solve their queries and keep them interested and attached to your blog.

9.Use RSS directories
Submitting your RSS feed to the RSS feed directories can surely help your RSS subscriber count to, and others are a great help to your blog RSS feed exposure.

While the above mentioned ways can help you to attract readers to your blg you can create a sense of discontent and can make your readers to completely abandon your blog.Do not try to force your opinion and methods on others as people generally don't like it.

Over a period of time you will eventually see people subscribing to your blog and commenting on your posts as well.Be patient and let the content flow regularly on your blog.It will do wonders for you believe me.

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How to Make Money Every Day


This is one of my favorite (and one of the easiest) ways to make money on the Internet. Using this technique, I make money almost every day and you can too!

Many people want to make millions on the Internet. Although it is possible, most people make much, much less. However, there are millions of people who have much more realistic goals. They just want to make a little extra spending money each month. If that’s what you would like to do, you have come to the right place.

If you can write a 250 to 500-word article, you can make money every day, like I do. Using this technique, I make between $20 and $50 each month. I’ll admit, you won’t get rich using this method, but the extra money each and every month is very nice. I do this by submitting short
250 to 500 word articles to a number of revenue sharing sites.

A revenue sharing site is similar to a traditional article directory site with one major difference. Traditional article directories post advertisements along with the articles that people submit. Every time a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the site makes money. Revenue sharing sites also post ads along with the articles that people submit, but they share the income that they make from their advertising.

If you are going to submit articles anyway, why not submit to sites that are willing to give you some of the money that they earn. I submit articles to both traditional directories and revenue sharing directories.

You can submit the same article to many different directories. The way to maximize the amount of money that you make with revenue sharing sites is to submit articles frequently. The more articles you have on a revenue sharing site, the more money you will make. I try to submit at least one article every day.