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Its been a long time till I neglected the advantages of having RSS readers on my blog and hence didn't had a badge for RSS subscription also until just previous week.I have gone through many good sites and just found out these 10 good ways to attract new RSS readers to your blog this new year. Of course I am also looking forward to increase my RSS readers and implementation of the methods here imply to me more than anyone else.

1.Commenting is needed
For any blog to survive, comments on his blog post are extremely crucial in elevating the blog to the next level.The comments on others blog and that too legitimate and genuine related to the post is required to enable the author of those respective blogs to come and visit your blog and comment. More comments are always compelling and attract many more readers to subscribe to your blog post.

2.Post everyday
You should always try and post almost everyday so that readers are aware that you are really serious about blogging and hence they always look out for the new post and keep the subscription to your RSS feed running.

3.Put the RSS button on top
Its natural that the things that are on top are going to attract people more and grab their attention.So always try to put it on top of the blog in the sidebar to get more people subscribing your RSS feeds.

4.Allow your readers to subscribe by email
Usage of emails today is enormous and this is another unique way to have more people subscribe to your blog.There is very small amount of people paying attention to the RSS feed on the Internet daily so you have to try and innovate the things to keep your nose ahead.

5.Stay on your niche
Try following your niche regularly because people who follow you expect to get the posts in the category for which they come to your blog regularly or subscribe your feed.

6.Go for full RSS subscription
I get a touch disappointed when I see good bloggers providing partial feeds to the people.Readers want the entire content and not the excerpt.Otherwise they could have read it from other bloggers and not you.

7.Write post to promote RSS subscription
Like I am writing this post many good bloggers should also try and rewrite or mention the importance of RSS subscription.There might be some new bloggers who still do not know the importance and complete information about RSS subscription.

Sometimes some readers do email you after subscription and hence it is important to reply and solve their queries and keep them interested and attached to your blog.

9.Use RSS directories
Submitting your RSS feed to the RSS feed directories can surely help your RSS subscriber count to, and others are a great help to your blog RSS feed exposure.

While the above mentioned ways can help you to attract readers to your blg you can create a sense of discontent and can make your readers to completely abandon your blog.Do not try to force your opinion and methods on others as people generally don't like it.

Over a period of time you will eventually see people subscribing to your blog and commenting on your posts as well.Be patient and let the content flow regularly on your blog.It will do wonders for you believe me.