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It was some one's great inspiration which brought me to blogging.Now reading articles from many blogs on different topics gives me more and more ideas about what the writers are looking to have on their blog and what is extremely popular in a particular niche.Year 2010 was absolutely great showing me great ups and downs and how to fight with circumstances when they are not in your favor and win.This post is basically what I have understood from good bloggers history, how they faced challenges and are now numero uno in their niches respectively.

1.Strive to be Numero Uno
In the early 2000's there was little competition and hence who had considerable posts already enjoyed good amount of success.But it is not the same scenario now.There are many bloggers who started about 2-3 years back and now because of their hard work and smart techniques are successful bloggers in their niche.So this has made me even more tough and prepared for the challenges ahead in 2011.One really has to find how to find the weak link in any niche and attack on that point and get noticed.

One great thing that I noticed is that most of the people who recently came to the blogosphere were having one thing in mind and that is money.Seeing good bloggers earning 6 figure salary through their blogs attracted their attention.But what they are achieving right is a real hard work they put on for 5-6 years and now are reaping benefits.Nobody becomes successful in short time.Perseverance, Hard work and patience is required to survive here.I have seen many bloggers quitting just because they were not successful over a short period of time.

3.The best thing has to be on the home page every time
You should always realize that when people visit your blog you have your best up their every time.They should be able to read just the best stuff and should be able to understand what you wanted to convey through your post easily.

4.Thorough reading, communities and more
The more and more you read and comment on other sites, more you can get in return.Remember that your blog alone cannot be more successful.Having joined many communities and social networking sites makes your blog reach wider audiences and to the next level.

A successful bloggers always has the goodwill spread around with his name.You can never read anything negative or uncharacteristic about him.All these are qualities associated with a professional blogger.Hence e should also try and not go off rant in our writing or try and spread wrong information about others.Being able to accept one's shortcomings is what that makes a complete man.

I have already brought these qualities in my everyday life and trying to implement these quality everyday to be more successful.What do you learn after reading from my blog post? Keep your comments flowing in the comments section.