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Simple methods sometimes give you the results that you always wanted to have for yourself.If you are really serious about making money online then the following tips should really help you to get more advertisers to your blog.

Just display Advertise on this blog banner to make people know that you are interested in promoting other sites on your blog.It is damn simple and important point and be sure to have link attached to the banner having access to your email address or the payment methods through which people might want to contact you.

2.Specific ads for your site
Be absolutely concerned about what type of ads if present are being displayed on your blog.This way you can create a good impression on the advertisers and can reap maximum benefits.

3.Try free promotions
Sometimes when your blog is not doing that well and you want more advertisers to purchase ads on your blog then it may be a bit of gamble to promote free ad campaign on your site for sometime.You can attract and encourage similar ads or competitor ads to purchase ads on your site.Things change in some amount of time so patience is the key.

4.Display statistics
Displaying statistics is another way to show off the popularity of our blog.Showing off unique monthly visitors and page rank/Alexa webrank might just do the trick.Another important thing is showing your twitter followers.A twitter ID with significant followers can really attract many advertisers.

5.Your blog design is crucial
Having a professional look ,superior content and good widget arrangement on your blog might just help more people recognize your seriousness and commitment towards your blog.Always post your majority posts in your Blog's niche to make advertisers believe you are the real deal.

I hope you would have understood these points and would try to inculcate these points in your blogging to improve yourself even more.