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These tips are being emailed to me by my friend vinay from site onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense to make your blog being read more by the visitors.

1.It should be your own content

Over the blogosphere there are 90%bloggers atleast that do read and leave by comments if they really like the blog.This is because a blog is a persons own way of thinking being expressed in the form of words and not being just written by a machine.Some of the blogs do have some emotions expressed which touch many a hearts and hence its very important that whatever you write let it be very small but it should be your own and something fresh.This gets any one more visitors than others.

2.Cross link with other sites

The major advantage of providing links to other sites having content supportive to your blog's content is that your page rank improves considerably if you have a link with a high page rank site.Moreover the cross links also help to get visitors falling back to your blog for some related help.

3.Keep font style of your blog same throughout

This thing is particularly important as google bots fail to crawl on the pages which are not formatted properly in the theme of your writing style.Suppose if you have the Arial font for all of your posts then try maintaining the same throughout.Also if people are habituated to one style then try maintaining that.

4.Proper formatting of your text

Try writing posts with short paragraphs and highlighted content before the paragraph having the essence of what is in the paragraph.Also try and avoid writing much bigger posts as it becomes very difficult for the readers to read the post if its a long one.
I feel that I am sharing the tips which are best to my knowledge.I am still a newbie to blogging and hence I appreciate any new tips which can help me improve.

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I was going through many sites and reading various articles and posts and the conclusions that I sketched out is that there are multiple ways to get good traffic to your sites in no time.

1.Why not try out many social blogging community and forums such as the Technorati ,Blogcatalog,Digital point forums,Twitter, Redgage and much others to name.Try posting the link of your newly posted content to these sites and also reading and FAV some of the blogs to get more traffic.

2.Place the feedburner widgets and try observing the number of readers you are having to your site.Unfortunately my readers have reduced quite considerably but that is not what is in my hands.I try posting good quality content but time is showing negative trend for me currently.Anyways try and subscribe blog posts of sites which are really good.The reciprocation and back links makes the job much more easier for anyone to get more visitors.

3.Use of appropriate back links

When you comment on some one's blog its important to have a back link left very smartly to get the back links.Try doing this particularly on the famous and good traffic driving sites.This will also help you derive traffic and also improve your site's page rank.

I hope you benefit from these tips as these tips do take some time to show effect.Anymore tips are wholeheartedly welcomed.

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They say that the more you post the better it is for your blog to the traffic.the frequency of post is something that is still the argument of the hour but let me tell you that its not easy for anyone to post 10 blogs a day.

Posting 3-5 blogs a day is also not a joke particularly if you want to publish new content and each one should of good quality.The ideas and mind both should be fresh so that good content comes out as result.But these things are very rarely possible with strenuous life cycle of all of us.

So particularly if you want that your blog posts are coming at least once in a day or say once in a 3- day period(this is a must for a new blogger),try not to get burned out with too many posts in a short span and then nothing left really to publish.Particularly if you have posted 5-7 blogs in a period of 1- week then try doing some reviews or some back links to your blogger friends and let the theme of your posts continue for a longer duration to get traffic for a longer time.

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I have been through many blogs and gone through keywords activity of many a blog to check out how do they earn more unique page view and thus more full on readers and more RSS subscribers.The most important thing that I realized is the title of your posts.Why the title of posts is as important as your entire post,let us analyze.

Since the boom in the google search engine users and so do yahoo,Nowadays users mostly search for content through keywords and see or are interested in reading only what they actually need.A good and unique headline with relevant keywords lands to the top page of most search engines.With most readers coming to your blog through the search engines and finding the content they want then its quite likely they mostly bookmark your site or get your sites RSS feed.So we need Good headline with superb content to get more crashing visitor number to our site.

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If you have carefully gone through my previous post you would have got at least some basic idea how to think towards getting attention of new visitors to your blog.Here I discuss with you some more tips to still get better of them and keep them coming to your site again for a longer time.


Firstly devise the idea that how you going to start a blog.The uniqueness and relevance to your title often is not met by the way how you start your blog.This often gets new readers in a fix and they often get bored and leave your site much earlier without going through the important things that you wanted to convey to them.This causes a loss of majority of readers to your blog even though your blog is very informative and nicely designed.


Once you have a nice start then try to emphasize the main content right from the next para or the very next point.Its always important that you provide readers the content for which they are on your blog,that is the relevance of your content according to the title of your blog.This is a sure shot method being followed by many good writers to have visitors glued to their blog for a long time.


If you have come across good articles before publishing your own you can also try and provide links to their site.These links may also include your own previous posts relevant to the content of your new blog or are a bit helpful to convey the message better.

So I believe that so far I have disclosed few golden rules to get more new visitors to your site and have them glued to you site right away.

In my net post I would come up with some new techniques to get more new visitors and have them locked for more future visits.Any good suggestions are welcome and can be published in my future posts.

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Whether anyone believes it or not,more the number of posts you have and exclusive keywords,more the indexed pages of your site in google and yahoo search engines and more is the number of your site displaying in the first page of google search through keywords.

But of course reading and understanding the current scenario over the blogosphere is also essential.The blog that we post might be having the similar titles that most blogger post but the content should always be upto date and be more relevant to the current scenario.

A very unique way to grab attention of first time visitors is the blog layout and the time how much your site takes to load.I myself is searching through the net for a layout that is most simple and still attractive to the first time visitors.

Secondly comes your very own unique content.The more better and fresh you write the better is the site of yours and the better the traffic and more followers of your site.Firstly I would like to confess that I myself facing this problem but now by research I am trying to get out of this hole.

In my next post I would convey to you few more ways to grab attention of the new visitors to your blog.

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I have been many of blogs over the blogosphere and discovered through the google search engine another important point that I am going to discuss with you all.

I really don't know whether you actually would like this classification but the research over the internet surely makes this classification relevant.Any blog can be classified as short term beneficiary or an all time blog.


These blogs you can say are the ones to give the traffic for a long time.The content of these blogs are such that people every now and then fall back to get help improve their own.I have discovered the blog written by VINAY RAI on Adsense and Facebook, giving his site traffic for over 10 months now.This is the truth based on keyword analysis done by Alexa and careful look upon by me for several other blog sites also.


I would say these posts are the ones which are capable for giving you traffic for the short term and are generally written on very current topic.For example my review on Redgage which generated for about the week of its publishing and later the traffic went away.Most bloggers have this problem.


I would the blog should Include 70 % of short term beneficiary posts and 30% of All time posts.This will ensure smooth and high quality traffic to his site.Not only this,This blend will also ensure that his Alexa ranking will also improve and the page rank of the site would also improve simultaneously improve.

I am myself now working on this strategy to help myself and improve traffic quality to my site .I hope all of you would also agree on this issue.I believe that this post will bring out the best of all of us.

I would like to receive any special suggestions if you have on your mind reading this topic.Feel free to discuss it with me.

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TAKING A U TURN-Think again!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the past 8 months of blogging ,I have been through many ups and down and the no results and absolutely no traffic to my blog made me go deep in the blogging depression.Time and again a thought used to creep in my head that whether I should take a U-TURN to my blogging.The thinking was not wrong considering I was not able to generate anything after 3-4 hours of hard work.So all my friends who are thinking of a U-turn just think again once.

As a rule in this world everything you want to achieve comes after some investment of hard work and lots of precious time.Nothing is achieved instantaneously.If you are in that mode then you are free to step back.All the hard work does pay off slowly but when results start showing the feeling is inexpressible.Nothing tastes like success.

Take my example.I am a final year student of engineering which involves tremendous hard work and time availability is very less.But still I used to spend about an hour or two on blogging as it was my hobby and still now it is.I used to get thoughts of leaving it as I was not getting the predetermined results and spend that time in studies or take some rest.But eventually my blog got something that I wanted be it 8 months from the start.I am finally in the top 1000k of alexa that was the initial thought of mine.

So never to get frustrated as it is quite natural for many of us.The blogging is also related with some revenue once your blog is even a bit famous.So if you are thinking to let blogging go then think once again.Maybe it can change your life someday.