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These tips are being emailed to me by my friend vinay from site onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense to make your blog being read more by the visitors.

1.It should be your own content

Over the blogosphere there are 90%bloggers atleast that do read and leave by comments if they really like the blog.This is because a blog is a persons own way of thinking being expressed in the form of words and not being just written by a machine.Some of the blogs do have some emotions expressed which touch many a hearts and hence its very important that whatever you write let it be very small but it should be your own and something fresh.This gets any one more visitors than others.

2.Cross link with other sites

The major advantage of providing links to other sites having content supportive to your blog's content is that your page rank improves considerably if you have a link with a high page rank site.Moreover the cross links also help to get visitors falling back to your blog for some related help.

3.Keep font style of your blog same throughout

This thing is particularly important as google bots fail to crawl on the pages which are not formatted properly in the theme of your writing style.Suppose if you have the Arial font for all of your posts then try maintaining the same throughout.Also if people are habituated to one style then try maintaining that.

4.Proper formatting of your text

Try writing posts with short paragraphs and highlighted content before the paragraph having the essence of what is in the paragraph.Also try and avoid writing much bigger posts as it becomes very difficult for the readers to read the post if its a long one.
I feel that I am sharing the tips which are best to my knowledge.I am still a newbie to blogging and hence I appreciate any new tips which can help me improve.


  1. Michael said...:

    I'm also new in the world of blogging. These give some practical advice. Thanks.