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TAKING A U TURN-Think again!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the past 8 months of blogging ,I have been through many ups and down and the no results and absolutely no traffic to my blog made me go deep in the blogging depression.Time and again a thought used to creep in my head that whether I should take a U-TURN to my blogging.The thinking was not wrong considering I was not able to generate anything after 3-4 hours of hard work.So all my friends who are thinking of a U-turn just think again once.

As a rule in this world everything you want to achieve comes after some investment of hard work and lots of precious time.Nothing is achieved instantaneously.If you are in that mode then you are free to step back.All the hard work does pay off slowly but when results start showing the feeling is inexpressible.Nothing tastes like success.

Take my example.I am a final year student of engineering which involves tremendous hard work and time availability is very less.But still I used to spend about an hour or two on blogging as it was my hobby and still now it is.I used to get thoughts of leaving it as I was not getting the predetermined results and spend that time in studies or take some rest.But eventually my blog got something that I wanted be it 8 months from the start.I am finally in the top 1000k of alexa that was the initial thought of mine.

So never to get frustrated as it is quite natural for many of us.The blogging is also related with some revenue once your blog is even a bit famous.So if you are thinking to let blogging go then think once again.Maybe it can change your life someday.