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Sometimes the blogging hobby becomes a boring job particularly if you have written many posts and don't actually know what to do now.Things very much creep into our mind and we start thinking as if the whole activities have gone so slow that its better to take a break for some days from blogging.

Let me first tell you that it is a well thought out things for some to take a break and come back with a fresh mind and also some new ideas to get on the fast lane.But for some it becomes even worse and they tend to get more rusty as time goes on and as a result content gets poor and things go from bad to worse for them.So its this new idea that I come across as of my own to share with you all to get on the fast lane in blogging.

1.Do not be idle for more than a week

This is an important thing particularly for new bloggers that they should try and come up with something at least once every week.Things are different though for experienced bloggers with good amount of posts already present say about 150- 200 at least.

2.Go to Pay per post sites
Its important that you must have already applied to some Sites that pay you for some review that you write for the third party sites.This also helps to increase your blog posts per week or say per 2 weeks.Plus you earn revenue for your hard work.

3.If nothing comes to mind then.........

Things are difficult sometimes and we surely have no ideas for new that case why not try postings links of sites that you come across and also for those who are following you.Giving them a back link will not hurt you but surely will attract new visitors to your blog.This is a tried and tested technique by myself.

Hope you are getting what I am trying to convey through my posts.All the tips above will help you to have blogging on the fast lane.