Its a problem with 99.99% bloggers that once every blogger has reached the saturation level,the new posts topics are nowhere to be thought of.We and most of us produce copied content from other sites.Yes its a grave problem existing since the number of bloggers is increasing day by day and so the topics flowing and the same thing being repeated almost on all make money online blog.This post is to check out ways how to reproduce an already produced content.

The google and yahoo search engines are very grave and do get the sites out of their index once they recognise that your site contains copied content.So its better to follow following steps and get escaped without affecting your ranking in the google and yahoo search engine.

1.Once you see a very good content which is not much seen on the net and is still very new and the most important of all you want it to have on your blog,then carefully read that content first.

2.Try to have that content in front of you and then carefully play with the words.Its essential to have a good vocabulary and word power so that you can very easily reproduce the same matter in a different mannner.

3.Start with a similar sort of title but the title should be very unique.So also try starting the blog with a different introduction as comapred to original one.

4.Then coming up with differnt word strokes ,rewrite original blog.

5.Be careful that you also conclude the blog in your own unique mannner so that your touch and writing skill is prevelant throughout the blogg post.

Hope that you guys will benefit from this post and whenever you are short of new ideas try rewriting some famous posts in your own unique way.