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If your Blog is included in one of the buckets above then you are surely lucky! We receive 4000-5000 Visitors Monthly and with 10,830 Monthly Page views (Thanks To God). Our Blog can be well judged by the PR status (2.0), mounting Alexa rank, Facebook Friends(226), Twitter flowers(1112), Comment ratio and etc.Further our readership is increasing at 68.58% according to Google analytics. In short for your Blog to be in a EntreCard Bucket is equal to an extra 4000-5000 loyal visitors and an extra 1000 daily Adsense Page Impressions!

If you want to even double and triple the traffic amount from EntreCard Buckets to your blog then let more and more people know about it. Because When more people come to know of this amazing bucket adventure, your blog will receive more and more Drops/traffic.

So If you have really understood the logic then kindly spread The Bucket Adventure in the following ways,Display Bucket Banners Near Your EntreCard Widget and enjoy as I have done.

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For all these many days I have been roaming on different sites to get hold of what has to be the right keyword or tag for each of my blog post.I do take care that each keyword is such that my blog should appear in the top page of google search,but it isn't the case.So what should I do? Where should I go?i f you are also facing this problem then you can breathe a sigh of relief as I am writing this post to help all of you so that next time after writing the post you have the exact keyword and tag for your post to maximize SEO.So here is the whole concept.

1.Firstly just know how to differentiate between a category and a keyword.
People would love to give a short keyword or a tag for their post but often end up in writing a category name for e.g. news,music,technology,computers and the Internet ,blah blah blah.What you should realize is that the category is the broader side of division and is very easily written instead of a specific keyword.What you need is the 4 to 5 word exact concise meaning of the entire posts and such should be the keyword that it is searched by maximum number of people.You can test this by typing the keyword on the google homepage before really deciding it as a final one for your blog post.I hope this initial thing is now somewhat clear in your mind.Good bloggers sometimes do a blunder by not assigning the tag or keyword at all to their posts as they feel they have enough posts in their tank.This might backfire as they might lose visitors for a good posts they have written.So take notice of this as well.Do not leave anything blank.If you do not get any thing good you can still tag your post as a miscellaneous blog tips or special tips or whatever but please do not leave your keyword space blank.

2.What are the tagging types?
See to keep it simple let me explain these to you in a hurry.The first is the internal tagging that you do it for the post you write.Secondly the Meta-tags which are given as a separate keywords which define your entire blog essence.Lastly the external tags that you put by updating your posts on social bookmarking sites like digg,twitter,facebook,stumbleupon,Technorati and much more to mention.So have all these covered in the right manner to really get a good exposure for your blog.

Its been a troublesome work to find all these tips and combine them in one form.But I hope these tips will surely help you.




Going by the figures there are approximately 2 billion mobile users all over the world at least.With the 506 million users already in India itself,one can imagine the strength of SMS telemarketing.In simple sense,the SMS(short messaging service) marketing is a direct,personal and very effective medium to get exposure for your products and services to a large number of people at a single go,this is possible because you can send the same message to large number of people at one go.The method is been utilized on a large extent by the small scale companies and firms in Mumbai and many other metro cities in India and also all over the world.

The large benefits of this type of marketing is stated as under:

1.Delivery assurance.

The research has shown that about 94% of the messages received are read.So you are assured that your message is reached to a large number of people at a given time.

2.Wide range of usage.

The SMS can be used to used to serve variety of services like launch of a new product or service,New store openings,special limited time offers etc.Moreover,the specific type of people can also be targeted to achieve exclusive target marketing.

3.Probability of missing an alert is less
Since all over the world,at least 80% of mobile phone users carry the mobiles with them,they can be alerted of a specific announcement,meetings,reminders,appointments and much more even if they are busy in their work.

4.As a revenue source.

If somebody subscribes paid SMS alerts which is being done by many firms ,A good amount of revenue can be collected from the mobile subscribers.

5.Not a spam technique.

Unlike emails which can be treated as a spam and can be neglected and unread,the mobile text messages can be sent according our convenience.

6.Short and concise form of marketing.

As all of us know that the messaging service allows about 140 characters,the immense care is taken to create a text message which is in short,clear and concise form.This form is somewhat accepted by the people as they do not have to read much and message is conveyed very fast to them.

7.A very low cost technique.
As compared to existing forms like the radio and the television,SMS is the most effective form of marketing when compared to costs incurred in the other mentioned methods.




A good research over the Internet and thorough reading from good sites makes me write this post again to list some more techniques to attract blog readers.While you might have discovered for yourself many other good working techniques,following techniques are still worthwhile reading.

1.Have good amount of major articles to draw traffic.
While you write everyday when you want to launch your blog,its most important that you have good number of anchor posts that is read more over the Internet so that traffic is drawn to your site.Do remember to maintain certain quality so that the readers are compelled to read only yours and not any other blog.

2.Write two three posts a day minimum during initial phase.
this is a point that you find on any other blog website that you should write one at least everyday.But if you have written 2-3 posts in advance everyday then you already have some good back up for you to get gong even when you are busy and have that time to write the post.So what are you waiting for?write in advance and keep them ready.Do remember that you can publish one of them if you wish but please have some stock ready.

3.Have your Entrecard account for your blog.
While most good bloggers have them for their blog to get readers running in and getting legitimate visitors,some good bloggers do not have them.But I recommend this site for all you new bloggers to drive good legal traffic to your site immediately,a thing which I realised later but now i have the account and I am getting around 1000 visitors per week.

4.Comment on others and get them commenting on yours.
The technique is somewhat complicated and is solely dependent on others who might or might not comment on your blog.But if you do start commenting in a healthy manner with relevant points and not just leaving your site's link,then there are good bloggers who do visit and comment actively on your blog.This thing is also equally important for your blogs appraisal.

5.Submit your blog to some good networking sites.
I know that most of you would have already done this thing but for those who still do not know for them let me mention blogcatalog,blogtoplist,technorati and ezine articles.Have registrations done for these sites.You will get around 100 visitors from all thses sites for sure.

6.Look for link building.
Now this is a daunting task for any new blogger but if you are lucky enough to get link exchange with a good page rank site like pagerank 3 or 4 atleast
then you should be getting your blog up in the google search engine and this will lead to more number of people coming to your blog from the search engines.

7.Go for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
This is a very important principle for any new blogger who wants to make money online.While some bloggers like problogger does not believe in SEO,getting traffic through search engines is a dream for any blogger.To be listed in the top page of google search or yahoo or bing will drive heavy traffic to your site everyday.Remember for this you have to follow certain SEO principles like keywords,which I have discussed earlier in my posts.

8.Participate in discussion forums.
Worthwhile mentioning is digital point forums and technorati.So also you can have yourself registered for the sites like Stumbleupon and Delicious.You can participate in these forums and also drive some quality readers to your blog who can actually suggest some blog improvements for you.Try them now.

9.Why not use Twitter and Facebook.
Have your registrations done at these sites.Then you can tweet about every new post that you write and also publish the same content on your Facebook wall and update section.This will help you immensely as well.

10.The readers will come with time.
All the techniques mentioned above are the ones which do require some time to show their effect.But once they start showing you results I bet you can only have more increased traffic to your blog.So good luck to you all and get blogging now.




A good marketing technique is one in which you can successfully market the concerned product or service effectively than the actual product itself.Even the lower quality product can be made popular through effective marketing.There are so many people starting new business and not surviving long enough due to lack of effective marketing of their services.

Why do all the firms do not get success at the same same level.The reason is not so effective marketing.The actual essence of effective marketing is the methods which you employ to make your product reach the masses.After the marketing,which can create certain impression on the buyers,the sales actually depict the amount of goods being sold or services rendered to the customers.

Over the past 10 years, the major revolution in marketing is through the Internet.With the exponential increase in the number of Internet users every day,the impression that you can create through Internet marketing is also significant.The significant rule that applies in Internet marketing is the 80-20 rule,i.e from the 100 people you market through Internet,you can consider 20 people who have a great impression about the product.The main strategies to get to customers more effectively are as under

1.Get up close and personal with the customers and make them feel as they are your true partners and you truly care about their needs.We should satisfy them with right product and services in order to maintain the long term relationship with them.

2.We should work a bit smarter as well.The good firms go for simple marketing techniques and also employ traditional methods to reach the masses and hence do save some money in marketing.

3.Due to advancement in the number of users and the Internet over the past decade,we should always look to take advantage of the technology and the worldwide web.this technology also helps to keep in touch with the emerging trends and new ways to reach masses.

So from above points you must have realised the importance of effective marketing strategies to get hold of more number of customers and to really kick start your business in a healthy manner.