Going by the figures there are approximately 2 billion mobile users all over the world at least.With the 506 million users already in India itself,one can imagine the strength of SMS telemarketing.In simple sense,the SMS(short messaging service) marketing is a direct,personal and very effective medium to get exposure for your products and services to a large number of people at a single go,this is possible because you can send the same message to large number of people at one go.The method is been utilized on a large extent by the small scale companies and firms in Mumbai and many other metro cities in India and also all over the world.

The large benefits of this type of marketing is stated as under:

1.Delivery assurance.

The research has shown that about 94% of the messages received are read.So you are assured that your message is reached to a large number of people at a given time.

2.Wide range of usage.

The SMS can be used to used to serve variety of services like launch of a new product or service,New store openings,special limited time offers etc.Moreover,the specific type of people can also be targeted to achieve exclusive target marketing.

3.Probability of missing an alert is less
Since all over the world,at least 80% of mobile phone users carry the mobiles with them,they can be alerted of a specific announcement,meetings,reminders,appointments and much more even if they are busy in their work.

4.As a revenue source.

If somebody subscribes paid SMS alerts which is being done by many firms ,A good amount of revenue can be collected from the mobile subscribers.

5.Not a spam technique.

Unlike emails which can be treated as a spam and can be neglected and unread,the mobile text messages can be sent according our convenience.

6.Short and concise form of marketing.

As all of us know that the messaging service allows about 140 characters,the immense care is taken to create a text message which is in short,clear and concise form.This form is somewhat accepted by the people as they do not have to read much and message is conveyed very fast to them.

7.A very low cost technique.
As compared to existing forms like the radio and the television,SMS is the most effective form of marketing when compared to costs incurred in the other mentioned methods.