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For all these many days I have been roaming on different sites to get hold of what has to be the right keyword or tag for each of my blog post.I do take care that each keyword is such that my blog should appear in the top page of google search,but it isn't the case.So what should I do? Where should I go?i f you are also facing this problem then you can breathe a sigh of relief as I am writing this post to help all of you so that next time after writing the post you have the exact keyword and tag for your post to maximize SEO.So here is the whole concept.

1.Firstly just know how to differentiate between a category and a keyword.
People would love to give a short keyword or a tag for their post but often end up in writing a category name for e.g. news,music,technology,computers and the Internet ,blah blah blah.What you should realize is that the category is the broader side of division and is very easily written instead of a specific keyword.What you need is the 4 to 5 word exact concise meaning of the entire posts and such should be the keyword that it is searched by maximum number of people.You can test this by typing the keyword on the google homepage before really deciding it as a final one for your blog post.I hope this initial thing is now somewhat clear in your mind.Good bloggers sometimes do a blunder by not assigning the tag or keyword at all to their posts as they feel they have enough posts in their tank.This might backfire as they might lose visitors for a good posts they have written.So take notice of this as well.Do not leave anything blank.If you do not get any thing good you can still tag your post as a miscellaneous blog tips or special tips or whatever but please do not leave your keyword space blank.

2.What are the tagging types?
See to keep it simple let me explain these to you in a hurry.The first is the internal tagging that you do it for the post you write.Secondly the Meta-tags which are given as a separate keywords which define your entire blog essence.Lastly the external tags that you put by updating your posts on social bookmarking sites like digg,twitter,facebook,stumbleupon,Technorati and much more to mention.So have all these covered in the right manner to really get a good exposure for your blog.

Its been a troublesome work to find all these tips and combine them in one form.But I hope these tips will surely help you.


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