Insights-My life ,My journey------- Part I

It all started with the rain falling down from the sky as if wandering to see if I am ok or not.On the very morning of August 7th 1988 , when I cried for the first time in my life never did I thought about how its gonna shape up in the future.Seeing my father as I grew up as an immensely hardworking individual gave me all the more encouragement and inspiration at such  young.I was already grown from the mind if not from the body and was able to understand the responsibilities at that adolescent age.

My elder bro had his funny things and acts lined up to trouble me up everyday but we need those so that we have a good atmosphere in which we mature and open up to things a bit more.Had it been a case where I was all alone child in the family, the growth just wouldnt have been possible.

Just the Initial thoughts as I have started to describe my journey.Going to describe some funny lighter  Happier and embarrassing moments to Absolute downer disappointment that I have faced in the series.Keep commenting if you really had some experiences of your own like this or if you would like to share some thoughts on the posts like language, grammar, writing style anything.