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This is the 4th post in the series and its gonna tell you how to generate good amount of content for your blog.You can check out the other ones of setting new targets and visiting new sites and articles.

After extensive reading from different sites I have come to a conclusion that the most successful web blogs have extremely high linking with other sites and mostly highly targeted topics for attracting and making readers visit the site again and again( for example onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense).But even after getting yourself updated on the niche you follow on your blog,you can just write limited content everyday for your blog.

The good thing to understand is that although a niche blog is better and gets a good google page rank with indexed pages,You still have a limited scope to write about.If you observe good successful bloggers, once they felt that their blog ran out of scope to accumulate all the topics that we want to write then it is very important to start a new blog.

Starting a new blog means that if you feel that you are short of ideas in one niche then you can still continue to write in your new area of interest on your new blog and thus keep on generating content for your blog.

I had certainly reached my burn out phase where I used to write 3-4 posts a day ,then reached a saturation and took a break for a little while and now again I have started to blog regularly .Of course I am thinking of having another blog so that I have a new domain to work with and keep writing regularly so that I improve a period of time.

In my next post I am going to stress about breaking down a large post which would rather not impress most readers into small posts to have certain impact on all audience visiting your site.

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Its often worth to have good amount of ideas in your mind well before you decide to write down content for your blog.How does one get more ideas and knowledge? Well its pretty simple that more knowledge and ideas will come only if you have exposure to different topics around the Internet.Always having a knack of keeping yourself updated with the hottest topic to be is very essential.

Exploring different sites and blog that come around your niche of blogging then its not quite difficult to have new ideas and post about them from your perspective.You can find more topics more easily by using special blog tools and social networking sites like Technorati,Mybloglog,Blogcatalog etc.;The relative articles of interest from the chosen blogger sites end up giving you that required edge to continue posting good amount of content on your site.

Also, it is important to note down that if you really find the article interesting and inspiring then you can yourself rewrite that article providing the reference of the original writer by linking to that post.In this way the sentiments of the original writer is not hurt and you also get a mention from the original writer.

I guess you would have understood the fact about visiting new sites and articles to get a hang of the new topics and shell out huge content on your blog.In my next part I would try discussing the plus point of starting an alternate new blog.

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This part aims at understanding the facts about setting and achieving targets for yourself to generate huge quantities of posts for your blog.

The first thing that you must possess is patience or else you will find it difficult in the blogging arena.Good bloggers always possess lots of time and patience to devote themselves in writing the posts.Here we can understand that good amount of investment is required called as time in blogging.

So you decide your post frequency target that you would be able to achieve .This is the basis of selecting the target for posting on your blog.

Secondly, after setting the target you have to try and achieve the target.This is possible only if you have certain discipline in your life.If you maintain the discipline even for 6 months time,I am pretty sure that you will end up getting quite a number of posts on your blog.For example if you post 5 per day then at the end of the 6months you would have 183 x 5=915 posts on your blog which is huge.this would mean that you have substantial amount of pages indexed in the search engines.

So setting the target and achieving it with patience and discipline is the only way to go if you want to have giant strides in the field of blogging.In the next part I would discuss about how visiting new articles and new sites help to generate even more content on your blog.

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Almost all the bloggers who start blogging have the intent of increasing their blog readership to generate income.Not just quality matters but you should also have the relative quantity as well to to move ahead.

Even if you just land up on a good blog talking about increasing blog traffic you will invariable find out that the main motto expressed is "quality content".So what is really a quality content.The right manner in which it can be put forward is that ideas expressed in relatively concise form.But that doesn't mean that you should only end up having a post of around 100 -150 words.It doesn't sport good reactions from any reader.Important thing to note here is that whenever you write the blog posts it should normally be around 250-300 words.A more better representative post with quality and quantity is something that is desirable.

Having huge quantities of posts ready on your blog means that there are more number of ways in which there can be different reader entry.The more posts you have with appropriate keywords(this is damn important) then you will find more number of people coming to your site through search engines.It will always please any blogger if for any search on the Internet on blogging resources at least of one of his web page is always listed.

Another important reason to have high quantities of content on your blog is that search engines like google index more of your pages and consider your site legitimate and not a money making site.Because of this your page rank increases quite a bit.

So I hope you have understood the good points about having good quantity of content as well as quality.In my next part of this series I will talk about how to set targets and strive to achieve them.

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I have visited many sites and and studied their posts very carefully to understand the unique ways to have good amount of content ready for your blog.

The unique ways are going to be discussed in detail so they all form part of this series of posts.Following are the posts of the upcoming 6 part series

Please note that just running after generating huge quantities of content and not maintaining quality does not favour any one.The trick is to maintain bot and move ahead.

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In a private survey that I have conducted my self the posts on my brother's blog are worth about 5000$.Astonishing isn't it? A hard work of just about 15 months can be so much pricier is harder to believe even for me.

But it is important to know that the same topic written by different bloggers have a different price tag on them.Not just this the posts written by the same blogger have different importance and price altogether.This is so because not all posts are as appealing as the other one does.So also if you understand some post are really written to attract audiences for a short burst to the site.
I am going to make myself and you understand the following important points so that you can have a better outing in your next blog post

1.Some blog posts are not good enough to have the earning potential.

2.Some bloggers write posts on personal issues and human nature which are popular in the long run unlike the posts written about making money online strategy which gets obsolete in the next 2-3 months due to changing internet traffic.

3.How much traffic your blog generates is also a big factor in deciding your popularity and earning potential.Alas I am through a rough patch right now but soon the things will get better I hope so.

4.The clicking of ads on certain blog posts as compared to others,page loads, unique visitor count all these things eventually rule a blog earnings.

If you do have a better idea and strategy to discuss about how much is your blog posts worth then feel free to discuss with me in my comment section.