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This part aims at understanding the facts about setting and achieving targets for yourself to generate huge quantities of posts for your blog.

The first thing that you must possess is patience or else you will find it difficult in the blogging arena.Good bloggers always possess lots of time and patience to devote themselves in writing the posts.Here we can understand that good amount of investment is required called as time in blogging.

So you decide your post frequency target that you would be able to achieve .This is the basis of selecting the target for posting on your blog.

Secondly, after setting the target you have to try and achieve the target.This is possible only if you have certain discipline in your life.If you maintain the discipline even for 6 months time,I am pretty sure that you will end up getting quite a number of posts on your blog.For example if you post 5 per day then at the end of the 6months you would have 183 x 5=915 posts on your blog which is huge.this would mean that you have substantial amount of pages indexed in the search engines.

So setting the target and achieving it with patience and discipline is the only way to go if you want to have giant strides in the field of blogging.In the next part I would discuss about how visiting new articles and new sites help to generate even more content on your blog.