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This is the 4th post in the series and its gonna tell you how to generate good amount of content for your blog.You can check out the other ones of setting new targets and visiting new sites and articles.

After extensive reading from different sites I have come to a conclusion that the most successful web blogs have extremely high linking with other sites and mostly highly targeted topics for attracting and making readers visit the site again and again( for example onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense).But even after getting yourself updated on the niche you follow on your blog,you can just write limited content everyday for your blog.

The good thing to understand is that although a niche blog is better and gets a good google page rank with indexed pages,You still have a limited scope to write about.If you observe good successful bloggers, once they felt that their blog ran out of scope to accumulate all the topics that we want to write then it is very important to start a new blog.

Starting a new blog means that if you feel that you are short of ideas in one niche then you can still continue to write in your new area of interest on your new blog and thus keep on generating content for your blog.

I had certainly reached my burn out phase where I used to write 3-4 posts a day ,then reached a saturation and took a break for a little while and now again I have started to blog regularly .Of course I am thinking of having another blog so that I have a new domain to work with and keep writing regularly so that I improve a period of time.

In my next post I am going to stress about breaking down a large post which would rather not impress most readers into small posts to have certain impact on all audience visiting your site.