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Almost all the bloggers who start blogging have the intent of increasing their blog readership to generate income.Not just quality matters but you should also have the relative quantity as well to to move ahead.

Even if you just land up on a good blog talking about increasing blog traffic you will invariable find out that the main motto expressed is "quality content".So what is really a quality content.The right manner in which it can be put forward is that ideas expressed in relatively concise form.But that doesn't mean that you should only end up having a post of around 100 -150 words.It doesn't sport good reactions from any reader.Important thing to note here is that whenever you write the blog posts it should normally be around 250-300 words.A more better representative post with quality and quantity is something that is desirable.

Having huge quantities of posts ready on your blog means that there are more number of ways in which there can be different reader entry.The more posts you have with appropriate keywords(this is damn important) then you will find more number of people coming to your site through search engines.It will always please any blogger if for any search on the Internet on blogging resources at least of one of his web page is always listed.

Another important reason to have high quantities of content on your blog is that search engines like google index more of your pages and consider your site legitimate and not a money making site.Because of this your page rank increases quite a bit.

So I hope you have understood the good points about having good quantity of content as well as quality.In my next part of this series I will talk about how to set targets and strive to achieve them.