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In a private survey that I have conducted my self the posts on my brother's blog are worth about 5000$.Astonishing isn't it? A hard work of just about 15 months can be so much pricier is harder to believe even for me.

But it is important to know that the same topic written by different bloggers have a different price tag on them.Not just this the posts written by the same blogger have different importance and price altogether.This is so because not all posts are as appealing as the other one does.So also if you understand some post are really written to attract audiences for a short burst to the site.
I am going to make myself and you understand the following important points so that you can have a better outing in your next blog post

1.Some blog posts are not good enough to have the earning potential.

2.Some bloggers write posts on personal issues and human nature which are popular in the long run unlike the posts written about making money online strategy which gets obsolete in the next 2-3 months due to changing internet traffic.

3.How much traffic your blog generates is also a big factor in deciding your popularity and earning potential.Alas I am through a rough patch right now but soon the things will get better I hope so.

4.The clicking of ads on certain blog posts as compared to others,page loads, unique visitor count all these things eventually rule a blog earnings.

If you do have a better idea and strategy to discuss about how much is your blog posts worth then feel free to discuss with me in my comment section.