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A business does require an initial investment and so the hard work to get it running.The advertisements are also required to promote the business so that it reaches to the masses.When it comes to the blogging as your business,your posts are your investments.The better the ivestment is ,the better the results for your business.I am absolutely sure every ones invest with a good heart by writing good quality material but still there are some shortcomings in everyone's posts.

Your posts are the building blocks of your blog,it makes you earn the little revenue that you obviously do. A way to increase your post count is to have more number of people writing it.Yes its a bit difficult considering the fact that you can it difficult to find someone writing for you and so also maintain the same quality.But you can obviously try to have your own brother,sister or anyone from the internet whom you trust.

I can give you the example of my Father who used to give a rupee everyday of which I saved about 50 paise everyday and began investing them in my piggy bank.I know a rupee does not sound too big but when you consider as over a period of around 15-16 years,its a hell of a money which helped buy my first PC.Man that was cool.So I want you to understand that even the posts are the same.It may not be good in number now but over a period of time it will be significant for you and your blogging business.So try writing your success for the future as often as you can.Best of luck.




I was just driving through the city of Thane which is a Mumbai suburban area and landed up to a to a well known hotel Namaskar,the biggest in the city and is now on for 23 years straight.I just sat their to have my lunch when a good friend of mine just found me and we started discussing about this hotel when he suddenly came up with exciting history of this hotel so i feel that i should also share with you.

The hotel owner Mr.Shetty opened Hotel Namaskar as just a a small food stall for people of Thane to serve the local delicacy of Vadapav and so also Samosas and Bhajias.this continued till few years and the stall became very famous for its quality and taste and soon there used to be people waiting for 30 mins in queue to have a taste of this place.The money with the owner grew and so he thought of extending the place to a small hotel and started a Veg Hotel named the same Namaskar with few new items and worked with same dedication and also served people with excellent food and superior quality as compared to other hotels already opened in that area.Soon it became the big fish of that area and other hotels started losing out on their customers heavily.They came up with short term beneficiary ideas but the hotel continued in its known manner and just before 8 years from now it has expanded in to a very big hotels of thane and a very posh place to dine in and so also the cost is still not very high and hence lures in the customers.

I know you may come up with a query that why would I read a story and how is it gonna benefit my blogging.The reason is very simple,you should understand the theme of the story more than anything else.What I am conveying to you is that you should try and be hardworking and always serve your readers with super quality content.You may be a small fish in an ocean but it is possible to also defeat those big sharks and make a name for your own self by trying to get many such ideas that support you blog niche.Get those all in a good compiled manner and do benefit your readers without trying to make them pay as the other good bloggers do by selling a damn Ebook which contains nothing else but the content of posts that they have already published earlier or from their archives.So be thoughtful and try to be more giving to others.

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After a thorough reading from good quality sites and also the posts on them I have realized that following are few more reasons that why people sometimes neglect your blog even if you think that you have got it all to attract readers on your blog.So read and try to understand.

1.Oh my god I have nothing to say!

There are so many blogs that try to come up with posts that are already there with many other good bloggers.Without a certain new added thoughts and some more spice,you will always find your post very low in quality and not very interesting.That is why i have urged all of you to be your own critic first to enable you to move miles ahead of others.

2.The blog niche is certainly not favorable sometimes.

The readers as you all know want quality content and that also very quickly .So sometimes even when we write a good post for our blog ,sometimes the readers do not get the spice t hay want to have and hence your blog is often neglected by the readers.So try to be innovative and always come up with fresh ideas even for the the titles which are old enough, so that your blog is read more and you benefit all the way.

3.Your blog is not up to date.

I the need of of more traffic people do try to do more promotions through any damn technique they come across and often forget that they should also have enough number of posts and that of also good quality to support their blog.People please realize that only stats for your blog does not matter as you can achieve that for a period of a week or so but to sustain it you need to give good basic inputs to your blog also and that is good number of posts that are useful to others.Try to think over this also.

4.Do not try to be too much cynical.

I have seen many posts and many blogs who have started to blame other bloggers that they do not support this concept and blah blah blah and write 10 -20 posts on that same topic and end up creating a wrong impression on the readers about the blog author.So what you should write should always benefit others and should be productive to you as well.So be more open and forget what is happening around you and be your own man because that is the way to go.

I hope these points will benefit you and would improve you as a blogger and more importantly as a person.

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No matter how much you put your efforts to put together a good post and so a good blog,its a case which I noticed and also found correct in my case also that most of us only search for quick and quality content.The thinking that somebody else reads your blog post completely is just not the fact that goes down well with me.At the most one has a quick look at the 1st or the 2nd para and you are off.So bloggers please think again when you write a new post for others.

1.One of the traps that it’s easy to fall into as a blogger is to think that your readers care that they are reading a blog.While there is a good percentage of blog readers and writers who do care to read and also comment and do follow others writing closely,there is still vast
majority of population of new bloggers who are unaware of this whole scenario.

2.What somebody does lookout for is how to have good quality content and also quickly.
This maybe through the search engines ,through various forums,networking sites etc.What worries me as I surf through many blogs each day is that there seem to be quite a few bloggers (and some blog networks) who in my mind are a little obsessed with reminding their readers that they are on a blog. While there is nothing wrong with educating readers about blogging occasionally I suspect in most cases readers don’t really care and that constantly reminding them of the fact that they are on a blog is something that can actually work against you.

So I do urge all the new bloggers and so the good ones to do encourage healthy blogging style,so also comment on most blog they come across so that the new bloggers also get encouraged and they also participate actively rather than being a dumb blogger

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Huh?my whole 2009 was a bit rash and out of sorts when I thought of making money online.But its a new year 2010 and let me wish everyone of you a happy and a prosperous blogging year.I was thinking about a good resolution this year which I can follow and came up with a thought that why not come up with some good resolutions in blogging.Here is an excerpt of all the resolution which you can also take.Good luck.

Resolution 1 :Try to have a matching template for the blog.

Resolution 2:Why not try giving mixed content instead of keeping just one forte.

Resolution 3:Be your own blog critic first.

Resolution 4:Try to make up a name for yourself in blogging by the end of this year.Prove yourself.

Resolution 5:More use of supporting pics and photos for your content.

Resolution 6:Comment more on other blogs and invite them to your blog.

Resolution 7:Build your community profile on networking sites like Blogcatalog, Mybloglog,Technorati etc.

Resolution 8:Improve my typing speed.That is also important.

Resolution 9:Improve my vocabulary and be a better writer.

Resolution 10:Get my site's Alexa ranking within top 80k through legitimate ways.

Resolution 11:I enjoy this haha! Get more paid posts to write and make money online.

All my procedings throuhout this year will be on these principles and I would try to achieve atleast 8 reolutions if not more.What is yours please share with me and make me improve all the way.




I was busy yesterday watching the Aussie team falling like a pack of cards against the Pakistani pace attack.That is done now and I am back to my blogging habit again.This post is for everyone who is trying to establish himself or herself in field of blogging.

I came across a very good post by Steve referring that whatever we write should be for our readers and not for the computers at least.A strong result of more readers coming to read your blog is SEO,the point I tried to convey in my previous post.Here are some important highlights that are to kept in mind while writing the blog.

1.The argument of writing blog for the readers vs the machine differs in some special cases.
I believe that my blog should be able to derive more traffic through search engines like google and yahoo.This will improve my SEO chances.I believe that the other bloggers with a lesser page rank will also believe in the same.But sometimes repeated traffic comes from the search engines which I believe is sometimes not beneficial for a blog's improvement.So its kind a mixed bag.

2.SEO is not a mislead
Some famous bloggers believe that this concept is not at all beneficial for the blog's improvement and to increase its popularity.This is certainly true for their blog as they have huge link building already done for their blogs.But what should be the case for bloggers like us who do not have much link builds with others.The best technique is SEO only.They may say that you should not be obsessed with the SEO concept but its the only technique that works for the initial level of blogging and especially for those who want to make money online.

3.Blogs coming in default SEO format
So blogs have such a layout,content and design that is best suited and optimized for the search engine traffic.In addition to this they also form a good link structure with other blogs ,have a good url address which directly conveys the information about the site and also very good interlink structure (link between posts) and are regularly updated.Such a re truly god gifted blogs.

4.My conclusion
I always write my blog for my readers rather than a machine so as to get my blog famous among atleast some sort of readers population.i always work hard to put and come up with some good content to help anyone around with my extensive net research.So never to forget importance of SEO and always try writing a blog which has an SEO touch with quality content to excel in your field.