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A business does require an initial investment and so the hard work to get it running.The advertisements are also required to promote the business so that it reaches to the masses.When it comes to the blogging as your business,your posts are your investments.The better the ivestment is ,the better the results for your business.I am absolutely sure every ones invest with a good heart by writing good quality material but still there are some shortcomings in everyone's posts.

Your posts are the building blocks of your blog,it makes you earn the little revenue that you obviously do. A way to increase your post count is to have more number of people writing it.Yes its a bit difficult considering the fact that you can it difficult to find someone writing for you and so also maintain the same quality.But you can obviously try to have your own brother,sister or anyone from the internet whom you trust.

I can give you the example of my Father who used to give a rupee everyday of which I saved about 50 paise everyday and began investing them in my piggy bank.I know a rupee does not sound too big but when you consider as over a period of around 15-16 years,its a hell of a money which helped buy my first PC.Man that was cool.So I want you to understand that even the posts are the same.It may not be good in number now but over a period of time it will be significant for you and your blogging business.So try writing your success for the future as often as you can.Best of luck.