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After a thorough reading from good quality sites and also the posts on them I have realized that following are few more reasons that why people sometimes neglect your blog even if you think that you have got it all to attract readers on your blog.So read and try to understand.

1.Oh my god I have nothing to say!

There are so many blogs that try to come up with posts that are already there with many other good bloggers.Without a certain new added thoughts and some more spice,you will always find your post very low in quality and not very interesting.That is why i have urged all of you to be your own critic first to enable you to move miles ahead of others.

2.The blog niche is certainly not favorable sometimes.

The readers as you all know want quality content and that also very quickly .So sometimes even when we write a good post for our blog ,sometimes the readers do not get the spice t hay want to have and hence your blog is often neglected by the readers.So try to be innovative and always come up with fresh ideas even for the the titles which are old enough, so that your blog is read more and you benefit all the way.

3.Your blog is not up to date.

I the need of of more traffic people do try to do more promotions through any damn technique they come across and often forget that they should also have enough number of posts and that of also good quality to support their blog.People please realize that only stats for your blog does not matter as you can achieve that for a period of a week or so but to sustain it you need to give good basic inputs to your blog also and that is good number of posts that are useful to others.Try to think over this also.

4.Do not try to be too much cynical.

I have seen many posts and many blogs who have started to blame other bloggers that they do not support this concept and blah blah blah and write 10 -20 posts on that same topic and end up creating a wrong impression on the readers about the blog author.So what you should write should always benefit others and should be productive to you as well.So be more open and forget what is happening around you and be your own man because that is the way to go.

I hope these points will benefit you and would improve you as a blogger and more importantly as a person.