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Huh?my whole 2009 was a bit rash and out of sorts when I thought of making money online.But its a new year 2010 and let me wish everyone of you a happy and a prosperous blogging year.I was thinking about a good resolution this year which I can follow and came up with a thought that why not come up with some good resolutions in blogging.Here is an excerpt of all the resolution which you can also take.Good luck.

Resolution 1 :Try to have a matching template for the blog.

Resolution 2:Why not try giving mixed content instead of keeping just one forte.

Resolution 3:Be your own blog critic first.

Resolution 4:Try to make up a name for yourself in blogging by the end of this year.Prove yourself.

Resolution 5:More use of supporting pics and photos for your content.

Resolution 6:Comment more on other blogs and invite them to your blog.

Resolution 7:Build your community profile on networking sites like Blogcatalog, Mybloglog,Technorati etc.

Resolution 8:Improve my typing speed.That is also important.

Resolution 9:Improve my vocabulary and be a better writer.

Resolution 10:Get my site's Alexa ranking within top 80k through legitimate ways.

Resolution 11:I enjoy this haha! Get more paid posts to write and make money online.

All my procedings throuhout this year will be on these principles and I would try to achieve atleast 8 reolutions if not more.What is yours please share with me and make me improve all the way.


  1. Don E. Chute said...:

    Hey Ravi, good resolutions. I am a newbie to blogging, so thanks, I need all the help I can get