I was busy yesterday watching the Aussie team falling like a pack of cards against the Pakistani pace attack.That is done now and I am back to my blogging habit again.This post is for everyone who is trying to establish himself or herself in field of blogging.

I came across a very good post by Steve referring that whatever we write should be for our readers and not for the computers at least.A strong result of more readers coming to read your blog is SEO,the point I tried to convey in my previous post.Here are some important highlights that are to kept in mind while writing the blog.

1.The argument of writing blog for the readers vs the machine differs in some special cases.
I believe that my blog should be able to derive more traffic through search engines like google and yahoo.This will improve my SEO chances.I believe that the other bloggers with a lesser page rank will also believe in the same.But sometimes repeated traffic comes from the search engines which I believe is sometimes not beneficial for a blog's improvement.So its kind a mixed bag.

2.SEO is not a mislead
Some famous bloggers believe that this concept is not at all beneficial for the blog's improvement and to increase its popularity.This is certainly true for their blog as they have huge link building already done for their blogs.But what should be the case for bloggers like us who do not have much link builds with others.The best technique is SEO only.They may say that you should not be obsessed with the SEO concept but its the only technique that works for the initial level of blogging and especially for those who want to make money online.

3.Blogs coming in default SEO format
So blogs have such a layout,content and design that is best suited and optimized for the search engine traffic.In addition to this they also form a good link structure with other blogs ,have a good url address which directly conveys the information about the site and also very good interlink structure (link between posts) and are regularly updated.Such a re truly god gifted blogs.

4.My conclusion
I always write my blog for my readers rather than a machine so as to get my blog famous among atleast some sort of readers population.i always work hard to put and come up with some good content to help anyone around with my extensive net research.So never to forget importance of SEO and always try writing a blog which has an SEO touch with quality content to excel in your field.