I was just driving through the city of Thane which is a Mumbai suburban area and landed up to a to a well known hotel Namaskar,the biggest in the city and is now on for 23 years straight.I just sat their to have my lunch when a good friend of mine just found me and we started discussing about this hotel when he suddenly came up with exciting history of this hotel so i feel that i should also share with you.

The hotel owner Mr.Shetty opened Hotel Namaskar as just a a small food stall for people of Thane to serve the local delicacy of Vadapav and so also Samosas and Bhajias.this continued till few years and the stall became very famous for its quality and taste and soon there used to be people waiting for 30 mins in queue to have a taste of this place.The money with the owner grew and so he thought of extending the place to a small hotel and started a Veg Hotel named the same Namaskar with few new items and worked with same dedication and also served people with excellent food and superior quality as compared to other hotels already opened in that area.Soon it became the big fish of that area and other hotels started losing out on their customers heavily.They came up with short term beneficiary ideas but the hotel continued in its known manner and just before 8 years from now it has expanded in to a very big hotels of thane and a very posh place to dine in and so also the cost is still not very high and hence lures in the customers.

I know you may come up with a query that why would I read a story and how is it gonna benefit my blogging.The reason is very simple,you should understand the theme of the story more than anything else.What I am conveying to you is that you should try and be hardworking and always serve your readers with super quality content.You may be a small fish in an ocean but it is possible to also defeat those big sharks and make a name for your own self by trying to get many such ideas that support you blog niche.Get those all in a good compiled manner and do benefit your readers without trying to make them pay as the other good bloggers do by selling a damn Ebook which contains nothing else but the content of posts that they have already published earlier or from their archives.So be thoughtful and try to be more giving to others.


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