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No matter how much you put your efforts to put together a good post and so a good blog,its a case which I noticed and also found correct in my case also that most of us only search for quick and quality content.The thinking that somebody else reads your blog post completely is just not the fact that goes down well with me.At the most one has a quick look at the 1st or the 2nd para and you are off.So bloggers please think again when you write a new post for others.

1.One of the traps that it’s easy to fall into as a blogger is to think that your readers care that they are reading a blog.While there is a good percentage of blog readers and writers who do care to read and also comment and do follow others writing closely,there is still vast
majority of population of new bloggers who are unaware of this whole scenario.

2.What somebody does lookout for is how to have good quality content and also quickly.
This maybe through the search engines ,through various forums,networking sites etc.What worries me as I surf through many blogs each day is that there seem to be quite a few bloggers (and some blog networks) who in my mind are a little obsessed with reminding their readers that they are on a blog. While there is nothing wrong with educating readers about blogging occasionally I suspect in most cases readers don’t really care and that constantly reminding them of the fact that they are on a blog is something that can actually work against you.

So I do urge all the new bloggers and so the good ones to do encourage healthy blogging style,so also comment on most blog they come across so that the new bloggers also get encouraged and they also participate actively rather than being a dumb blogger