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A web directory is a place where you can submit your article for free to get good traffic.The webmasters use web directory as a special tool to promote their website.All you have to do is try and drop down through the categories till you reach the final appropriate one for own blog and then you can submit your article.Remember that you have to select the appropriate category for your site in order to get it approved by the admin of the web directory.

A web directory also has interconnection with the search engines so that you can be rest assured to get good quality traffic for your site after the submission of the article to these web directories.Mind you good business blogs and affiliate sites do have their websites marked in various directories to get good amount of traffic to their sites and a great exposure for their product for their firms and the services they offer.

Apart from getting good quality visitors to you site,another important reason why to go for the web directory is the SEO(Search Engine Optimization).Just by submitting article ,you get an inbound link to these directories and and this improves the page rank of your homepage drastically.Even if your site is not indexed in a search engine ,by submitting it to a web directory can ensure that your site will be indexed soon as the web directories are being crawled more regularly than the other sites.

An important thing though is to take care that you are submitting your site to a good web directory or else you can end up not getting the profits that you want.So if you do want to have a good number of inbound links,SEO and more number of posts from your sites indexed in the search engines then try web directory submission immediately.

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Surely this thing creeps into your mind again and again as you roam over good blogger sites and realize that some bloggers are really working full time to earn money that you cannot even make through your regular work.But the biggest question of all is how much can you make out of your blog?

The answer to this question is not straight forward but it depends on various factors such as your daily page views,your Alexa website rank,your RSS readers,most number of unique visitors throughout the day.These were the major factors but there are few more not mentioned here.

Why not consider the examples of few bloggers(not revealing their names for privacy reasons) to get a feel of how much potential they have to make money out of their site.

Site1:Description Make Money Online
Daily Pageview 497737
Daily Ads Revenue $1495.66
Above site has a worth of around $1.09millionUSD

Site2:Description Genuine Legitimate Income with Your Website
Daily Pageview 37191
Daily Ads Revenue $113.31
Site has a worth of around $82716.3 USD

Site3: My own site
Daily Pageview 4213
Daily Ads Revenue $14.05
My site has a worth of around $10256.5 USD

So from above figures you might be thinking that your site is worth something that you cannot imagine unless you work hard to achieve it.

The major benefactors to your site are
1.Your regular readers.
You should always try to maintain a certain quality of your posts to make your regular blog readers keep coming up again and again to your blog.You should also try to be innovative and try to give something new to really drive people to read only your blog and not others.Try to maintain a long term relationship with your customers.

2.Search engine readers.
When you write a blockbuster post such that it is a hot favourite and is the blog post that is most sought after you tend to get a huge amount of unique search engine traffic to your site and obviously you benefit.So always try to write a pillar post to get your blog going.Also try SEO techniques to get more search engine traffic.

3.Your own hard work.
The amount of efforts you put in to your blog is directly proportional to the amount of revenue you can earn from you blog.

So to conclude the amount of money that you can earn from your blog is directly proportional to the hard work and your readers.Try to focus on these two points and you can sure succeed to earn that much that you have ever dreamed of.Best of luck.