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A very important thing that most bloggers get to notice and hence are driven to a blog is the mannner in which the author of blog tries to present his blog to every one.So here is again an important tip post for everyone,so read it and benefit all round.

One of the challenges that many bloggers face once they become established and grow a profile in their niche is that they become the target of ‘pitches’ – or people emailing to ask them to do ’stuff’.The pitche's list grows exponentially everyday but following are the important points to be taken care of while pitching back to anyone .

1.Be a reagular reader
Become a genuine and active member of the blog that you are pitching to before you make personal contact. Yes this doesn’t help if you have something to pitch today – but I find bloggers are much more willing to interact with you if they can see that you’ve gone to the effort of interacting with the content that they’ve written. Be genuine in these interactions, add value to the conversation happening on the blog and show that you’re not just there to ‘take’ but to
‘give’. If a blogger has a genuine connection with you they are much more willing to respond positively to you than if you approach them cold. The longer you interact with them the better.

2.Clarify your mistakes
Another turn off for bloggers is being pitched to by someone who gets the personal details wrong. I’ve been on the end of many of these – where the person pitching the idea has gone to the trouble of copying and pasting unique details into an email – only to forget to change a detail from the last email on some important part – like my name. Get the person’s name and URL spelling right for starters.

3.Exclamation point
Whatever you are pitching – it’ll have more chance of success if there’s something in it for the blogger you’re pitching to. Clearly outline what you’re asking for and how it will benefit the blogger, their blog, their readers etc.

4.Extensive searches on the internet.
Many of the questions that people ask bloggers could be answered by simply taking a moment or two to look around their blog. Look on their about page see if they have a FAQ page and do a search of their blog to see if they’ve written on the topic that your question is on. You don’t need to spend hours on this but you might just save yourself (and the blogger concerned) some time with just a quick search for answers. Similarly – if you’re pitching a story idea check to see that they haven’t already written about it by scanning their last few weeks archives.

5.Most important is politeness
Making demands, assumptions and being overly familiar can sometimes lead to people binning your pitch. I’ve been left shaking my head numerous times of late at the arrogance and demands of some. On the flip-side though – some pitches come across as so polite that they seem sterile. I guess there’s a fine line to walk here. Keep in mind that cultural differences come into play on this too.

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Obviously incorporating all these points into your next pitch of a blogger might not be a little too much to ask – but as both a blogger , I would recommend u to at least attempting to incorporate some of the above.