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Wanna discuss something very important about low level bloggers like me and many others trying to emulate the successful ones.I have gone through few recent posts of the famous problogger and found out certain important figures and facts about that site.

1. The site owner Darren Rowse has many guest or featured posts on his webpage.I believe he is helping them out .

2.The site is advocating to build more links instead of SEO.Do you believe that he is advocating SEO.This is evident from the guest post by Leo Babauta on his blog.Leo Babauta owns the site which has abot 7 lacs of links with other sites and hence he can be number one for his content on any damn search engine or social networking site.He just does not need any SEO.

On whole there are about 99% bloggers who do not have links about 40-100 also.So I believe this way of him guiding new bloggers is a cheating in itself and wrong notions are filled in new bloggers mind.I believe you realise this and try to searcha and find out for yourself which strategy will suit for new bloggers------SEO or LINK BUILDING.

When u get the answer for it u can reply to this post any time.Anyways Happy new year to Everyone..