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27 new lessons to get 1000 unique visitors to your blog everyday--- Part 1

The methods and lessons I am sharing with you worked for me for around 3 weeks till I lost the plot due to my college activities and have to build the momentum once again.I do believe that if these worked for me,it should definitely work for you as well.

1.Stand up
To become popular requires great skill in person and abilities to reach out to a wider audience.If one is chasing someone and not able to defeat or get past him then one should still try out to solve problems for people on forums and communities so that people keep coming back to you in future as well.Also standing out in your niche is what that makes you differentiated from the crowd.

2.Blogging by heart
Many have just screamed in the blogosphere because they see blogging as a source of income.People have stopped writing by heart and it has become more mechanical rather ideas from heart.People don't do it for their enjoyment purpose and as their hobby.This way Nothing great will happen to those who are starting recently.Only do blogging if you love doing it and be ready for investing lots and lots of time.Its only then someone gains some popularity.

3.RSS subscription options
People who give variety of options for RSS subscription on their blog make it that much easier for people to subscribe to their posts.

4.Full subscription please!
It can be a point of debate but I prefer people giving full feed of their posts.Its better that people read your than those who just subscribe your blog and forget about it.

5.Decision of posting
Its is a sure thing that regularly updating your blog will help to get better position in search engine traffic.But if you think that you are not confident about a post,try thinking over it again for sometime.If you are still not convinced then try to give up your idea of publishing your post as a bad post is never good for your blog.

6.Take a break
Taking break in between after regularly churning out good content is essential as it brings your focus back.I have had few breaks in between which has kept me going still.Try and realize how much is good for you and what is not.

In my next post I would discuss with you next 6 ideas to get quite a good number of unique visitors per day.


  1. Gian Faye said...:

    I agree with #5. If I think my post is kinda nonsensical or uninteresting, or I'm in no mood to post, I'd save it to my drafts to polish it later. :) It's really a crucial part to make every post on your blog interesting to read.