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OK! so you are ready to move ahead with your new year resolution and fulfill it.I know what happened last year to most of the people's resolutions.They went off the gas fairly quickly and gave up the thought of fulfilling it.

Although there might be few exceptions who did better to what they resolved and are quite happier now,what about the majority of the people? Here are some alternatives on which you can work upon and forget taking resolutions and also cursing yourself after not being able to fulfill it.

The 4 keystrokes to land up you in a better position are Visualize,Project,Envision and Dream about your goals.

Surprise to some as how is it going to help?Lets try to first visualize some short goal and think about celebrating it when you achieve it.Even though you fail,you should try to celebrate on whatever was possible for you and stop saying to yourself that you are a big loser...No!
Secondly project and envision your tasks.If you have a blog and intend to create some good enough audience for your blog by the end of this year then try to figure out what is the best way to do it.If you see most bloggers struggle to keep the readers coming to their blog regularly.So not to take the backseat and think it is not working for you.Try to enjoy the work and envision that you are actually getting better day by day and try to be positive as that shows in your writing as well.

Visualization also comes with some manipulation as to what would work better for you.For example try finding out what is the best content that you can produce.Try changing your blog niche for sometime and providing something different .This would in turn help you as well to get fresh and you can anytime comeback to your original niche and writing style.

Dreaming something is also important as one gets good ideas sometimes dreaming about a particular thing.Most of the times our dreams do not come true but you can shrug it off and move ahead as most people do.Failure is stepping stone to success and people do need some failure to understand the way one has to deal with this world.

So try to dream big,visualize something new and try to project and envision its future for other people.May this new year bring all the happiness you need to get a move on in your life.


  1. R V said...:

    I did mischief last year and am suffering from the consequences this year. Dream small but achieve big.