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The month January was named after Janus who had two sided face,one looking backward and other looking forward.The practice of celebrating new year in the month of January in Roman calendar is started on the myth to look back at what have been wrong and try and correct that in the near future.

Your resolutions may be anything like quitting smoking and drinking or being confident in whatever you do throughout the year or looking to lose the additional fat that is being accumulated in your body or spend more time with your family this year.But we all know that its a lot easier to be said than done.We always hear that its better to follow what our elders say but not try and emulate what they do.

So thinking long and hard on where to start your journey this new year to complete your resolutions?How to perform better and overcome the odds against you?Then just follow the 8 tips to help you do whatever you have thought of this new year.

1.Be Realistic
Try figuring out what is best for you and up to what level can you certainly achieve.Try setting out realistic goals to do better.Likewise if you want to lose 10 pounds then try losing it 2 pounds a month or if you wanna spend more time with your family then try leaving your office or workplace on time or even few minutes before by completing your work before time to make your closed ones feel special.

2.Be public
It is often said that if you share things with others then you achieve some calmness and moral support psychologically even if no one actually lends you.Try discussing with your friends and closed ones about what you want to do and trying to achieve and maybe they are able to help you achieve that in lesser amount of time.Also as you have declared in p[public,the very thought of not being able to do haunts you and you tend to get the things done much faster than usual.

3.Your first step
When your car engine starts it takes a lot of energy to start but then gets rolling easily.Likewise it is always difficult to take that initial step towards achieving the goals that you have set.Thinking in your mind is one thing and being able to start working on it is something else.So try and be bold and confident and move towards resolution that one step closer.

4.Small steps to success
Setting short term goals to reach your destination sometimes is a very good idea.You know that you achieve only a specific amount in that time limit and hence you are confident of doing the things better and achieving more that what is required.Do not lose heart even if you underachieve but keep at it.

5.Pen down your activity
It is another great thing to add in your lifestyle.By noting down things that you have done and the ones to be achieved is best way to remember the goals that you have set and move that much closer to your destination.

6.Make buddies
Sometimes when you under achieve and get frustrated,you need buddies to share your feelings that you cannot with your family.It makes you feel that much more lighter from inside and gives you the encouragement to once again step up and move ahead even after the defeat.

Sometimes giving one credit for his accomplishment makes him feel more happy and the required encouragement to work even more harder.Similarly credit yourself and celebrate after achieving short term goals.

8.Accept reality
Human beings are not perfect and there is some failure round the corner.Be ready to accept that and move ahead in your life.Have a back up plan ready for yourself in case you fail with your current plan.It is always better to remain positive in your life.Some consecutive failures also come in some one's life and shakes him completely.But a true man rises from those ashes again and moves forward to become successful again.

So try to focus on what you have decided to do in your resolution and make appropriate strategies to work on it.Try using above tips as guidelines to turn your thought to reality and have a successful 2011.Happy new year to all.

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