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This the 5th post in my series of generating huge quantities of content for your blog.This post is to discuss the various effects of breaking down posts on your blog.

It is very important to understand that if you are writing on a very important topic and the topic is about business or on blogging or online marketing strategies(barring personal topics and issues) then it is certainly advisable to have a good quality post with reasonably long content.I have seen many good writers write so much long on one topic for which they could have broken down into two or three posts very easily.Writing very long posts does not help readers at all as they have to read for a long time just that same post and that is certainly not a good thing for any blogger.As a writer anyone wants a reader to read most of the content that is recently updated on your blog as well as from the archives that the reader is interested in.You don't want the reader to get exhausted in one and leave the blog.

By breaking your posts into smaller size posts we can have the readers come again for the full series of posts and getting the entire information in short bursts.A long one doesn't really compel a reader to read it full unless it is really special.The breaking down method will also get the reader to come down again and again to your site over the next few months if your post is really the hot topic over the Internet.

Another plus point is that if you are spreading over your content into a series of posts then you might have variety of visitors all over the globe coming to your blog if you do some linking with other blogs and use social networking sites to promote the posts.

A huge bonus that you get is that your google page rank will increase with more targeted visitors to your blogs.Thus your page will be displayed higher in the google search for the same keyword as compared to the other site.

As of now I can confirm you that this idea is 100% relevant and more practical rather that personal opinion expressed by me.In my next post I will look forward to complete the last part in the series by discussing the merits and perils of recruiting others to write for your blog.