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This is the third part in the series of how to successfully market your blog.You can refer back to part 1 and part 2 for additional details.

Following are another 10 new ways to market your blog successfully:

21. Focus on information your customers really need. If you provide valuable, relevant and compelling information via your blog, chances of success are good.

22. Use the right keywords. Leverage Google's keyword tool to find the terms that your customers are looking for.

23. Post your blog on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and Sphinn.

24. Don't hide your RSS button. If prospects like your blog, they might want to subscribe via email or RSS. Don't hide those buttons.

25. Create a list of favorite bloggers relevant to your market. Then notify them that they made the list. If the list is good, they'll promote it, and possibly comment.

26. Use numbers in your title. I found out that most popular posts almost always included a number in them (i.e. 9 steps, 4 types, etc.).

27. Comment on other blogs. It's hard to be a blogger if you don't share. Show your expertise on other blogs and leave valuable feedback.

28. Link to your other posts within your current post.

29. Go back to older posts and add new links to current posts.

30. Don't over complicate your site. Make it easy for people to get around and share.