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All the writer over the Internet are gifted in certain areas which they show off through their blog.People are extremely lucky now a days to have blog as a medium of expression to the entire world.My post discusses 7 great things associated with blogging as follows:

1.Bloggers are mostly critical thinkers
Almost all of the serious bloggers over the Internet are great thinkers as they plan their way into moving forward with their blogging style.More over even if somebody does not visit your blog,you still think over some critical topics and read about the content from various other sources to finally present the excerpt from all the knowledge you have accumulated.More over you do think on the topic seriously before writing the post down.

2.Blogging helps in developing new ideas
In your blogging after critical thinking on various topics, you can start developing new ideas and business models and blogging ideas for promoting your blog and also find out ways of pushing your blog ahead of others.Writing a blog,commenting on other blogs and giving feedback for the comments on your own blog is the ideal catalyst for new ideas and innovation.

3.You can tinker about
Sometimes you ponder over some ideas and do not fell 100% confident about it.Thus we are able to tinker some ideas and do the thinks as we want to do.Over a good span of time we learn our shortcomings and also develop our vision in moving your blog forward to the next level.

4.Blogging is about building Social relationships
Its just not about writing content and publishing it online or just your mindset of earning money online.We comment on other blogs and interact with different kinds of people all over the world and understand the way they live and express themselves and we get a hell lot of things to learn from them.Some of the good online friends of mine are excellent writers and I have learned from them so much and they have been the inspiration for me to start this blog.

5.Blogging is money
Most bloggers have emerged in recent days in search of new means by which they can earn money online.Not only this tremendous increase in the ad publishing network ,websites,online jobs,affiliates and paid blog posting one can now consider blogging as a full time business with minimal or absolutely no investment.Its an investment which can really bear fruit once you have sufficient amount of content and good page rank as well as alexa ranking for your blog.I have decided to come up with new topics on online marketing strategies, business techniques and proper advertorials to help selling of the product over the Internet.

6.Blogging is done to share
We write articles to share the information to all the readers spread across the globe.Its not only about just commenting and leaving feedback and just promoting your blog but sharing important topics and information that most people are looking for.Blogging in a way makes you learn the technique of sharing things with others in a proper manner and you advance socially.

7.Blogging is a way to chill out
People have full time work in the firms mostly and after the hectic schedules they can really release their tension and chill out through blogging.Its proven that if you somehow remove the frustration that is developing within you,it makes you a lot happier after few moments of time.Do realize that blogging is done for enjoyment and it is never a forced decision.If you force your way into anything then you will quickly have your mindset developed against that work.So enjoy what you do and try to make most of any opportunity that you get.

Somehow I believe that I have found out a new passion within myself to blog about and have also started enjoying this thing a lot more that what i used to before.I expect that people do take blogging seriously and enjoy while writing on any topic so that their style becomes fantastic to read about.