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This is the second post in the series on how to successfully market your blog.You can refer back to part 1 for additional details.

Following are another 10 different ways to market your blog:

11. Guest post
Find blogs where your customers are hanging out and volunteer to blog. Be specific with the
subject when you approach the blogger. It shows you did your homework. Also, bloggers are always looking to take a long as the information is relevant and valuable.

12. Interview
Bloggers love to be interviewed. Doing a post about them is a sure way to get your post spread

13. Submit your site to Google. Just in case your site isn't getting picked up.

14. Put your blog on company invoices as well as other correspondence to customers.

15. Showcase your employees on your blog. Employees are your most important asset, putting them front and center strengthens your blog.

16. Develop an opt-in eNewsletter out of your weekly blog posts.

17. Talk about your blog when you speak at events.

18. Listen to customer issues on Twitter and respond with links to blog posts that answer their problems.

19. Be human. Stop talking like a company and start talking like a human. Write in your own voice.

20. Use the blog as your customer FAQ.