A good research over the Internet and thorough reading from good sites makes me write this post again to list some more techniques to attract blog readers.While you might have discovered for yourself many other good working techniques,following techniques are still worthwhile reading.

1.Have good amount of major articles to draw traffic.
While you write everyday when you want to launch your blog,its most important that you have good number of anchor posts that is read more over the Internet so that traffic is drawn to your site.Do remember to maintain certain quality so that the readers are compelled to read only yours and not any other blog.

2.Write two three posts a day minimum during initial phase.
this is a point that you find on any other blog website that you should write one at least everyday.But if you have written 2-3 posts in advance everyday then you already have some good back up for you to get gong even when you are busy and have that time to write the post.So what are you waiting for?write in advance and keep them ready.Do remember that you can publish one of them if you wish but please have some stock ready.

3.Have your Entrecard account for your blog.
While most good bloggers have them for their blog to get readers running in and getting legitimate visitors,some good bloggers do not have them.But I recommend this site for all you new bloggers to drive good legal traffic to your site immediately,a thing which I realised later but now i have the account and I am getting around 1000 visitors per week.

4.Comment on others and get them commenting on yours.
The technique is somewhat complicated and is solely dependent on others who might or might not comment on your blog.But if you do start commenting in a healthy manner with relevant points and not just leaving your site's link,then there are good bloggers who do visit and comment actively on your blog.This thing is also equally important for your blogs appraisal.

5.Submit your blog to some good networking sites.
I know that most of you would have already done this thing but for those who still do not know for them let me mention blogcatalog,blogtoplist,technorati and ezine articles.Have registrations done for these sites.You will get around 100 visitors from all thses sites for sure.

6.Look for link building.
Now this is a daunting task for any new blogger but if you are lucky enough to get link exchange with a good page rank site like pagerank 3 or 4 atleast
then you should be getting your blog up in the google search engine and this will lead to more number of people coming to your blog from the search engines.

7.Go for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
This is a very important principle for any new blogger who wants to make money online.While some bloggers like problogger does not believe in SEO,getting traffic through search engines is a dream for any blogger.To be listed in the top page of google search or yahoo or bing will drive heavy traffic to your site everyday.Remember for this you have to follow certain SEO principles like keywords,which I have discussed earlier in my posts.

8.Participate in discussion forums.
Worthwhile mentioning is digital point forums and technorati.So also you can have yourself registered for the sites like Stumbleupon and Delicious.You can participate in these forums and also drive some quality readers to your blog who can actually suggest some blog improvements for you.Try them now.

9.Why not use Twitter and Facebook.
Have your registrations done at these sites.Then you can tweet about every new post that you write and also publish the same content on your Facebook wall and update section.This will help you immensely as well.

10.The readers will come with time.
All the techniques mentioned above are the ones which do require some time to show their effect.But once they start showing you results I bet you can only have more increased traffic to your blog.So good luck to you all and get blogging now.